12 best films about losers that turned cool

Movies about losers who turned cool - comedies and moreIn ordinary life, such people are called “losers” without hesitation. They are despised, mocked, or simply overlooked. And it seems that the poor fellow-losers will never reach the heights to which they so strive.

Or has it been achieved?

To your attention – 12 films about losers who nevertheless became successful people!

Good luck kiss

Released in 2006.

Country: USA.

Key roles: L. Lohan and K. Pine, S. Armstrong and B. Turner, and others.

Pretty Ashley is lucky in everything – she is lucky in work, with friends, in love, and even taxis stop all at once with a wave of her hand.

Good luck kiss

But once an accidental kiss at the carnival turns her life upside down: giving a kiss to an unfamiliar “loser”, she gives him her luck. How now to regain your luck and find a young man whose face was hidden by a mask?

A fun, uplifting picture that teaches you the right attitude to failure!

Coco to Chanel

Released in 2009.

Country: France, Belgium.

Key roles: Audrey Tautou, B. Pulvoord, A. Nivola and M. Gillen, and others.

This film adaptation of the biography of the famous woman fashion designer would not be so great if it were not for the excellent work of the entire film crew and the play of Audrey Tautou, who fantastically played the role of the legendary Coco.

Coco to Chanel

The picture tells about the times when Coco was still unknown to anyone Gabrielle Chanel, a strong woman who once hid her past under a “little black dress”.

The title of the picture uses the preposition “Do” instead of “De”, as a reflection of the essence of the film – the biography of Coco Until the moment when she was hit by success.


Released: 2016.

Country: India.

Key roles: A. Khan and F.C. Shaikh, S. Malhotra and S. Tanwar, et al.

If you think that Indian cinema is only songs, dances and a red thread of absurdity through the whole picture, you are mistaken. Dangal is a serious motivational movie that forces you to reconsider your views on life.

Dangal – Official Trailer

The film is based on the real story of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who was deprived of the opportunity to become the world champion by poverty and failure. But the athlete did not abandon his dream, deciding that he would raise champions from sons. But the first child turned out to be a daughter. The second birth brought another daughter.

When the fourth daughter was born, Mahavir was about to say goodbye to his dream, but unexpectedly …

Hector’s journey in search of happiness

Released: 2014.

Country: Germany, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, USA.

Key roles: S. Pegg and T. Collett, R. Pike and S. Skarsgard, J. Renault and others.

Hector is an ordinary English psychiatrist. A little eccentric, a little insecure. Noticing that the patients remain unhappy, despite all his efforts, Hector leaves the girl, his job, and goes on a journey in search of happiness …

Hector’s journey in search of happiness

Would you like to keep a diary like Hector’s?

The devil wears Prada

Released in 2006.

Country: USA, France.

Key roles: M. Streep and E. Hathaway, E. Blunt and S. Baker, and others.

The modest provincial Andy dreams of a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestley, who is known as the tyrant and tyrant who runs a fashion magazine in New York.

Job Interview (excerpt from “The Devil Wears Prada”)

The girl would know how much moral strength she will need for this work, and how thorny the path to a dream can be …

The Pursuit of Happyness

Released in 2006.

Country: USA.

Key roles: W. Smith and D. Smith, T. Newton and B. Howe, et al.

It is extremely difficult to give a child a happy childhood, when there is even nothing to pay for the apartment with, and the other half, having lost faith in you, leaves.

The pursuit of happiness – the best moments of the film in 20 minutes

Chris single-handedly brings up his 5-year-old toddler, struggling to survive, and one day gets a long-term internship at a brokerage company. The internship is not paid, and the child wants to eat every day, not once every 6 months …

But failures will not break Chris – and, despite all the sticks in the wheels, he will come to his goal without losing faith in himself.

The film is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, who even appears at the end of the film for a split second.

Billy Eliot

Released in 2000.

Country: Great Britain, France.

Key roles: D. Bell and D. Walters, G. Lewis and D. Haywood, and others.

Billy’s boy from the mining town is still very young. But, despite the fact that his father from the cradle drives into him the love of courageous boxing, Billy remains true to his dream. And his dream is the Royal Ballet School.

Billy Elliot – Official Trailer

An ideal English picture with excellent acting, a sea of ​​kindness and the main idea – not to betray your dream, no matter how old you are …

Invisible side

Released in 2009.

Country: USA.

Key roles: S. Bullock, K. Aaron, T. McGraw, etc.

A clumsy black teenager, illiterate, fat and despised by all, is picked up by a very prosperous family of “white”.

The Invisible Side – Official Trailer

Despite all the problems, failures, self-doubt, despite the lack of documents and preparation, interest in anything in general, street child Michael became a sports star. The path to his dream was long and difficult, but in the end Michael found both a family and his favorite work of his life.

The picture is based on the real story of soccer player Michael Oher.

Slumdog millionaire

Released in 2008.

Country: UK, USA, France, Germany, India.

Key roles: D. Patel and F. Pinto, A. Kapoor and S. Shukla, and others.

A slum boy in Mumbai, 18-year-old Jamal Malik is about to win Rs 20 million in the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? But the game is interrupted, and Jamal is arrested on suspicion of fraud – does the boy know too much for an Indian street child?

Slumdog Millionaire – Excerpt

The film is based on the novel “Question – Answer” by V. Svarup. Despite the failures and horrors of a vicious world, humiliation and fears, Jamal goes forward.

He will never lower his head and betray his principles, which will help him emerge victorious from every fight and become the arbiter of his own destiny.

Anger management

Year: 2003.

Country: USA.

Key roles: A. Sandler and D. Nicholson, M. Tomei and L. Guzman, V. Harrelson and others.

Dave is unlucky as hell. He’s a failure, in every sense of the word. He is ignored on the street, his bosses mock him, he is unlucky in everything he undertakes. And the whole problem is in his excessive modesty.

Anger Management (2003) Trailer

One day, a stream of failures flushes Dave straight for compulsory treatment by a sadistic doctor, whose bullying Dave will have to endure for a whole month in order not to go to jail.

The perfect motivational comedy for all losers! A positive film for those who almost gave up.

Barefoot on the pavement

Released in 2005.

Country: Germany.

Key roles: T. Schweiger and J. Vokalek, N. Tiller and others.

Nick is a pathological loser. He is unlucky in work, in life, and his family considers him a complete loser.

Tired and mired in apathy, Nick gets a job as a cleaner in a psychiatric hospital – and accidentally saves Lila from suicide.

Barefoot on the pavement

A grateful girl escapes from the hospital after Nick in one shirt, and all attempts to get rid of her end in failure. Traveling together will forever change the lives of this strange couple.

Atmospheric, fantastic in its realism cinema, which will awaken in you the desire to walk barefoot on the pavement …


Released in 2003.

Country: France, Italy.

Key roles: J. Depardieu and J. Renault, R. Berry and A. Dussolier, and others.

Having managed to hide the money stolen from the local mafia, the professional killer Ruby goes to prison, where he meets the demented good-natured Quentin.


Together they escape from prison. Ruby dreams of taking revenge on her former “partners” for the death of her beloved, but failures follow them and Quentin at every step.

The closed, silent killer gradually becomes attached to a thug with a broad soul, who is ready to even give his life for a friend …

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