what important lessons have you learned from your past life?

The idea of ​​a possible reincarnation of the soul is by no means new. In Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism, it is widespread, therefore it is believed that we all have lived many different lives – and we have more than one ahead of us.

However, you do not need to be a Buddhist at all to believe in the possibility that this is not your first visit to our planet. And if reincarnation is real, we all already have at least some experience in how to live. Moreover, it is quite possible that memories of past lives are stored in our subconscious.

What is the use of these memories? They can truly be invaluable when you need to make important decisions in your current life. The lessons you learned earlier can help you understand your current problems. Let’s try to learn these lessons from your past life experiences using a simple personality test.

Take a look at the image and pay special attention to the first thing that catches your eye. This image is your first step towards revealing the secrets of your past incarnations.

Personality Test: What Important Lessons Have You Learned from Your Past Life?
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren

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Red house

Chances are, in a past life, you lived in a rural area, were a landowner, a farm worker, or even one of the animals. Such an experience may be very distant from the life you are living now, but that does not mean that you have not received your lessons.

If during the day you feel frustrated, irritated, or overwhelmed with fatigue, remember that you have tremendous strength and powerful potential within you. You are naturally hardworking and not afraid of any job. Never be discouraged: just clench your teeth and keep walking. Your efforts will definitely pay off.


In one of your past lives, you were a scientist who spent most of your time doing scientific work. You’ve probably really excelled in your line of work, but alas, your drive to be the best among the best has resulted in you neglecting family or friends.

If you feel torn between work and personal life, remember that you have already made this mistake in the past when you worked hard. It is high time for you to understand how important it is not to miss many valuable moments in your life.


You were a sailor or fisherman, or a person who spent a lot of time by the water or lived near the sea or river. Perhaps there are no bodies of water near you right now, but most likely you have always felt a special connection with water. In your past life, you learned that the ocean (sea, river), like life, is very changeable.

You know how important it is to be always ready to deal with what the higher powers deem it necessary to send you, and to expect the unexpected. You are a born fighter, and there is a reason for this: you are well aware that change is inevitable, and you need to calmly take it for granted.


You must have been an avid traveler and a great adventurer, capable of the most risky deeds, including climbing a mountain. While the thought that you are doing something bold and even extreme now may terrify you, rest assured that in your past life you yourself were looking for new experiences and adventures.

Remember the lesson you learned then: patience and determination are the keys to any victory. Don’t let setbacks knock you off your feet.

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