We are engaged in raising a child in the womb

Every parent knows about the necessity of raising a baby “from the cradle”. While the child is lying “across the bench”, mom and dad have every opportunity – to instill in the child the necessary skills, love for art, rules of behavior in society. But not everyone thinks about raising a child in the womb. Although scientists have long proven that prenatal education is an important and necessary stage in the development of a baby.

Does it make sense and how to raise a baby during pregnancy?

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How to raise a baby in the womb

The content of the article:

3rd month of pregnancy: education to the music of Vivaldi

At this stage, the future baby is already acquiring a human appearance, the spinal cord and brain, sensory organs, heart, taste buds and genitals are actively developing. The umbilical cord with the placenta has already formed. Future baby able to feel the touch of parents on the belly, with loud sounds, his heart beats harder, his eyes react to light, ears – to sounds.
How to raise a baby in the womb

What can parents do?

  • Now it is important to “establish contact” with the baby, and it is easiest to do this through music. According to research, classic is the best option – babies in the womb like it more than others, and Vivaldi and Mozart are “useful” for the active development of the brain and the formation of the nervous system.
  • As for rock music and heavier genres, they excite the child and even cause fear. Classical music and folk lullabies are soothing, lulling… Having been born, the baby will easily fall asleep (both during the day and at night) to the already familiar melody. “Relax” music – the sounds of the sea, forest, etc. will also be useful.
  • Personal relations of the spouses are no less important during this period. All conflicts and misunderstandings will affect after the birth of the baby on his character. Therefore, a caring, warm relationship and caring for each other is now the most important thing.
  • No negative thoughts! The child begins to accumulate information, and the mother’s task is to protect the baby from any negativity. All mother’s fears can be inherited by the child, all negative emotions experienced by the mother will be deposited in his subconscious. Not to mention that any mother’s stress affects the baby with hypoxia (lack of oxygen).
  • Sing to your little one. Mom’s voice is the best in the world. Calms, lulls, gives a feeling of security. And read fairy tales – kind and beautiful. And if they are in other languages ​​- even better (learning languages ​​with such “preparation” will not be a problem for the kid).

Sports and an active lifestyle at 4 months of pregnancy

Your baby is already making the first movements, ears and fingers are forming. The head grows, all organs and systems are actively developing, the rudiments of teeth appear. 4th month – time to “lay the foundation”. The future character of the child, the ability of intelligence and even laziness are being formed, according to experts, right now.
How to raise a baby in the womb

What can parents do?

  • Mom should not lock herself in the apartment and tremble at every step. (unless recommended by a doctor) – Lead an active life, meet friends, take regular walks.
  • Do not be lazy to get up in the morning, do not knock down the daily routine. Getting used to watching romantic comedies (for example) at night and cracking sweets, you run the risk of providing your baby with this habit.
  • Do not exclude sports from your life. Of course, you should not jump with a parachute, fly in a bungee and conquer the peaks, but light sports are not only not contraindicated, but also recommended. As a last resort, there are always options such as swimming for pregnant women and exercising in the water, special physical education, yoga for pregnant women.
  • Remember to eat healthy. Adhering to the correct attitude to food, you shape the tastes of the future crumbs. See also: Proper nutrition in the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Fathers and children at the 5th month of the intrauterine life of the baby

The baby is already moving very intensively, his height is more than 20 cm, hairs begin to grow on the crown, eyelashes and eyebrows appear. This period is important for forming a close bond between the baby and his father
How to raise a baby in the womb

What can dad do?

