Tights of the future – they will be like this in 10 years

Have you ever wondered how something as simple as tights could change dramatically in the next couple of years thanks to technology?

We analyzed global trends, designer collections and a dynamically changing world and imagined what the tights of the future might look like.

What’s wrong with current tights?

Currently, the main problem with pantyhose is nylon, which is part of their composition, which is up to 85% oil and cannot be recycled.

In addition, this material is short-lived, and therefore forces customers to purchase an excessive amount of tights and almost immediately throw out a new pair due to the suddenly appeared arrow.

In the era of smart consumption, the question of whether tights should become more environmentally friendly is most acute, and many designers are already tackling this problem.

Photo @behance

Focus on sustainability

Some companies, like Kunert or Wolford, offer to recycle tights. Delving deeper into this issue, you can find out that we are talking about a simple incineration or burial at a landfill, which causes colossal harm to the planet.

Other brands offer more effective methods.

For example, Swedish Stockings makes nylon waste products that can be shredded for use in water purification devices.

And Bataillon Belette, whose founders previously worked in the automotive industry, makes long-lasting tights using stronger materials.

But despite all this, the problem of recycling products remains global.

What can we expect in the future?

Considering that today there is no exact data on the large-scale processing of tights, it can be expected that in the future companies will aim not only to find less hazardous materials, but also to make tights more durable. It is not excluded that the technology will really improve the strength. This is likely to be the number one task.

If you fantasize a little and think about technology, then it is likely that in the future a digital version of tights in 3D may appear. What if designers come up with tights that can be controlled using a Bluetooth headset that allows you to change colors and designs?

3D pantyhose
Photo @heiststudious

If we take into account the existing collections of designers, in which they used new technologies in certain types of clothing, we can assume that in the future we will be able to meet them on tights.

Flying gait

Perhaps we can get tights to help us track our gait?

Jennifer Darmour developed the “Move” technology, in which sensors read body movements, comparing them with a given “home” position, and send impulses to areas in need of control.

With this technology in ordinary tights, each of us can feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel.

blue tights
Pexels Photos

Spray tights

You’ve probably heard about cosmetics that allow you to imitate tights.

But what if you go further, and the can is a mixture of fibers with a solvent and a binder?

This development is called “Fabrican” and can then simply be washed off the body with water.

Keep the distance

Designer Anuk Wipprecht knows the importance of personal space like no one else.

He proposed to equip clothes with metallic threads and wires, in which the sensory system denotes the user’s personal space. If the boundaries are violated, the system sends data to the smoke generator, and smoke appears.

Effective, isn’t it?

Interactive textiles

Such tights could well change their color and print under the influence of sunlight or in response to sound.

Thermochromic tights

Temperature fabric technology can provide fabric color change depending on temperature. By its principle of operation, it is similar to the thermo-varnish we all know.

Letters and inscriptions

Today, there is a trend set by the Alexander Wang brand that allows you to express your mood better than any words.

Perhaps, in the digital future, tights can even be equipped with a running line?

pantyhose 3
Photo @alexanderwangny

With tattoo effect

It will be great if in the future body modifications can be received completely painlessly. So, already in the fashion world, the collaboration Vetements x Wolford has already made a splash, in which tights with the effect of tattoos have appeared.

If you do not dare to get real tattoos, but really want to see how it would look – this trend is definitely for you.

pantyhose 4
Photo @vetements_official

Tights of the future: results

As we already know, tights go to landfill quickly. But if one day we can get durable, eco-friendly tights with a choice of colors and patterns, we can not only buy, but also begin to produce fewer of these accessories, which will only benefit the environment.

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