What flowers are given for a wedding – 9 ideas for wedding bouquets

What is usually remembered for a wedding? The wedding dress of the bride, first and foremost. As well as music, decoration, fun of the guests and, of course, a wedding bouquet. And so that this bouquet does not become just a beautiful “broom”, you should approach its choice thoroughly and with feeling.

COLADY will tell you what flowers are presented for a wedding. Make the newlyweds happy!

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What flowers are customary to give for a wedding and what do they symbolize in a bouquet for newlyweds?

The easiest way is to visit a florist salon and choose the prettiest flowers. But if you are not looking for a formal bouquet “ay, okay”, but want to please the bride and amaze with originality, then you need to take into account all the nuances.

So, what do flowers in a wedding bouquet symbolize?, and which one to give preference to?

  • Roses
    Traditional choice. They symbolize love, passion (red roses) and innocence (white roses) on the one hand, and are considered the devil’s flower on the other. The main emphasis on roses should not be done, but if you decide to take them into account in the bouquet, do not get carried away (3-5 roses will be enough).
  • Lilies of the valley
    These flowers always symbolize innocence, purity and loyalty. There is even a sign that by decorating a wedding with a large number of lilies of the valley, you are programming a long and happy family life for the newlyweds.
  • Violets
    They are seen as a symbol of exceptionally good thoughts, loyalty and sincerity in the heart.
  • Lilac
    Is it generally acceptable in a bridal bouquet? And how! Of course, picking lilacs from a bush before the wedding and giving them to the bride is not the best solution, but in the form of a fashionably decorated bouquet and with additions from other flowers, lilacs will be an excellent choice. True, it is worthwhile to carefully “throw the bait” to the bride’s relatives – if she is allergic to these flowers (some people even have headaches from lilacs).
  • Chrysanthemums
    In Japan, these flowers symbolize vitality, and in our country – friendship, joy and an easy life, especially in combination with dahlias and peonies. Such an elegant bouquet will appeal to life-loving and active newlyweds.
  • Lilies
    Exquisite flowers for a young bride’s bouquet, symbolizing hope, virginity, masculinity and fertility. There is a risk of allergies, so it is advisable to clarify in advance whether the bride is allergic. And in order not to stain the wedding dress, it is better to pull out the anthers of flowers. Many myths and legends are associated with this flower, it had different meanings for each country and time – for example, in the east, this plant is still a traditional flower from a bride’s bouquet (as a symbol of prosperity), and in the Middle Ages, the lily was considered a witch’s flower (they stigmatized women accused of witchcraft).
  • Forget-me-nots and pansies
    A symbol of loyalty, love and immortality. And in the old days – and a symbol of a reminder of God. The bouquet will come out of such flowers very delicate and beautiful. In old England, they were given as a wedding present to all brides.
  • Orange blossom
    A symbol of youth, purity and tenderness. This flower became fashionable during the reign of Queen Victoria, and in modern Europe, orange flowers are an attribute of almost every wedding dress.
  • Callas
    Magic symbolism – mystery, beauty and youth, elegance, wealth and virtue. They create favorable energy and are even considered a wedding amulet. The best choice will be white calla lilies, which (according to old beliefs) will “help” create a strong alliance, resist any evil forces and make only the right decisions.
  • Gerberas
    A bouquet of gerberas will not only be presentable and beautiful, but also symbolize important life values ​​- eternal youth, carelessness, openness to the world and love of life. For such a bouquet, you will need at least 9 flowers and, preferably, in one color scheme.
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Concerning bouquet shades, they are also chosen by many taking into account symbolism:

  • White, of course – purity and purity.
  • Orange – good health, wealth.
  • Red – passion, emotionality.
  • Golden – the sun, joy.
  • Purple – greatness.
  • Violet – mystery, luxury, maturity.
  • Green – loyalty, constancy.

From old traditions, the custom of decorating a wedding bouquet with the help of birch branches (for the success in the life of newlyweds), oak (fertility) and other breeds is also reviving.

These flowers cannot be given for weddings.

  • Bulbous tulips, daffodils or hyacinths. Flowers are neutral, appropriate for any event, but not suitable for a wedding – such bouquets are usually just “marked” for show.
  • Red or burgundy roses. It is better to replace this symbol of fiery passion with lighter shades. The exception is a gradient (color transition from dark to light in a bouquet).
  • Flowers with heavy odors (for example, orchids).
  • Carnation Such bouquets are most often worn for anniversaries (or for funerals), and such associations are completely useless for newlyweds. Better not to experiment.
  • Flowers with thorns on the stems (it is better to remove the thorns).

It should be noted that symbolism is a broad concept, it can be guided by it or not, but the main thing is to remember that only from the bottom of the heart the presented bouquet will last as long as possible and will bring joy to the bride.

Original ideas for decorating a bouquet for newlyweds

  • Closed leg of the bouquet – decoration with ribbons (of different widths, lengths, colors and fabrics), bows and laces, cords and twine, corset (from burlap, a piece of fabric with buttons, embroidery, etc.), small flowers (buds), colored wire with beads / beads , brooches, pendants, rhinestones and semi-precious stones, a string of beads or an accessory (in the same style as the outfit and decoration of the wedding itself).
What flowers are given for a wedding?  9 original wedding bouquet ideas
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  • Floristic compositions in baskets.
What flowers are given for a wedding?  9 original wedding bouquet ideas
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  • Bouquets in the form of toys, images.
  • Flowers with inscriptions.
  • Bouquet with photos or wishes.
  • Non-standard elements of bouquets – straws, feathers, shells, paper birds, knitted balls, vegetable creative.
  • Bouquet of money for a wedding
What flowers are given for a wedding?  9 original wedding bouquet ideas
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  • Fan bouquets and handbag bouquets.
  • Heart-shaped bouquet on stands and covered with a veil.

What flowers did you give for the wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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