The best winter shoes for pregnant women

The best winter shoes for pregnant women - models for convenience, comfort and safetyChoosing shoes for pregnant women is not so easy, especially for the winter season. When looking for a new thing, there are several factors to consider. Boots, boots or felt boots should be comfortable so that they can be easily put on and off; it is very important to have a non-slip sole.

This review provides advice on choosing, presents the most stylish models in which the expectant mother will feel comfortable.

The content of the article:

  1. How to choose?
  2. Boots
  3. Lace-up boots
  4. Sneakers
  5. Winter sneakers
  6. Ugg boots
  7. Felt boots
  8. Dutik
  9. Ankle boots

The best winter shoes for pregnant women - models for convenience, comfort and safety

Features of the choice of winter shoes for pregnant women

Carrying a baby is a special position when you need to choose shoes that provide maximum comfort and convenience. During pregnancy, a woman has an increased load on the spine and back muscles, and boots with heels increase it. Therefore, the main challenge is to choose shoes that relieve this stress.

The best winter boots for pregnant women have the following characteristics:

  • Wide and stable heel no more than 4 cm high.
  • Upper material – genuine leather or suede.
  • The presence of a woolen insole and insulation made of fur or wool.

It is important to pay attention to the choice of materials. After all, hypothermia should not be allowed, which can negatively affect the health of the mother and the unborn baby. The best option would be genuine leather or soft suede, wool or natural fur insulation. In such shoes it will not be hot, feet will not sweat.

As for the zipper, the best option is the traditional zipper, which is easy to open and close. Lacing in this regard raises questions, since it may be difficult to deal with in the last stages of pregnancy. At the same time, lace-up boots allow you to adjust the width of the bootleg.

During pregnancy, a woman develops edema, the volume of the foot and calf increases. Therefore, it is important to buy boots with a small margin, and not to buy models with narrow toes – it is better to opt for rounded toes.

The leg must be securely fixed, for this reason, you should not buy wedge boots. The platform, at first glance, may seem comfortable, but pregnant women will be uncomfortable in such shoes.

Now let’s take a closer look at the most comfortable models of boots and boots.

Fashionable boots and their features

When choosing boots for a harsh winter, it is better to opt for high models that will completely warm your feet; but they must certainly be wide at the top. Narrow bootlegs will compromise circulation in the legs and cause vein problems.

Boots with stable heels made in Denmark from the ECCO brand, which can be purchased at their online store, are made of waterproof nubuck and suede. There are fasteners for comfortable putting on, the dense sole is made of polyurethane.

The discounted price is 13,199 rubles.

Boots with stable heels made in Denmark from the ECCO brand

Elegant boots from light gray natural suede from the O`SHADE brandpresented in the WildBerries online store are the perfect choice for urban fashionistas. These boots have a wide boot and a stable 5 cm heel that makes walking comfortable and light.

The insole and lining of the lower part are made of natural fur, and the top of the boots is insulated with a bike.

Elegant boots from light gray natural suede from the O`SHADE brand

Lace-up boot models

If swelling appears during pregnancy and the leg has increased in size, then the best footwear will be suede lace-up and zip-up boots, which can be purchased at the WildBerries online store. Two fastening options combine convenience and the ability to adjust the width. The presented boots are made of natural nubuck with a woolen fur lining.

Lace-up and zip suede boots

Zara Collection Brown Leather Hiker Boots with a heel height of 4 cm – this is one of the most comfortable models of winter shoes for pregnant women. The grooved sole in this shoe is comfortable because it is very stable. The main feature of the model is the presence of lacing on metal loops. This makes it possible to quickly and conveniently lace up boots, while easily adjusting the width.

The only downside is the faux fur lining, but these shoes are good for mild winters.

Zara Collection Brown Leather Hiker Boots

Stylish sneakers for pregnant women

Fashionable sneakers are a great solution for the expectant mother who loves to create stylish looks.

These boots are made of natural suede; on the side and in the front, they have an original trim of rhinestones and a holographic patch on the tongue. They have a comfortable, stable outsole that’s great for walking. The lining of these sneakers is made of natural fur.

