The meaning of the name Zoya – character, health, career, family

Having acquired a certain name from birth, a person, without realizing it, receives from the Universe certain vectors of development, movement forward. Some complaints promise their carriers success in financial affairs, others – the acquisition of family well-being. Among them there are those who send difficult trials, testing a person for the strength of the spirit.

Zoya is an old female name. What is the woman named by him? Let’s find out.

Zoe name meaning

Meaning and origin

Like most female names, this one has ancient Greek roots. The Greeks, the people of Ancient Greece, named them girls, on whom they pinned great hopes.
Etymologists claim that “Zoe” is translated from the ancient Greek language – “life” or “loving to live.” This name calls its bearer a very strong, light energy. She brings a good message to the world, tries to improve it.

A woman named so is cheerful, energetic, benevolent. She is open to others, with interest in everything that is around.

Interesting fact! According to one of the versions of etymologists, Zoya is one of the derivatives of the ancient Slavic name Zhiva or the biblical name Eve.

This gripe has exceptionally good significance. Unfortunately, today it is not in such demand as it used to be. But, in the West and America, parents often call their newborn girls “Zoe”.


The universe endows the bearers of the name in question with a rather contradictory character. They are usually balanced and calm in appearance, but on the inside they are passionate, combative and ready to attack.

Zoya name meaning character,

Yes, Zoya is a very ambitious girl, ready to face serious troubles, but the people around her often do not realize this, because the girl almost always radiates peace with her whole kind.

Friends of the bearer of such a criticism appreciate her patience and ability to focus. She, by analogy with a tiger, is quiet and consistent, but only for the time being. At the moment of the attack, it will deal a dizzying blow to the enemy.

She is very freedom-loving. Does not represent a dependent or oppressed life for itself. He prefers to lead people, and not follow their lead. Has leadership inclinations. Competent and responsible leader.

Important! Zoya badly needs freedom, shackles, albeit social ones, oppress her and make her weak and unhappy. In moments of despair, such a woman will prefer loneliness.

Nature has endowed this woman with an amazing gift – the ability to keep up with everything and not fall into stress. Now she is engaged in cooking, after a minute she begins to think about work issues in parallel, and after half an hour she successfully helps children with lessons. At the same time, she does not forget about friends and family, who also need her help.

Very responsive. Feels morally obligated to help other people. They see in her not only a faithful friend, but also a patron.

The meaning of the name Zoya for a girl

From early childhood, she is fond of a lot of things, from needlework to the exact sciences. Maintains a good relationship with parents, especially with the mother. For Zoe, she is the main person, friend and protector. He always listens to his mother. Maintains a warm relationship with her throughout her life.

The universe has endowed such a woman with an important dignity – rationality. She never takes the information she hears on faith, preferring to double-check it from more reliable sources. This is Zoe’s nature. It is almost impossible to deceive her.

She is fair and honest to others. Hates lies in any form. In almost any situation, he prefers to tell people the truth.

She is extremely bad about people who, in communication with her or others, pursue selfish goals. I am ready to openly express my antipathy to them. Zoya, although she loves her friends, relies only on herself. She is confident in her abilities, knows exactly in which direction to move.

She will not stand aside if the person close to her is bad at heart. She is ready to help anyone who needs her consolation. Forgive enemies if they sincerely repent of their wrong. She is very sympathetic and compassionate.

Work and career

Zoya has tremendous creativity, which, combined with her great intuition, helps her to achieve significant success at work.

Zoe name meaning career

Such a woman has a predisposition to many areas of activity, since she has a lot of advantages:

  • Integrity.
  • Good grip.
  • Concentration.
  • Ability to do a lot in a short time.
  • Resistant to stress.
  • Reliability.

Zoya is an “iron lady” who will never be knocked down or frightened by life’s troubles. She can be successful in almost any job. Often chooses the path of self-employment and does not stop improving. For example, you can start a business or organize a charitable foundation.

Like any successful person, he strives for financial well-being. Work takes an important place in Zoe’s life. She can donate it only for the benefit of her family.

Marriage and family

The bearer of this name all her life strives for independence and self-sufficiency, which is why, she is in no hurry to get married. He treats men with distrust. In the first 20 years of life, he does not burden himself with a serious relationship.

Zoe name meaning family

Closer to the age of 25, it is clearly determined with what kind of man they want to see next to them. First, he must strive for money accumulation so that their joint offspring does not need anything. Secondly, to be able to accept it with all its shortcomings, not to unleash conflicts because of intolerance towards it. And, thirdly, to love her sincerely.

Only she will occupy the leadership position in the family of Zoe. With a tyrant man or one who seeks to lead, he will never get along.

Important! Numerologists assure that a woman with this name has good compatibility with men of any zodiac signs.

If you feel safe and happy next to your husband, you will remain faithful to him all your life. But uncertainty about family well-being and dissatisfaction in bed can push her “to exploits.”

He loves his children with all his heart. He will never betray them or leave them in trouble. After the birth of her first child, Zoya changes a lot, but exceptionally in a good way. Even if her first marriage falls apart, she will protect the child, will not allow him to suffer because of this.


Zoe is a strong person, but her health can be shaken over time. The reason is ignoring the rules of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to remember that health care is required from youth, then in old age it will be possible to avoid the appearance of a number of problems.

Zoya name meaning health

So, we advise the carrier of this gripe to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not lead a sedentary lifestyle, move more.
  2. Eat healthy food, give up fast food, conservatives and dyes.
  3. Walk more often, breathe fresh air.
  4. Get a dog and go jogging with it several times a week.
  5. Eat a lot of vitamins, especially during the winter.

Did you recognize yourself from our description, Zoe? Please share your answers in the comments.

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