Unconventional smoky ice in color – step-by-step instructions for bright makeup

Smoky makeup brightSmokey ice colored makeup is a bold and interesting solution for an evening look. However, when working with color, there are difficulties: it is important to make such makeup as persistent and accurate as possible.

Here is a step-by-step instruction for you that will allow you to make a bright, colorful and high-quality Smoky Ice.

1. Base under the shade

Any eye makeup begins with it, no matter what textures will be used.

  • Squeeze a small amount onto the pad of your index finger and apply a thin layer over your upper eyelid.

Try to keep the layer as even and uniform as possible.

2. Substrate

The next step is to use a backing made from a persistent creamy product. It can be either long-lasting creamy eyeshadow or high-quality matte lipstick.

Substrate color should match the general makeup color scheme. Thus, if you want to apply purple shadows as an accent, use a pink or purple underlay.

Substrate is needed so that the color blends into the skin as smoothly as possible. In addition, with its help, you can build the desired shape of the shadows.

  • Apply a small amount of the product of your choice with a flat brush over the upper eyelid up to the anatomical crease.
  • With a round brush in a circular motion, the substrate is pushed up and slightly to the temple.
  • The lower eyelid is painted over with the remnants of the product on a round brush, and is slightly extinguished downward in a circular motion.
  • It is important to emphasize the outer corner of the eye by connecting the liner on the lower eyelid with the liner on the upper.

Colored smoky

3. Drawing the space between the eyelashes

The space between the eyelashes must be painted over with a black pencil. This is done to give the eye a clearer shape.

  • On a closed eye, slightly pull up the movable eyelid.
  • Using a sharpened pencil, carefully draw the space between the lashes. Do this with quick, jerky movements.

4. Application of the “sticky layer”

Since the substrate does not have the task of fixing dry food on itself, other means are used for this. It can be either a base under the eyeshadow, or eyeliner or gel liner.

  • Apply your preferred product and quickly blend the borders. Do not shade the product itself as it will not work.

After that, immediately proceed to the next step – applying shadows.

5. Applying shadows

At this stage, I recommend using pressed eyeshadows rather than loose ones.

  • Apply them with a flat brush, using a patting motion, starting from the center of the upper eyelid – and moving first to the outer corner and then to the inner corner. Make sure the shadows fit tightly and evenly.
  • Blend them into the crease of the eyelid.
  • If it seems to you that the shadows do not blend well into the crease of the eyelid, then additionally work on it with gray-brown shadows of a natural shade. Choose the color according to your own preferences.

The scheme of applying shadows in smokey ice

Rememberthat it should be as close as possible to the shade of your chosen substrate.

6. Placement of additional accents

Smokey ice, as a rule, complement the stained mucous membrane.

  • Apply kayal or gel liner to it with a brush.
  • On the center of the upper eyelid, you can put a small amount of shimmering loose eyeshadow, either in a contrasting shade or in a metallic shade. This will make your makeup look even more charming.
  • In the inner corner of the eye, also apply light and shimmery loose eyeshadow.

7. Eyelashes

Finally, add a bunch of false eyelashes to make your makeup look complete.

Since smokey ice is a bright and rich make-up, you can use long beams.

  • After you apply them along the upper eyelid, paint over both the upper and lower lashes with mascara.

Makeup is ready.

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