  • Of course, dad will not be able to communicate with the child as closely as the expectant mother. But time to communicate with the baby must be found. Stroke your wife’s tummy, read the little fairy tale, talk to him, do not forget to say good night and kiss in the morning before leaving for work. Your participation in the life of the baby before childbirth is the key to future close and intimate relationships with the child.
  • If your spouse is nervous, crying, or angry, calm your baby down. – thereby you smooth out the impact of negative emotions on the psyche of the future baby. And at the same time teach your mother to control your emotions.
  • Do not hesitate to spouse and relatives – sing lullabies to the child. The low-frequency voice of the dad, according to research, has a beneficial effect not only on the development of the child’s psyche, but also on the development of his reproductive system.
  • Children, with whom both mom and dad spoke before giving birth, tolerate childbirth more easily, and their intellect develops faster.than their peers.
  • Remembering in the womb the tender voice and timbre of the Pope, the newborn will just as easily fall asleep with the fatherlike in mom’s arms.

We develop a craving for beauty in the future baby at 6 months of age in the womb

The baby’s height is already 33 cm, it weighs about 800 g, fingers are already distinguishable on the arms and legs. The eyes open and are sensitive to light. In a situation of premature birth, the baby (with appropriate intensive medical care) able to survive

According to experts, at this stage, an influence is exerted on gaining bad / good taste and even external data… As for the appearance, this is not a proven fact, but the mother can very much instill the correct taste in the baby.
How to raise a baby in the womb

What to do, how to raise a child in the womb?

  • All focus on art! We educate ourselves, have a good rest, enjoy the beauty of nature and art.
  • Watch kind positive films and read classic literature (better out loud).
  • Go to an interesting exhibition, gallery, museum or theater… Preferably together with your spouse.
  • Get creative and art therapy… Draw as you can, do not hesitate, putting all your love for the baby into the paintings.
  • Learn to dance, crochet, or make jewelry… Creativity that brings pleasure to the mother is beneficial for the psyche and development of the baby.

Teaching your baby to relax at 7 months of pregnancy

Your baby no longer only reacts to sounds and light, but also sleeps, is awake, distinguishes sour from sweet, remembers the voices of dad and mom and sucks his thumb… During this period, it is important for the mother to establish close contact with the baby.

How to raise a baby in the womb

  • Learn one of the relaxation techniques – yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Take a break from the hustle and bustle on a regular basis and, turning on pleasant music, relax and tune in to “the same wavelength” with your child.
  • Stroke your tummy, compose fairy tales aloud, read children’s poems from memory.
  • Remember that your “relaxation” during pregnancy is this is a stable psyche of the baby in the future, high immunity, easy stress tolerance and restful sleep.
  • Use light and tactile “games”. Touch the belly, play with the baby’s heels, wait until he responds to the touch. With the help of dad and a flashlight, you can play with the baby in “light / dark”, directing the beam to the stomach.

We communicate with the baby and teach to enjoy life at 8 months inside the womb

Baby already sees and hears perfectly… With the exception of the lungs, all systems are well developed. The brain is developing intensively. The more there is now a positive in the life of a mother, the more actively the baby develops, the stronger his health and psyche.

How to raise a baby in the womb

  • Use every opportunity to get positive emotions. Go to a massage or beauty salon, use aroma and color therapy, surround yourself only with good people and beautiful things.
  • Your little one already knows your reaction to stressors and positives.… If you learn to quickly cope with stress, and your heart palpitations at this moment will be short-term, the baby will remember your reaction and after birth will delight you with emotional stability.
  • The kid is now absorbing information at the cellular level. Explaining to him everything that is happening, calming, suppressing negative emotions in yourself, you are programming the character of a strong and strong-willed person.

Preparing your baby to meet the world at 9 months of pregnancy

Your little one is about to be born. All organs are already fully formed, there is practically no place for the baby to move, he is gaining strength to go out, and your task is to fully help him in this.

How to raise a baby in the womb

Therefore, now is not the time for an active life and noisy parties, resentment, anxiety and despondency. Rest, recharge with joy, knit booties, buy toys and caps, do not overload the body with heavy food… Ideally, if the spouse takes a vacation for this period and devotes it to you and the future baby.

Of course, there is no need to bring the process of prenatal education to the point of absurdity. It makes no sense to read physics textbooks to a kid and quote statements from famous philosophers. Information is a necessary and useful thing, but the main thing in the prenatal upbringing of a baby is the attention and love of the parents.

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