Model from the O`SHADE brand in the WildBerries store costs 6,999 rubles.

Model from the O`SHADE brand

Comfortable sneakers in light brown are perfect for winter sports looks. The expectant mother, who looks after her health, is actively involved in hiking and winter sports visas, will appreciate the warm model with natural fur as a lining and a woolen insole inside. The universal color of these sneakers makes it possible to shoe them with any outfit.

Model from the O`SHADE brand

Fashion winter sneakers

Insulated sneakers will be an excellent option for winter shoes for pregnant women for the winter.

Submitted model from the brand Ralf Ringer can be purchased at WildBerries. When choosing sneakers for the winter, you need to pay attention to the material of the top and lining. This model is made of genuine leather, with woolen fur insulation, which perfectly retains heat and therefore contributes to the preservation of health.

Model from the Ralf Ringer brand

Stylish sand-colored suede sneakers from Brazi from the Lamoda online store fully comply with the latest trends. This model can be easily combined with fashionable winter clothes, for example, with a down jacket, with a sheepskin coat or a sports jacket.

They have a warm wool lining, comfortable lacing and an anatomically rounded toe, which is very important for a pregnant woman.

Stylish sand-colored suede sneakers from Brazi

Warm and cozy ugg boots

Stylish suede ugg boots in the Wildberries online store cost 4503 rubles at a discount. This model from the O`SHADE brand is the ideal shoe during pregnancy. They have a natural fur lining inside.

The sole of these ugg boots is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer); its shape is made in such a way as to further protect the toes and heels of the boots from street dirt.

Ugg boots of the O`SHADE brand

Inexpensive ugg boots can be purchased at the Lamoda store, where they are presented in several colors: silver, multicolor, black, white.

Since these boots are made of artificial material, and inside they are insulated with artificial fur, it must be borne in mind that such a model is not suitable for severe frosts.

Inexpensive ugg boots

Boots for severe cold weather

Felt boots are less popular than ugg boots, but they deserve more attention, as they perfectly keep warm in cold weather.

This model in the Ozon online store costs 2499 rubles. The advantage of these boots is that they have a molded polyurethane sole that does not slip.

Additionally, it is recommended to wear woolen socks with felt boots. The Velcro fastener makes it easy to take off and put on felt boots, and with the help of a strap the fullness is adjusted.

Felt boots

Original felt boots with a snowflake decoration are a stylish model for winter. You can buy them at the Wildberries store, where you can find a large assortment of boots and ugg boots.

The top of the boots is made of 100% felt, and the lining is made of warm fur. The TPE sole provides comfort and convenience while walking.

Felt boots

Fashionable and functional dutik

Stylish dutik, which can be purchased at Wildberries, combine only advantages. They are comfortable, keep warm well, do not get wet, and inside them there is a warm fur lining.

The upper is made from a combination of black eco-leather and shiny blue textiles. Another advantage of dutik is that it is easy to care for them by wiping with a damp cloth.


Another shoe option for pregnant women is trendy sports boots made of high-tech water-repellent fabric. Their cost in the Zara online store is 4299 rubles.

There is a zipper on the side and a loop on the back for easy shoeing. Lightweight, flexible outsole provides comfort, with cotton lining inside.

Dummies Zara

Ankle boots with comfortable fastening

One of the best winter solutions is stylish faux suede ankle boots… This model can be purchased at the Lamoda store, which has a large selection of similar models.

The inner insulation is made of warm faux fur. These boots go well with most winter clothing, so they are perfect for creating stylish looks.

Ankle boots

Blue ankle boots made of artificial leather and suede, insulated inside with synthetic fur and a bike. The molded polyurethane sole has a stable heel.

In the Lamoda online store, this model can be purchased at a discount for only 1980 rubles.

Blue ankle boots

Among the wide selection of shoes that are presented in online stores, you will find a comfortable pair, or even better – purchase two or three models.

It is better to go to work in classic boots with stable low heels – such shoes look stylish and fashionable. And for walking, choose fashionable ugg boots, soft felt boots or flat-soled quilts.

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