Weather In St John New Brunswick In September

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, knowing the weather in Saint John, New Brunswick in September will help you plan your trip. The average September temperature is 26.7 degrees Celsius (78.7 F). The minimum and maximum temperatures can be found in the table below. The table also shows the average number and percentage of really hot days. This information is based on measurements taken at Saint John Airport.

October is the driest and most cloudy month. Saint John’s minimum temperature is 2.7 degrees Celsius and its maximum temperature is 13.8 degrees Celsius (56.9 F). The month’s beginning and ending are the coldest and most severe days and nights. However, the warmest days or nights can last for up to a week. The average October rainfall is 115mm (4 inches), and the minimum temperature can drop as low as -7.3 degrees Celsius in the middle.

The average rainfall in Saint John is 155 mm in September, which is the second-warmest month of the year. On average, the city gets 1,945 hours of sunshine per year. The sea temperatures are still cold throughout the year. July and August are the driest month. The driest month is January, when the average temperature is -7.1 degC (19.9F). The coldest night is minus1.3 degC (-32degF), and the hottest day, 28.9F (82.9F)

The coldest nights are usually in November. In 1996, the lowest temperature was -17 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the warmest days generally occur at the beginning of the month, when temperatures average 16 degC (60 degF). The highest average temperature in November is 19.6 degC (67.3 degF). On average, the region gets 135 mm of rain over the course of the month. The day is 9 hours and 30 minutes long, while the sun only comes out three hours of the day.

Generally, the weather in Saint John is mild in September, with the average temperature at 13.7 degC (57 degF). The coldest nights are at the end of September, when temperatures drop to -0.5 degrees Celsius. In fact, the average temperature in September 1995 was -4 degC (24.8degF) at its coldest.

The end of the month is when it is coldest. The coldest night in Saint John is -17 degC. The warmest days in Saint John are November and December. During this time of year, the temperature is milder than in July and August. This is the only month where the coldest temperatures are equal. You should be prepared if you plan to spend a week at Saint-John.

Saint-John’s September average temperature is mild. The temperatures can vary widely throughout the month. The average temperature during the day is 9.8 degrees Celsius. During the night, the temperature can go as low as -3 degC. During the day, temperatures will reach 24 degrees Celsius. There will be some extreme days during the month so plan accordingly.

Saint-John’s September average temperature is mild and humid. The minimum and maximum temperature is 13.8 degC (57.8 degF), but the nighttime temperature is typically very cold. September’s minimum and maximum temperatures are usually below normal. The highest temperatures in September are 15degC or 20degF. These temperatures are not as cold in September as they could be in other seasons.

Although September is the hottest month, you can still enjoy the sea. Saint John’s average water temperature in September is 13.7 degrees Celsius. The average daytime temperature is 9.5 degrees Celsius, which is August’s lowest temperature. On the other hand, the coldest night is in October, where the temperature falls to -0.5 degC. In 1995, September was the smallest month at 4.4 degrees Celsius.

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