The fashion series “Emily in Paris” will continue!

One of the most talked about and by far the most fashionable series of this year “Emily in Paris” starring Lily Collins will be continued. Now it’s official!

To the delight of all fashionistas:

Green light

Fans of the romantic and stylish series about American Emily, who has arrived in Paris, can safely rejoice: as it became known yesterday, November 11, Netflix has officially confirmed the launch of the second season of Emily in Paris.

At the moment, we know for sure that the main role will continue to be played by Lily Collins, and all the heroes remain in the ranks. But the details of the plot are still unknown, and one can only guess what else awaits the charming Emily Cooper in the fashionable capital of the world. According to the creators of the series, in the second season Emily will delve deeper into French culture and will look like a real Frenchwoman.

To the delight of all fashionistas:

To fans of “Sex and the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada”

The series “Emily in Paris” has become a kind of new version of the beloved by all “Sex in the City”, where fashion, love and self-realization of heroines intersect. The series successfully kicked off overseas, hitting the Top 10 Netflix TV Shows and ranked fourth on Netflix in the UK. On the IMDb website, the rating of the series was 7.4, which is a very good indicator. “Emily in Paris” has become one of the most talked about and popular series of this year: the images of a young American woman, immersed in the world of fashion, inspired many girls to try on the well-known red berets and plaid prints in the best traditions of France.

To the delight of all fashionistas:

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