The meaning of the name Taisiya (Taya) – character, health, career, family

There are many female names. Psychologists and esotericists are sure that the combination of parameters such as date of birth, zodiac sign, genetics and the specifics of the society in which a girl grows up determines her fate. Is it so? Undoubtedly!

We have conducted our own astropsychological research to tell you how Taisiy’s grievance affects the fate and character of its carrier.

Taisiya name meaning

Origin and meaning of the name

Taya, Taisiya is a very beautiful female name that was fashionable in the 70s and 80s. It is of ancient Greek origin. According to one version, literally means a follower of the goddess of femininity and motherhood, Isis.

The ancient Greeks (Hellenes) believed that a girl named so from birth would become a wonderful mother, a faithful wife and an excellent friend. In their opinion, she personifies the Sun, brings positive energy into the world, strives for improvement, beauty and comprehension of Truth.

There is a legend according to which, if you call a newborn girl Taya, she will make at least 5 people happy, and some of them may even save their lives.

In the ranking of popular female grievances, the item in question takes 32nd position. It has a very pleasant sounding and extremely positive meaning.


The character of the bearer of this name is not easy, but interesting in terms of analysis. Taya is a passionate woman, not devoid of a sense of humor. She loves to communicate with people, to be in the center of their attention, to give valuable advice to others and to feel that it helps them.

The meaning of the name Taisiya

A woman with this name will become happy only if she spends her life energy on good deeds.

From childhood, she proves to others her intention to fight evil. She is perky, sociable and kind. She will not allow her to offend the weak in front of her eyes, but if she did not have time to help in time, she will try to console the oppressed person with words.

She does not lack confidence in herself! It seems to Tae that there is nothing in the world that could hold her back or stop her. In the early years, she feels a huge amount of internal energy, so she often disrupts lessons, starts playing “distillation” or just bully others. Therefore, her parents often have to blush.

Important! Little Tai, who systematically go in for sports in childhood, are more disciplined. Since physical activity helps to throw out excess energy.

Among other advantages of the young bearer of this name:

  • Fearlessness.
  • Courage.
  • Kindness.
  • Integrity.

The meaning of the name Taisiya for a girl

As she matures, she multiplies her inner capital, builds her character, and becomes more consistent. It is difficult for Taisia ​​to live outside the system of clear rules. She believes that all people, without exception, should be disciplined.

It also has disadvantages. First, it is uncompromising. Taya is an adherent of the classic concept: “A contract is more valuable than money.” If someone tries to be creative, she gets wary. Such a woman hardly changes the initial conditions, since she is a conservative by nature.

Secondly, she is quite vindictive. The bearer of this gripe has a heightened sense of justice, so she painfully perceives the absence of retribution. No, she is not vindictive, but she will surely harbor anger at her abuser.

And thirdly, it is extremely difficult for her to admit her own imperfection and wrong. If Taya made a mistake, she will blame anyone for this, but not herself. It is extremely difficult for her to admit defeat.

Important! Such a woman does not hesitate to express her antipathy to liars and selfish people.

Marriage and family

From her youth, she bathes in the attention of men. The fact is that Taya is naturally endowed with charm, charisma and charm, and strong representatives of humanity appreciate such women and quickly fall in love with them.

Taisiya name meaning family

Next to her admirer, the bearer of this gripe does not hesitate to be weak, vulnerable and defenseless. She is pleased to feel his power and strength. By the way, of all her fans, she will choose the one who is more trustworthy than others.

What should be the ideal spouse for Taisia?

  • As charming as herself.
  • Endowed with a sense of humor.
  • Artistic, perky.
  • Fair.
  • Reliable.

It is extremely important for such a woman that her man is her, first of all, a friend. She is ready to share her strong energy with him, but in return she will ask for the same.

She is usually ready for childbirth already in the first years of marriage. Taya is a good, loving mother. She is sensitive to her household, preferring to create comfort in the house. Does not tolerate a mess. Sometimes he is overly fanatical about the cleaning process.

Work and career

You cannot call the bearer of this name a workaholic. No, she is diligent, consistent and accurate in the chosen activity, but the main place in her life is occupied by the family.

Taisiya name meaning career

Taya is not averse to sharing everyday responsibilities with her spouse, securing the proud title of a breadwinner for him. But, sometimes, in order to feel significant, she completely immerses herself in work, trying to earn as much as possible. At the same time, she never forgets about her household.

Professions that are suitable for Taisia:

  • Social worker.
  • Photographer.
  • Educator, teacher.
  • Kindergartener
  • State employee.

Often she connects her life with creativity. She happily runs the business of her husband, she is ready to take the initiative into her own hands at any time and risk capital, but only if there is support from the rear.


Taya is not prone to specific ailments. She can have a cold or break her limbs, like absolutely any woman, but solely through her own fault. The bearer of this name should not send questions to Heaven about why she is in poor health, because she has a strong enough energy, which is directly related to good physical condition.

Have you found a resemblance to yourself, Taisii? Please share your answers in the comments!

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