10 interior design techniques that are outdated

Today we will show you design techniques that are hopelessly outdated and suggest current alternatives.

So, here is a list of 10 interior anti-trends.

1. Complex ceilings

Designers argue that the hit of the early 2000s – the backlit multi-tiered ceiling – is relentlessly outdated. This technique of interior decoration is no longer relevant. This anti-trend has been replaced by the simplicity of a flat ceiling. As a rule, plasterboard structures load the space, especially in small apartments. Colored lighting is no longer in vogue either, although it was once a key aspect of design.

Complex ceilings

2. Niches and arches

Artistic arches in narrow corridors, as well as curly false walls and drywall niches are another sign that interior design is outdated. In most cases, these architectural excesses do not have any functionality, but they take up a lot of space, especially in small apartments.

Interior designers now prefer to leave square aisles without doors and certainly no arches. And for zoning it is suggested to use “openwork designs”. For example, vertical wood beams or thin metal panels made with artistic cutting.

Niches and arches

3. Furniture wall

Gone are the days when the furniture wall decorated the apartment. Designers strongly recommend abandoning bulky cabinets all over the wall. Instead, it is advised to use laconic hanging cabinets and cabinets.

Furniture wall 3

4. Wallpaper

Images of a birch grove, starry sky and huge tulips – such prints were often found in the interiors of the mid-2000s. But today, designers are advised to abandon their use in the design of an accent wall, even if they look very attractive.

You can revive the interior in the house with modern patterns. An accent wall can be decorated with decorative plaster, wallpaper, wood paneling, or ceramic tiles.


5. Sliding wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are also included in the list of anti-trends. This trend had to come to naught, and finally it happened. You already know that simplicity is in trend, so now, instead of sliding wardrobes, designers recommend choosing wardrobes with hinged doors.


6. Furniture sets

Another important point noted by interior experts: the absence of a rigid framework for a single style. Gone are the days when furniture from one set decorated the apartment. A bedroom set with a bed, bedside table and wardrobe in the same style, the same sofa and armchairs for the living room – all this is not in trend now.

The ability to combine furniture of different models and even styles is a trend that can be observed now. Designers are advised to take a closer look at ensembles of different types of furniture. But, of course, without extreme and pretentiousness. Most likely, this trend will remain in the interior world for a long time.

Furniture sets

7. Wallpaper for the whole room

Modern designers argue that now it is irrelevant to glue the whole room with one type of wallpaper. That is why they advise highlighting one accent wall. As a rule, the accent is made on the wall, which we see first when entering the room.

Wallpaper for the whole room

8. Shower cabins

Showers with hydromassage, radio and massive shower tray that look like space capsules are also out of fashion. Once it was very prestigious, but now everything has changed. It turned out that nobody needs these bells and whistles.

In addition, shower enclosures that are difficult to clean take up a lot of space and visually reduce the space. Their place was taken by laconic glass structures and good plumbing.

Shower cabins

9. Computer desk

Massive computer desks with shelves for storing disks and floppy disks are a thing of the past. Yes, we have to admit that such tables have lost their popularity. Instead of them, neat tables are now being put, and shelves (often closed) are raised above the level of the working area.

According to experts, heavy furniture does not express the uniqueness and individuality of the interior. It is for this reason that designers do not recommend buying bulky computer desks.

Computer desk

10. Soft corner for the kitchen

Heavy corner sets have given way to comfortable tables and low-rise chairs as they make dinner easy.

Soft corner for the kitchen

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