10 Essential Steps to a Banking Career

A career in a bank, alas, does not imply instant growth. And no one will offer a space salary to a novice banker. For a career lift in a bank to work, you will have to work hard and be patient. But in comparison with the past, one significant plus has appeared: it is now really possible to get “off the street” to work in a bank. How do you start a career in a bank, and what do you need to remember?

  • Education. In fact, everything begins with him. You even have to learn to be a carpenter, let alone bankers. Naturally, not everyone has enough wallet depth to study abroad, so we choose a university on our home side with an economic direction. The resulting specialty should be as close as possible to this direction – at least financial management, the faculty of accounting, etc. (where the subject of economics is taught without fail). If your reference point is a long-term banking career, then you cannot do without a higher education in economics.
  • Desire to learn. It is impossible to become an artist if you are jerked by the sight and smell of paint alone. That is, going to study to be a banker is not enough, you also need to enjoy your studies (and subsequently – work). Your sincere desire, responsibility, perseverance and perseverance will ultimately give a positive result.
  • We get a job. The long-awaited diploma is already in your hands,Businesswoman working at desk and the first attempt to get a job at the bank ended in nothing. This is not a reason to despair. Now the main thing for you is to start somewhere, to catch on somewhere, and to replenish your “baggage” with initial experience. Competently write a resume and send it to all possible credit companies and banks. The position does not matter now – even though a call center employee, even a teller. If an internship is offered (free / paid – it doesn’t matter) – agree. Many start their careers as direct sales agents – according to statistics, this category of employees makes their banking career faster than others.
  • Give it your all. Even if you are now in the position of an assistant accountant, be active and proactive. In a couple of years, you will have the opportunity to offer your boss your candidacy for a job in the credit department. Don’t stop learning – don’t be limited to your work. Of course, this is not about continuously serving coffee to higher-ranking employees, but you should not refuse orders. Rely on your “instinct”, look around and take every chance to prove yourself.
  • Forget about narrow specialization. 364x273_0xc0a8393c_20093143471370466545A bank employee is a person whose knowledge is constantly expanding and growing. More doors and opportunities open up for the broad-based employee. Learn from the West: no bureaucratic chains – customer service must go inside and out. The abundance of your talents – your chance that you will be noticed, replaced with you by any vacationer, they will be able to rely on you and will be rewarded with a salary increase.
  • Corporate training. It is offered to employees in many banks, taking into account the specifics of the work. Don’t refuse. Corporate training is an opportunity to gain the knowledge you need and demonstrate your ambitions. Do not neglect professional trainings (skills in negotiations with clients, selling banking products, etc.) – this is necessary to constantly improve your professional level.
  • Particular attention is paid to English language courses. Without it, work in the banking sector is almost impossible. f20131028053416-bankGood conversational English will be your plus – start a dense study while still in university.
  • Change of specialty. The work of a bank employee can be monotonous and even, over time, lead to a state of melancholy. Do not rush to switch from one banking area to another until you become a specialist in your field.
  • Get ready to give your work as much of your personal time as possible. The higher your position, the more time you will spend at work. Of course, the salary to some extent mitigates the complexities of the fast pace of work, but you will need a lot of energy. And there will be very little time left for personal life.
  • Additionally, business education. If leadership positions are your dream for the foreseeable future, then an MBA will not be superfluous for you to understand the business in general. FFMS certificates are also important for development in the investment sphere.


And also it should be remembered that …

  • Your main goal is to build productive relationships with your customers. Customer confidence is the main factor in a banker’s success.
  • The attentiveness and accuracy of the calculations is equal to your reputation. If you get carried away with numbers, don’t forget about error checking.
  • Successful deals are a positive reflection on the bank’s marketing materials and on your own resume. Get familiar with the process of successfully bringing banking products to market and stay close to the deal makers (if your beacon is investment banking).
  • Be committed to the cause and the company despite customer complaints, public censure, ups and downs.
  • Don’t change jobs too often. The “runners” are always looked upon with caution.

Of course, only a few people will be able to get to the “branch manager” floor using the career lift. Develop, do not stand still and believe in yourself. And one day your dream will come true.

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