The heroes of the football World Cup 2018 are the French team and Kylian Mbappe.

We don’t write about football – we write about real sports.

But the Football World Cup, starting from the semi-finals, is Big Football and a global cultural event.

I wrote about it on my Facebook, and decided to transfer the final texts to the website as well.

I think that the fans of athletics have something to say about the wave of racism that rose after the well-deserved victory of the French team in the 2018 World Cup final.

“Sport is anti-racism, sport unites.

If you are a racist, then sport is not for you – neither to watch nor to be an athlete.

Sport is open to all, and I am sure that in every country there are talents in sports, that there is no genetic superiority of people with a certain skin color over others in any sport.

That’s why I’m so drowning for white runners in sprints and running, that’s why I’m so happy for blacks in javelin or pole throw.

The victory of France – 100% deserved, the French were completely stronger than the Croats, who used their chance by 146% – revealed such abysses of racism in Russian Facebook that it’s scary to look there.

To call the French team the African team is not to know modern Europe, not to know the players and to be a shameful racist.

Of the 23 members of France’s 2018 FIFA World Cup team, only two were born in Africa, Umtiti and the substitute goalkeeper.

All the other 15 with African roots were born, raised and became football players in France.

Antoine Griezmann is half German, half Portuguese.

Hugo Llori – goalkeeper captain – his father is a banker from Monte Carlo of Catalan origin.

This is the real modern French.

France did not buy foreign players, unlike Russia, for example, which bought a Brazilian for football, a Korean for a short track, an American for a snowboard, and so on.

Umtiti’s family brought her to France at the age of 2 – far-sighted scouts, however.

And by the way, in Russia at the 2018 World Cup played 50 – yes, 50 players who were born and learned to play football in France!

Most of them played not for France, but for Argentina, Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon, Tunisia and Portugal.

So it was possible to assemble another strong French team and watch the France-France final.

Vive la France!”


This is my 2018 KM football hero – Cillian Mbappe – forward of the French national team.

The guy is 19 years old, he just climbed to the top of the sports Olympus – he became the world champion!

Scored 4 goals, including a goal in the final, recognized as the best young player of the tournament.

He entered the Pele club – only two football players in history scored 2 goals each and in the final as teenagers – the best football player of all time Pele and now Mbappe.

It would seem, what should a boy football player think about at the age of 19 now?

New cars, yachts, villas, parties, girls.

Certainly not about the fate of the Motherland, to which he brought almost the most important sports title.

Mbappé donated his entire 2018 WC purse to charity to help children with health problems play sports.

And this is more than half a million dollars – 550,000 – these are payments for games played, prize money, and bonuses for goals scored – he gave everything.

To be the heir of the great French humanists, it is not necessary to write books like Rousseau or Voltaire.

You can do good things with your own deeds.

Respect, Mbappe!

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