What dessert to choose for each zodiac sign

In search of what kind of dessert to cook, the hostess is ready to re-read hundreds of cookbooks and go around dozens of pastry shops. And then suddenly, in an unsightly coffee shop on the outskirts of the city, she discovers a cake that has no equal. Astrologers believe that the matter is not at all about the ingredients: each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a certain sweet, from which it is impossible to tear yourself away.


This zodiac sign prefers chocolate to any sweets. If you are thinking about what desserts are best to prepare for the arrival of Aries, feel free to take those with the most cocoa: brownie or petit gato – chocolate fondant. If there is no time at all, melt the pastry bars into the fondue, but get ready for the fact that your beloved Aries will scoop chocolate with a spoon, and not dip carefully chopped fruit into it.

chocolate fondant


For Taurus, there is nothing tastier than jelly in any form: from simple berry “shakes” to exquisite Italian panna cotta. Therefore, while waiting for Taurus to visit, feel free to dissolve gelatin or brew agar-agar.


The twins will give everything in the world for a freshly baked aromatic biscuit. They don’t even need to sandwich the cakes with cream or soak them in syrup: a biscuit melting in the mouth, soft as a sponge, is the best treat for a hungry Gemini.

Advice: If you are bored with a simple vanilla biscuit, then try the dacquoise with a rich nutty flavor.


Are you looking for a dessert to treat Cancer? Head to the Turkish Delicacies section. It is here that sweetness is hidden, against which no cancer can resist: kadaif and baklava, literally oozing with honey and sugar.

honey pakhlova

a lion

Leo loves bright accents in food. Therefore, his desserts match: moderately sweet tiramisu with coffee flavor or creamy crème brulee with a crispy caramel crust.

“It is important for Leo to feel what the zest is, says the astrologer Natalia Chirkova. Therefore, a simple mixture of sugar and white flour does not cause any emotion in them. “


To the question: “What dessert are you?” any Virgo from childhood answers: “Ice cream”. This is not surprising: the representatives of this sign and the day cannot live without a cold sweet delicacy. Virgos love everything: the creamy ice cream familiar from childhood, and the chocolate cone, and the exquisite Italian fruit sorbet. If you want to surprise this zodiac sign, choose interesting flavors such as pistachio or matcha.

pistachio ice cream


Do not feed the scales with honey – give better cookies. There are millions of variations, and delight – for the whole day. The simplest is shortbread and ladies’ fingers, the more interesting option is kurabiye and biscotti. The main thing is that there are a lot of cookies.


What kind of dessert can you make for a Scorpio? This nut is tougher than other signs of the zodiac: stock up on patience, time and a recipe book. Scorpio loves complex cakes with multifaceted flavors. Sand base, berry confit, crunchy layer, airy mousse … are you still sure you want to treat a scorpion?


Sagittarius love cupcakes: thick, flavorful, with sweet icing and a whole host of Christmas spices, from vanilla to cardamom. No complicated recipes – feel free to put all the ingredients in one cup and turn on the mixer.



The most ideal combination is Capricorn and eclairs. Representatives of this sign are just as unapproachable and strict on the outside, but inside they hide something completely unexpected. Don’t be afraid to experiment – add rum or berries to the custard and Capricorn will be yours forever.


Aquarius loves sweets. Any and in any quantity: from chocolate to homemade jam. Therefore, if you are looking for a dessert to prepare for a romantic dinner with Aquarius, feel free to choose … any dessert: ice cream, cake, cake, just cookies or marshmallows.


It is interesting! Aquarius’s love for sweets does not depend on age and gender. This is perhaps the only passion that Aquarius has been loyal to all their lives.


Fish are still gourmets. Simple desserts don’t appeal to them. To strike Pisces to the heart, choose exotic recipes: Esterhazy cake, mango mousse cake, macarons with unusual fillings.

As we can see, each representative of the horoscope has its own preferences, with the exception of the sweet tooth, Aquarius.

Does the description of your sign’s dessert suit you? Share your favorite sweets in the comments and indicate who you are by horoscope.

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