Tips for Flying Your RC Model Helicopters

Are you buying your radio-controlled helicopter for the first time? Sure it is exciting, but did you check the list of all the items?

If flying is your hobby, starting with a remote control helicopter can be an exciting choice. Flying RC choppers has become increasingly popular recently, and RC helicopters offer the best flying experience as it is fast and matches people’s passion for flying.

If you are a beginner and starting your flying journey, you should know a few things before purchasing your helicopter. Here are some tips for buying and flying your heli.

Checking the Weight, Speed, and Balance

Each model is different, and many options are available on reputable websites. However, buying from a seller who sells quality helicopters is recommended. The Blade RC helicopters are considered one of the most popular in the market. Before buying, you need to consider the helicopter’s weight, speed, and balance as a mismatch among them will lead your helicopter into uncontrolled motion, which will finally lead to a crash.

All flying models of RC helicopters have a specific weight that allows the blades’ momentum to move and fly them. A straightforward test is to place the heli on a flat surface and examine the helicopter’s balance and standing position. If the nose points downwards, the helicopter’s balance is imperfect as the tail has more weight and is not fit for buying. A perfectly balanced helicopter will face straight and fly well.

The blade’s speed determines the overall momentum of your helicopter. Usually, the manufacturer lists it on the specifications, but it is better to test the speed. So buying an RC helicopter with perfect pace, weight, and balance will ensure that your helicopter flying experience is up to the mark.

Checklist for Buying Your Remote Control Helicopter

The essential items that are required are included when you are buying your heli. The items included in your buying kit are,

  • Instruction manual;
  • Blades;
  • Batteries and charger;
  • 4-channel radio (includes a transmitter, receiver, and servos).
  • Flight simulators (best way to practice before purchasing an RC heli)

Pre-Flight Checklist

A remote control helicopter may be a good choice when starting as it offers the freedom to take off and land anywhere as it does not require large mowed lawns or runways. So any open area can give you the liberty of flying effortlessly. However, you should check a few things before starting your flight.

  • Check if the Wings and tail are securely fastened,
  • Checking the Motor operation,
  • Check the control systems like the surfaces. Is it moving freely and correctly?
  • Check the kit and everything inside is secure, and there are no loose components, especially the battery pack.
  • Check that the Pro and spinner are secure,
  • See if all servo horns and linkages are safe,
  • Most importantly, check for the Radio control transmitter batteries,
  • Range check.

If flying is your passion and speed is your target, the Blade Infusion helicopters are the best options. Buy your helicopter from a reputed, well-established seller that offers helicopters based on your experience, completion levels( ready to fly, bind and fly, and helicopter kits), and customizations.

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