What is body positive and who needs it?

Some time ago, such a movement as body positivity became very popular. Its adherents argue that any body is beautiful, and the prevailing stereotypes should be abandoned once and for all. What is body positive and who can benefit from it? Let’s try to understand this issue.

What is body positive

What is body positive?

For a long time, beauty standards have been fairly stable. A beautiful body should be slender, moderately muscular, there should be nothing “superfluous” on it (hair, freckles, large moles, age spots). Meeting such standards is not easy. We can say that ideal people do not exist, and their image is just the result of the work of talented photographers and retouchers.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands that pictures in glossy magazines are just pictures. Therefore, many young women begin to spend a lot of energy on conforming to unrealistic canons, forgetting that their bodies are unique and inimitable, and many shortcomings have become such only because there are certain rules dictated by the fashion industry.

Anorexia, bulimia, numerous plastic surgeries, exhausting workouts that do not make the body healthier … All this became the consequences of the race for a ghostly ideal. And it was the bodypositive supporters who decided to put an end to this.

According to body positivity, all bodies are beautiful in their own way and have the right to exist. If the body is healthy, brings pleasure to its owner and copes with stress, it can already be considered beautiful. It was body positive and its supporters that caused fat and too thin models, as well as girls with unusual skin pigmentation, to appear in gloss.

The essence of body positivity

The main canon of body positive is: “My body is my business.” If you do not want to shave your legs and armpits, you do not have to. Do you want to lose weight? No one has the right to demand that you get rid of extra pounds or wear dark bag-like clothes. And this was a real breakthrough in the minds of women around the world. Many began to think that they were spending too much effort to be “beautiful” while life was passing by.

Controversial moment

Bodypositive is a psychologically beautiful movement that can relieve many people from complexes that prevent them from enjoying life. However, he also has opponents who assert that body positivity is the elevation of fullness and “ugliness” into a cult. Is it really?

Proponents of the movement do not say that everyone should gain weight, because it is beautiful, and they do not oppress thin people. They simply believe that the beauty of the body is just a matter of perception. At the same time, it is important to monitor your health and lose weight only in two cases: obesity threatens your health or you are more comfortable in a lower “weight category”.

The main thing – your own comfort and your feelings, and not the opinion of others. And it is important to give up once and for all from evaluating bodies and dividing them into beautiful and ugly.

Body positive movement

Who needs body positive?

Bodypositive is needed for all those who are tired of comparing themselves to a glossy picture in a magazine and are upset about their imperfection. It will come in handy for young girls who are just beginning to reveal their femininity: thanks to body positivity, according to psychologists, in the near future the number of people suffering from eating disorders in the world will decrease.

Most likely, bodypositive is needed by all readers of this article. Even if you are unhappy with your weight and are now trying to lose weight, you should not wait for the moment when you will be able to achieve your goal.

Remember: you are beautiful here and now, and you have to enjoy life, no matter how much you weigh!

Body positive Is a relatively new phenomenon. Will it change the world or will it gradually be forgotten? Time will tell!

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