The name Alena – the meaning, origin and nature of the name Alena

In our folklore, “Alena” is often referred to as kind, affectionate and gentle girls who always help the people around them. However, few people know that this name acquired independence recently. What does it mean? What is the fate of a woman named Alena? We talked with experienced numerologists and psychologists to give you answers to these and other questions.

Origin and meaning

Alena name
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For many years in the USSR it was believed that the name Alyona Is one of the forms Helena… However, in recent years, this myth has been dispelled. The criticism has become completely independent even in the Orthodox world. (priests baptize newborn girls, assigning them the divine criticism “Alena”).

It is well established that such a name has Greek roots. But about its meaning is still debated. According to one of the common versions, it is translated as “torch”… Therefore, a woman named so was born in order to illuminate the path for other people in the dark, to make them happier.

There is a second version. According to her, this name has Hebrew roots and it translates as “oak”. Note that this version has few supporters.

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In the CIS countries, the name Alena is often found. He has many diminutive forms, for example, Alyonushka or Alyonchik… A woman named so brings a good message to the world. This gripe has a pleasant sounding sound, it has a very strong, positive energy.

Interesting! In the ranking of popular female names, the considered one takes the 23rd position.

Numerology name

Our expert numerologist presented the female name Alena in numerical terms.

luda bokalina

Dear Alena!

Your number is 9. This is the highest number in numerology, which means perfection, completeness. Nine women often achieve success without much effort, as they are favored by fortune. They are doing especially well in their work and careers. Alena can engage in absolutely any activity. They often hold a high status in society. Alena is vulnerable, dreamy, but strong natures.

Alena’s character

Alena is a very strong personality.

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She has a huge set of advantages, including:

  • Purposefulness.
  • Openness.
  • Decency.
  • Kindness and compassion.
  • Sequence.
  • Punctuality.
  • A responsibility.
  • Stress resistance.

She has a strong character. From early childhood, Alyonka conquers and enchants the people around her with her charm. He regularly takes part in various competitions, intellectual and sports. Until the age of 15-17, he takes an active life position.

Interested in handicrafts, travel, cosmology, literature, others. In general, she has a lot of hobbies and interests. The young bearer of the name is very energetic and bright. He moves a lot, likes to do team sports. He will gladly agree to replace his classmate on the football field, he is not afraid to hit his face in the dirt. Esotericists believe that Alena from the Universe is endowed with a special gift – to show wisdom when appropriate. In addition, such individuals have a well-developed intuition, so they always feel how to act.

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The woman to whom the parents assigned this gripe loves communication. She happily communicates with family, friends and even passers-by on the street. He does not tolerate boredom, therefore, when he is in a long line, he prefers to while away the time with pleasant conversation. However, if there is no reciprocal impulse from the interlocutor, he will not be imposed.

Alena is a very stubborn person. Yes, she is purposeful, but this quality has a second, negative side. She is very emotional. She never skimps on feelings, especially at the moment of a surge of joy. Can express enthusiasm violently. Being in a good disposition, he tries to charge others with positive. If they reject her or hurt her, she is very sad.

Important! For the woman named Alena, it is extremely important to earn the approval and favor of those around her.

She makes good contact with people, she can be a compromise, however, if she is firmly convinced that she is right, she will not back down. This is a strong personality with the gift of persuasion. Psychologists believe that her main merit is good nature. A girl with that name will not start a conflict with someone out of boredom.


Thanks to such qualities of character as perseverance, decisiveness, responsibility and dedication, Alena has high chances to quickly climb the career ladder. She can achieve success in almost any field. (by the way, our numerologist mentioned this!).

Alena's work
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She is not afraid of creative work, she is creative, she is happy to take on the creation of intellectual products. Can become a successful designer, writer, editor or artist.

She treats monotonous work favorably, especially when she is on maternity leave. May be engaged in copywriting, custom embroidery or other activities related to creativity and meticulousness.

Family and marriage

Alena will become an excellent wife and mother, give the household a sea of ​​love and care, but only if she meets a worthy man on her way whom she can love. She wants to be a WIFE, not a PARTNER. Therefore, she will gladly give the reins to her beloved husband.

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What qualities in IT attract her:

  • Determination.
  • Masculinity.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Kindness.
  • Openness, sincerity.
  • Mercy.

It is also important for Alena that the man she has chosen knows how to show care and affection. In her life companions, she absorbs the same emotively developed person, which she herself is.

Sensuality is the basic parameter that determines the quality of life of Alena with her chosen one. In bed, she is temperamental and original, but from her man she requires initiative, decisiveness, and sometimes creativity.

In adolescence, marriage is extremely rare. She is reasonable, so they look closely at the guys around them for a long time in order to choose the most worthy themselves from them. A successful marriage for her should be concluded at a mature age, no earlier than at the age of 27-30.

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The first child can be given in the first year after the wedding. He becomes the meaning of her life, the main vector. She is in no hurry with the birth of her second baby, he listens to her husband’s opinion. If he is against, he will not insist. As a mother, Alena is a role model.

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Alena’s health

As a child, Alyonushka often suffers from a cold, as she has a weakened immune system. The nasopharynx is its weak point. She is prone to sore throat, laryngitis, bronchitis, etc. But, growing up, strengthens the body’s immune defenses. By the age of 20, Alena may have digestive problems. It is extremely important for the bearer of this name to adhere to the rules of a healthy diet, otherwise, due to a weak gastrointestinal tract, she may face serious problems.

But Alena has no problems with muscles, joints and bones. From early childhood, she leads an active lifestyle, thanks to which she has a strong skeleton and muscle corset. Keep it up!

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Dear Alena, is our description right for you? Please share in the comments!

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