Aspyn Ovard Net Worth

Aspyn Ovard, an American Youtuber and social-media personality, is Aspyn. She gained recognition through her content that promotes healthy living and a vegan diet. With her husband Parker Ferris, she also runs Aspyn + Parker YouTube channel. In addition to her career on the web, she enjoys making videos about her travel experiences. Here’s a quick look at her net worth.

Aspyn Ovard was conceived in Utah on April 15, 1996. Her mother was a hairdresser, so she developed an interest in beauty and fashion. She married Parker Ferris, a fellow YouTuber, when she was 19. They have two daughters together. Aspyn Ovard also has a pet dog at home, named Cove. Currently, she is a follower of the Christianity religion.

Aspyn Ovard’s net worth is $1 million. On October 23, 2015, she married fellow YouTuber Parker Ferris. The couple have a daughter named Cove and they also own “The Aspyn Channel,” a secondary YouTube channel that she shares with her husband. Aspyn Ovard has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Parker Ferris, Aspyn’s wife and former model, is now a married man.

Aspyn comes from a Christian family. Sascha, her mother, is a hairdresser. Her father, Luke Draper, is a photographer. Avrey Elle Ovard, her sister, is also a YouTuber. Since she married Luke Draper, her net worth has increased. She has no tattoos. She is a Christian, and loves spending time with her family.

Aspyn Ovard is an American resident and has earned a substantial amount of money from her social media career. In 2016, she launched a clothing line and now earns around $300 per day through her YouTube channel. Aspyn also receives a significant portion of her income through sponsorships, appearances, and her online store. The amount of money she earns from her various endeavors enables her to lead a luxurious life with her husband.

Aspyn Ovard has a net worth estimated at $450,000. She runs two YouTube channels, one self-titled and one with her husband. Her primary channel focuses on beauty tutorials, while her secondary channel, Aspyn + Parker, focuses on vlogging. Her YouTube content has also expanded to include outfit videos, and she has collaborated with brands including BeyondBeautyStar and Lauren Elizabeth.

Aspyn Ovard is married to YouTuber Parker Ferris and they have a daughter, Cove. Their relationship is perfect and neither of them has been linked to any extramarital affairs. Their daughter, Cove, was born on August 19, 2019, and the couple enjoys beachside vacations with their family. Aspyn Ovard is yet unknown about her net worth. Since October 2015, she has been married to YouTuber Parker Ferris. They have a child together.

Ovard’s social media accounts are her most popular platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. She posts Vlogs, fashion tutorials, and life hack videos. She has a YouTube channel called Aspyn and Parker with over 3 million subscribers. She also has Aspyn and Parker, a social media channel. She also has a YouTube channel.

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