Top 5 most beautiful female TV presenters in the last 10 years

Russian TV presenters enjoy no less fame than pop stars or famous athletes. A beautiful appearance is of paramount importance for them, because they are always in full view of the public.

The viewer harshly judges who is the face of his favorite TV show, especially if there is a girl on the screen. Therefore, TV divas are forced to comply with all the standards and canons of the fashion industry. After all, competitors are not asleep, and you have to win your place under the sun with special persistence. We present to you the TOP-5 rating of the most beautiful TV presenters in Russia over the past 10 years.

Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova

Date of Birth: 12/17/1977

Growth: 178 cm

The first place is taken by a girl whose talent and charm have won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans. Actress, fashion model, singer, Miss Universe and just a beauty – isn’t this a role model? But the path of the future TV presenter began with obtaining a higher legal education at a police school and working as an investigator. Did the young, attractive woman guess then about the successes that would soon overwhelm her head?

Oksana is familiar to viewers as the host of the popular TV programs “Fort Boyard”, “Good night, kids”, “Saturday” and others. In addition to working on TV, she participates in the filming of commercials and films, and Oksana has also published and released her own book. Many people say that a stellar career destroys all opportunities for starting a family. No matter how it is. Fedorova is an exemplary wife and mother of two children. Native people, according to the presenter, are the reason for her external irresistibility. Oksana recently said in an interview:

“Beauty is impossible without inner harmony. This feeling is given to me by my children and my husband. “

Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Chekhova

Date of Birth: 12/21/1977

Growth: 165 cm

Silver in today’s rating is received by the Russian TV and radio host, singer and film actress Anfisa Chekhova. The erotic show “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova” brought popularity to the shocking star. The audience liked the provocative image of the girl from the first issues, and therefore the result of a 4-year-old shine on the program screen was a variety of proposals for participating in film and television projects, advertisements and glamorous publications. By the way, her bright appearance and creative success did not prevent the TV diva from getting a higher education: Anfisa graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Literary Creativity right during the filming.

Today Chekhova is the face of the show “Let’s Get Married” on the Inter channel and hosts the “Weighted and Happy People” program on STS. Despite the brilliant image of a daring socialite, in everyday life Anfisa is just a happy mother who puts her family first. She repeats tirelessly:

“The most valuable thing in life is when you are loved the way you are.”

Anastasia Tregubova

Anastasia Tregubova

Date of Birth: 09/21/1983

Growth: 170 cm

Anastasia Tregubova deservedly received the bronze in the rating. At 36 years old, a woman is not only a popular host of the Good Morning TV show, but also a successful model and a mother of four children!

After graduating from school, Nastya entered the University of Economics and got a higher education without any problems. But the future TV personality did not plan to work in her specialty, the crust was needed only for the sake of a tick. Amusing is the girl’s love for cars. Once in an interview, she admitted that she even thought about a career as a racer.

The first step to success was the modeling business, because the ideal figure and pretty face fit perfectly into the camera lenses. The popularity was not long in coming: after numerous shootings for famous magazines, Tregubova was invited to appear in music videos. The TV presenter’s career became a reality after the appearance of the girl in the clips of Dima Bilan, Zemfira and Andrey Gubin. Channel MTV, then Muz-TV, and then the main channel in the country. But according to Anastasia herself, her career has always been in second place. And on the first – a large and strong family.

Anastasia Ivleeva

Anastasia Ivleeva

Date of Birth: 8.03.1991

Growth: 174 cm

It’s hard to imagine, but the popular host of the Heads and Tails program began her career as a manicure master. And in general, before becoming a screen star, Ivleeva tried herself in many professions. Nastya took her first steps towards television right after moving from St. Petersburg to Moscow: studying at the Ostankino TV school allowed her to master the necessary skills.

Anastasia’s fame was brought about by her Instagram account. The girl posted humorous videos that the public liked, and very soon the number of subscribers increased to 11 million. Of course, offers immediately fell in water. First, a photo session in frank images for the magazine “Maxim”, then shooting in the video of Arseny Borodin (who was her boyfriend at that moment), then – the host of the program “Everything is Possible” on the TV channel “Yu”.

The crown of popularity was the program “Heads and Tails”, with which Ivleeva traveled dozens of countries.

Striking charisma, natural beauty, a magnificent figure and an excellent sense of humor – perhaps for such parameters Ivleeva can really be called the ideal of female beauty.

Alisa Yarovskaya

Top 5 most beautiful Russian women TV presenters in the last 10 years

Date of Birth: 7.12.1980

Growth: 180 cm

Today’s TOP-5 is completed by the bright and shocking “red-haired beast” Alisa Yarovskaya, who is one of the sexiest news presenters according to the Moscow-24 TV channel. In an interview with the TV personality, she admitted:

“I am flattered that I received this status. What is most gratifying is the opinion of the viewers who chose me. “

For Alice, this victory was already the second in a row, because just a couple of years ago she entered the TOP-100 most attractive girls in the world according to the ratings of the famous FHM magazine. It is familiar to the domestic viewer thanks to the news feed on the RBC channel. The ability to simply and easily present the most complex economic information is a serious task, which Yarovskaya perfectly copes with. The girl buys all kinds of luxurious jewelry in order to highlight her impeccable appearance even more vividly and shine in front of the camera lenses.

Famous female TV presenters, thanks to their irresistible appearance and unique charisma, give joy and pleasant emotions to hundreds of thousands of Russian fans every day. Each program with one or another popular woman is a whole art that supports the appearance of domestic TV channels. Their professionalism, love for their own work and responsibility for appearing in the frame evoke unfeigned respect. After all, it is thanks to them that we receive the information of interest in full and in the format that is stored in our memory for a long time.

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