the shoes you choose reveal your strengths

Autumn is in full swing, which means that you can choose the most comfortable demi-season shoes for yourself according to your taste. Most of us probably have a few favorite couples for this season.

Cozy and warm boots and boots also reflect your style quite vividly, therefore, the shoes that we choose for ourselves are able to tell something about the personality of their owner. For example, about our strengths and advantages and about what makes us stronger.

Here are six pairs of shoes. Pick your favorite and find out what that means for you.

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1. Boots with a very high bootleg

Quiz: Your Choice of Shoes Reveals Your Strengths

If you like very tall boots, then you are a completely fearless person. You are not afraid of any risks and always make bold decisions. You also know all your flaws and work on them. You want to take on challenges and overcome them. You draw the right conclusions from all situations and enrich your experience in order to use it correctly in the future. You are capable of being a wall and protection for those you love. However, sometimes you can overestimate your strength before any adventure.

2. Flat-soled waterproof shoes

Quiz: Your Choice of Shoes Reveals Your Strengths

These versatile shoes are called daki. If you have chosen these particular shoes, it means that you are a purposeful person, and this quality makes you a strong person. You cannot be bewildered, and there is probably nothing that you cannot achieve if you have set yourself such a goal. You are inflexible and easily solve any problems that arise. Doubts and hesitations are alien to you, you know what you want and how to achieve it. Sometimes this, alas, can mean that you are even ready to walk over the corpses.

3. Rocker boots

Quiz: Your Choice of Shoes Reveals Your Strengths

You are definitely an energetic person, emotional and forever young at heart. You want to try many things in life, so novelty and adventure are an integral part of your life. You move a lot, do not sit still, and often leave your own comfort zone. You easily get carried away and draw strength from exactly what you love to do. However, you quickly get bored and start looking for your next exciting project.

4. Chelsea boots

Quiz: Your Choice of Shoes Reveals Your Strengths

If you like versatile yet stylish chelsea boots then you are a sophisticated person who loves comfort and aesthetics. You like beautiful things. Perhaps you are fond of studying fashion trends or some kind of art. You have a powerful and heightened perception of black and white, good and bad, and you enjoy following your heart only. In life, you rely only on yourself, and no one can tell you. However, you clearly have problems admitting your mistakes and mistakes.

5. Boots or ankle boots with laces

Quiz: Your Choice of Shoes Reveals Your Strengths

You are an independent and very assertive person who does not see any obstacles in front of you. You are successful in everything you take on, and you are not at all afraid to be in the spotlight – moreover, you really enjoy it. You are charming, charismatic and know how to “hook” the audience. And you also strive to get your hands on as many levers of influence in life as possible. People around you sometimes consider you an upstart and arrogant person who wants to crush everything and everyone.

6. Women’s boots in cowboy style

Quiz: Your Choice of Shoes Reveals Your Strengths

You are an open, outgoing and friendly person. People are constantly drawn to you, and you draw strength from communication and interaction with them. You inspire confidence in others, and as a result, you get a lot of information from them that you can use to your advantage (but correctly and ethically!) To achieve success in life. You are honest and people like it. Although sometimes you are so focused on helping others that you forget about your current affairs.

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