The meaning of the name Alla – how the name affects the fate of Alla, Allochka

Parents assign a specific name to each person. According to experts in the field of esotericism, it has a strong influence on his fate, just like the sign of the zodiac, horoscope and time of birth. What will the girl named Alla be like? Will she be happy? The answers are given by experienced psychologists and esotericists.

Alla name

Origin and meaning

There is no universal version of the origin of Alla’s complaints. Let’s highlight the 2 most popular:

  1. Ancient greek origin… Translated means “Next” or “Second”… It is believed that Alla’s parents called their second female child so that he would remember his family number.
  2. Arab origin… Alla is a derivative of the name of the goddess Allat, who was worshiped in the East even before the adoption of Islam.

In Russian-speaking countries, this name has been popular for about 200 years. It is Orthodox.

Important! Esotericists are sure that the girl, who was given the name Alla at baptism, will be able to get along with a person of almost any sign of the zodiac.

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This name has a divine connotation, which is why the girl named Alla is strong and purposeful. She rarely experiences fear, as she realizes that her internal resources will be enough to solve almost any problem.

According to astrologers, the bearer of this name from childhood should pay a lot of attention to her spiritual development. She should not forget about the study of religions, philosophical movements and different ideologies. She has a well-developed heart chakra, hence the constant desire to improve and expand consciousness.

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Numerology name

Lyudmila Bakalina, our expert numerologist, presented the female name Alla in numerical terms.

luda bokalina

Dear Alla!

Your destiny number is 1. Units are characterized by such character traits as energy, ambition, purposefulness, activity and cheerfulness. Such personalities are harmonious and pragmatic. You have a business acumen. Easily achieve entrepreneurial success. The people around you respect and appreciate you. They sense your powerful energy and willingly follow you.

Alla’s character

Baby Alla is very mobile and energetic. It is difficult for her to sit idle, all the time she tries to find herself an interesting occupation. Such a girl often becomes a source of problems for her parents. She is very demanding. In terms of the manifestation of feelings, he is never disingenuous. Closer to 10-15 years old, he acquires good, loyal friends. He maintains a relationship with many of them until old age.

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The young bearer of this name is an eccentric nature. Being in the company, he often behaves too arrogantly, eccentric. Because of this, she often has conflicts with others. However, growing up, Alla calms down a little and begins to think about the feelings of her close friends and relatives.

Advice! In order not to break the strong bonds of friendship, the woman named Alla must be able not only to share her problems, but also to sincerely listen to the experiences of others.

Alla is a self-sufficient and strong girl. She clearly understands what she wants from life and seeks to direct her energy in a constructive direction. Not prone to procrastination. Has a heightened sense of justice, does not remain indifferent to the sorrows of others.

Alla is very loving. She needs to regularly receive from others a portion of affection, care and love. Without this, he becomes stressed, sad. She is not averse to delighting those around her with her tenderness herself. Capable of virtue. Merciful and compassionate.

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Astrologers believe that Alla has a well-developed vocal apparatus. She is an excellent speaker and negotiator. Has the gift of persuasion. That is why he can reach considerable heights in a career related to verbal persuasion. This skill, combined with great intuition, makes her a wise mentor. People around highly appreciate Allochka’s leadership potential, and in return she is ready to make concessions to them.

Despite her determination and tenacity, she has an “Achilles heel” – excessive trust.


Business lady

Alla is a born careerist. She has a business acumen. Such a woman has all the qualities necessary to move up the working ladder (assertiveness, resistance to stress, dedication, perseverance, etc.).

It will be a wonderful lawyer, prosecutor, teacher, director, rector, administrator, toastmaster, animator. The bearer of this name is suitable for work that provides a high level of responsibility. But boring monotonous activity without practical value is clearly not for her.

Family and marriage

Alla is in no hurry to marry. She belongs to the category of women who, before making a decision, need to be measured at least 7 times. Every man who looks after her takes a long and careful look. A successful marriage awaits her with a man who is wise and reasonable enough. It is also desirable that he be at least 5-10 years older.


Important! Alla is a woman with leadership qualities, a leader. Therefore, a successful union for her is possible only with that man who knows how to make concessions.

Often they do not get married until the age of 30. He is in no hurry with childbirth, he believes that first it is necessary to build a career. When she has a stable financial ground under her feet, she will persuade her husband to have a baby.

Her mother is good, affectionate and caring. She is not inclined to overprotectiveness, she believes that children must learn to make decisions on their own, therefore, she always gives them a choice. She will gladly leave her offspring under the care of her spouse to have fun with her friends.


Esotericists warn that it is extremely important for Alla to periodically gain new impressions and throw off the shackles of everyday life. Her mental health depends on it.


Alla’s weak point is her head, so she often gets migraines. The fact is that when a person tries to control all the people with whom he interacts, he falls into stress. How to protect yourself?

Astrologers insist that Alla should learn to switch her attention from work and everyday life to pleasant and relaxing things. For example, if she feels overworked, you should make herbal tea and watch an interesting movie, and the main thing is not to think about business.


Alla, remember that your family members really need you, so take care of your health so as not to upset them. Do you agree with us?

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