The meaning of the name Irina (Ira, Irinka)

Irina is a common name in Russia that came to this country from Ancient Greece. In the era of the USSR, it was included in the top 10 most popular, but today it is practically forgotten.

It’s not a secret for anyone that each gripe carries a certain energy and indirectly affects the fate of its owner. But how relevant is it these days? Numerologists, esotericists and psychologists talk about the influence of the name Ira on the fate of a woman.

Irina name

Origin and meaning

According to the widespread version, this gripe came from the Hellenes, the ancient Greeks. They named the newborn girls Irinami after the goddess of peace and friendliness, Eirena. It had the following two meanings – “calm”, “peaceful”.

Interesting! Since the period of Kievan Rus, only high-status women noblewomen were called Irami.

Esotericists believe that the representative of this gripe has a very strong character. She clearly understands what she wants from life, and directs all her energy to achieve what she wants. By nature, Ira is endowed with a valuable ability – to make competent decisions even in stressful situations. People say about people like her: “They won’t stand up for her!”

The forms of this grievance: Russians – Irada, Irishka, Ira, Irochka, Old Russian, Slavic – Yarina, Irinya, Western – Irene, Irene, religious – Irinia.

There is a clear contradiction in the meaning of this name and the character of its bearer. The ancient Greeks believed that a woman, so named, should bring joy and well-being to the world, but she has a strong character, somewhat reminiscent of a man’s, therefore she is not always ready to achieve her goal in peaceful ways. She knows that sometimes, in order to achieve what she wants, she needs to “go over her head”, sacrifice the interests of others and take risks.

The meaning of the name Irina for a girl


Ira is a purposeful, strong-willed, consistent and risky person. She is ready to overcome difficulties, never counts on an easy victory in the struggle for the blessings of life. Assertive, strong, soulful.

Her other advantages:

  • Easy attitude towards life.
  • A large supply of energy.
  • Optimism bias.
  • Great willpower.
  • Efficiency.
  • Good productivity.
  • Mindfulness, concentration.

Ira is a pragmatist. She is calculating and smart, so she rarely gets into trouble. It is worth noting that troubles almost never happen to her. Why? It’s all about her wonderful intuition! She always feels in which direction to move and acts accordingly.

Ira is a strong woman. Despite the excellent willpower and determination, she does not enter the fight without first calculating her capabilities. Knows a lot about success. Keep it up!

Irina name meaning career

Thanks to the ability to dodge and calculate strength, he never acts recklessly. Before doing something, he will think well whether the game is worth the candle. The ability to rationalize and analyze what was happening more than once helped Ira not to get into trouble.

Important! Those around Irina consider her lucky. But, they are wrong. The ability of the bearer of this name to achieve goals is not at all a gift of fortune, but the result of long-term work on herself.

The woman with this name has a great sense of humor. She is not devoid of self-irony, therefore, they will happily laugh not only at others, but also at themselves.

She is characterized by sociability. Likes to communicate with different people on any topic, does not tolerate loneliness. She has a well-developed speech apparatus, which allows her to literally fascinate the audience. Ira is in no hurry to share her problems with everyone she meets, but she will gladly hear about the mental anguish of other people in order to help them get rid of negativity.

Marriage and family

The bearer of this name is beautiful and charming. She knows exactly how to turn a man’s head, charm him and fall in love with herself. From early childhood, Irishka has been surrounded by fans of different ages. Among her admirers are romantic schoolchildren, optimistic students and even successful businessmen. However, the girl is in no hurry to give her heart to any of them.

Irina name meaning family

To love a man, she must learn to trust him completely. In her youth, the bearer of this name is less calculating and wise than in adulthood (for obvious reasons), therefore, choosing a life partner, she may make a mistake.

Advice! In order for Irina to choose the “right” man, she needs, first of all, to be guided by reason, not emotions.

She usually falls in love with someone as strong and interesting as she is. In the first years of life together, she will be very happy, but later she can unleash quarrels with her soul mate. However, having talked and dealt with feelings, each side is ready to compromise in order to reconcile.

Ira is a wonderful mother. She strives to create a large family with at least 2 children. The first one usually gives birth to 25 years, and the second – after 35 years. He does not like the soul in his offspring. She lovingly takes care of them, but she never leaves her work, because she understands that a responsible mother must also provide for her children, and not only love them infinitely.

Work and career

Irina is a born careerist. She is stubborn, strong and strong-willed, so she often succeeds in almost any kind of activity. It will make an excellent teacher, teacher, marketer, doctor, director of a large company, event organizer, director and even a stuntman.

Irina name meaning character

Career that doesn’t suit her: civil servant, baker, singer or actress. Irina is driven into stress by monotonous work, she does not like to lie and dodge, so she will definitely not achieve success on a creative pedestal.


Since the bearer of this name communicates a lot and takes other people’s troubles too close to her heart, with age, she may experience nervous system disorders and migraines.

Taking pills in this case is not always wise. Prevention is detached hearing. Yes, everyone understands that Ira is kind, decisive and reliable, but she must understand that she is physically unable to help everyone. Therefore, you should not take a conversation with another person as a challenge to your powers.

Also, Irina after 35 years old may start having problems with the gastrointestinal tract. To prevent this, it is recommended to adhere to the rules of a healthy diet.

What do you know about the interpretation of your name? Please share your answers in the comments!

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