9 Useful Ideas To Make Your Travel Memories Forever

Traveling has lots of advantages. It helps you take a breather, introduces you to new things, assists you to step out of your comfort zone, facilitates good memories, etc. In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, traveling acts as a respite. Everyone loves capturing their travel memories. However, people do not know how to retain these memories. As a result, sometimes memories go for a toss. If you are also on the lookout for ways to preserve your travel moments, continue reading:

List of ten tips to make your travel memories last forever:

1. Plan your places and shots:

Before one travels to a location, they make a list of all the places that they plan to visit. Incorporating some picturesque places into your list is a great idea. Not only do you get to see some incredible places, but you also get hold of some social-media-worthy posts! You can even predetermine poses and angles for obtaining better results.

2. Take many travel pictures and videos:

Everything is secondary to capturing adequate pictures and videos. Take pictures and videos from different angles. Having plenty of options to choose from is always a great idea. Even if you are not a professional photographer or videographer, you can capture memories from your smartphone. Here are a few tips to take quality pictures and videos:

  • Maintain a steady hand: An unsteady hand will lead to blurry results. If you are unaccustomed to keeping your hand steady, rest your hand on a stable object. 
  • Avoid adding unnecessary filters: Even though you might get tempted to capture photos and videos through the filter lens, you should not. One can apply the desired effects later on also. It is always advisable to take raw footage.
  • Adjust the focus: It is significant to adjust the focus so that the subject does not get blurry.

3. Create a digital scrapbook:

Creating a digital scrapbook is a lucrative option for all those who do not want to undergo the hassle of getting pictures developed and pasting them into a scrapbook manually. Moreover, digital scrapbooks also let you add videos. One can use a video maker to create a digital scrapbook with utmost ease. Here are the following facilities that a good video editor provides:

  • Templates: A quality video tool will provide you with a variety of readymade and customizable templates.
  • Music library: It is a must for a video editing tool to have a wide range of royalty-free music files.
  • Other important features: A video editor will provide multiple editing options to create an effective digital scrapbook. Such features include fluid animations, GIFs, transitions, etc.

4. Maintain a travel journal:

You might have heard people suggesting keeping a journal to jot down thoughts, feelings, and emotions. While maintaining regular journals helps you to let out, travel journals are a great way of preserving memories. When you are on a trip, you can utilize your free time to note down everything that you would want to remember in the future about the places you saw and people you met. You can even prepare a to-do list for every place you plan to visit. The to-do list will act as a reminder during the trip. Therefore, travel journals can be multi-purpose.

5. Spare some bucks for fridge magnets:

Even though fridge magnets are not as wholesome an option as a digit scrapbook or travel blog, they still do the job. They serve as a constant reminder of your travel memories. The more places you visit, the more fridge magnets you collect! Maybe, you can become a fridge magnet connoisseur by the end of it all!

6. Indulge in some handicraft purchase:

You hit two targets in one go by buying handicrafts. Not only do you get to take something back home but also promote the local artisans. There are local markets everywhere, and by purchasing from these local markets, you ensure that you take back something unique. These handicrafts serve as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage you witnessed. Moreover, going local also doesn’t cause a hole in your pocket.

7. Maintain travel boxes:

Souvenirs tend to get lost. A great way of storing them is by maintaining travel boxes. You can also access them anytime you want to go down memory lane. Maintain a separate trunk for each place you visit. You can store even the most trivial things in these boxes. There are quite a few people who like picking up pebbles from every location they visit. You can use these travel boxes to store pebbles, receipts, tickets, polaroid pictures, postcards, etc. Maintaining travel boxes is a good idea for all the keepers out there!

8. Go the old school way with a photo album:

Photo albums are a great option for those who do not mind the hassle of their bulkiness, and want to preserve travel memories in physical form. You could also opt to create a photo magazine. Picture magazines are a refreshing twist to photo albums. They are lighter, fancier, and serve more or less the same purpose.

9. Send yourself postcards:

Send postcards to your home address from wherever you are. If that is too much trouble, just buy the postcards and carry them home. While postcards are great souvenirs, you can also paste them into your scrapbooks or journals. Preserve your memories in a vintage and aesthetically pleasing way with postcards! 


Traveling is great for creating memories with your loved ones. Sometimes, one also needs solo trips to rejuvenate. No matter what sort of a trip you go on, making and cherishing memories is significant. Planning well, capturing the priceless moments, making videos, maintaining travel journals, sending postcards to yourself, storing souvenirs in storage boxes, and more are some ways to preserve your travel memories forever!

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