Union With God According To St John Of The Cross

The goal of Christian perfection is to find the love of God in our neighbor and to serve our neighbor as ourselves. We all know how to love our neighbor, but few of us actually reach this state of intimacy. This is due in part to the fact that most people don’t understand how to prepare ourselves for union with God. For this reason, we will look at the steps of preparation to find this state of being.

The way to union with God according to St. John of the Cross consists of two periods of preparation. The first is the purification of the senses, followed by the purification of the spirit. This is called the active phase. The passive phase is the time during which the soul can reaffirm its love for God. The active phase involves the renunciation of one’s own will and renouncing his or her own will.

Union with God according to St. John of the Cross has three levels. The first is the spiritual union, which is the most intimate. This union is full of joy and peace. The second is the passive level. It is the ultimate form of union. The ultimate goal of spiritual life is possession of God through the union of love. This state of union is the most complete and profound. The saint teaches the way through the dark to achieve union with God.

The second stage of the way to union with God is the active phase. The active phase requires the soul to give up the illusion of divine experiences and communicates with God in an ever more profound manner. The path to union with God does not require ever more sublime communications from God. It proceeds through darkness and requires the assistance of faith. So, how can one attain the union with the Divine? By following the guidance of this book, they can achieve this goal.

The third and final level is the transforming union. In this union, the soul has reached the state of spiritual perfection. It is the supreme experience of God. This union enables the soul to have the most intimate relationship with Him. It is also the highest state of spirituality. In this stage, the soul can see and hear the presence of God. The Holy Spirit is the light of the world.

The first stage of the way to union with God is the preparation of the soul. In the first step, the soul must prepare itself for the suffering of the active phase. The second step is the purification of the spirit. This is the most difficult phase. The saint teaches that the first stage is a preparatory step to union with God. However, the ultimate goal of the journey to union with God is to find a path to true love.

The transforming union is the highest level of the union with God. This union is characterized by a profound sense of grace and complete possession of God. In this state, the soul is at peace. It is the highest form of spirituality. The transforming union is a mystical experience that transcends the physical world. The enlightenment of love is the most powerful stage of the journey toward union with God.

The soul must ignore the apparent communication and experience of God. The real path to union with God is not a path of ever-more sublime communications. Rather, the journey must proceed through the dark and be guided by faith. And the same is true for the second stage. If the journey is in the darkness, then it must be a secret movement. There is nothing more elusive than the union of souls with God.

The way to union with God is complex and demanding. The soul must overcome its weaknesses to gain the union with God. This means it must overcome the obstacles of the external world and become one with God. It requires faith. Unlike the world, this process is not easy and is not the same for everyone. It is a spiritual path. For those who are on this path, the goal is to have a solid foundation and be united to the Creator.

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