What kind of women do Leo men like?

These are real royal persons, for the conquest of which you need to make an effort. This personality of a huge scale, where a woman must meet all the needs of the chosen one. Finding the way to the heart of such a man is quite difficult – you need to show all your ingenuity and patience. It is prestigious and pleasant to be next to Leo, but you will have to give up many of your own habits. Finding the key to your heart is difficult, but possible.

What kind of women do lion men like?

What is the chosen one?

The Leo man has magical charisma and a domineering character. All this manifests itself from birth, and over time it is only sharpened. They are born leaders and careerists who move forward with ease. The manners of an aristocrat are harmoniously combined with the submission of loved ones.

The main weakness of Leos is their love of flattery, which often borders on outright lies. People born under this zodiac sign are not always able to distinguish sincerity in words and actions. They require increased attention to themselves, which increases their self-esteem.

Men of this zodiac sign are always at the epicenter of events, filling all the space around them. You can easily recognize them in the crowd – bright clothes and well-delivered speech with quick resourcefulness in answers. They are born leaders who gather like-minded people around them. They do not recognize melancholy and despondency, everything remains behind the mask of optimism and self-confidence.

What qualities should a woman have?

In choosing a companion, Leo men are quite predictable. They need a partner who will match his status and emphasize their position. It is difficult to overshadow the natural charisma and aristocracy, but the presence of a beautiful and well-groomed woman nearby will be a clear advantage over rivals.

Women male lion

For a representative of the element of fire, the priority features in a woman are:

  • Beauty is put in the first place – admiring glances of men will be clear proof of the right choice. This will emphasize his authority and status.
  • Everything should be well-groomed – perfect make-up, stylish and expensive clothes, accessories. Even at home, you need to meet this requirement.
  • A woman should be in the spotlight – modesty will only alienate Leo.
  • Intelligence and erudition will be a clear advantage. Conversations about the weather can smoothly turn into a discussion of the exchange rate on the stock exchange or the political situation in a partner country.
  • Stress resistance should be at the highest level. The Leo man can be quite harsh in his statements and behavior.
  • Thrift and ability in cooking occupy one of the first places in the assessment of a woman. The partner considers himself to be the best in everything, and the reception of friends or business partners at home should be at the level of the reception of the Queen of England.
  • The chosen one of the representative of the element of fire will have to be ready for various adventures, non-standard solutions and love excitement. All this will come in handy during your life together with Leo.
  • Charm and charm will be a pleasant bonus that will be appreciated by your partner.
  • Sincerity and sincerity should be close to external beauty, but you can reveal it in a secluded atmosphere, when there are no prying eyes. It is not necessary to show these qualities in public – it is important for Leo himself in order to feel love and attention from his beloved.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are maximalist in everything, therefore they can easily break off relations in the absence of any quality. It is not their rules to put up with flaws and compromise. It is easier to find a replacement in full accordance with the requests.

Leo man in a relationship

Famous rap vocalist Timati says this about a relationship with a woman: “There are stages in a relationship. First passion, then mutual understanding, then you have to move on to everyday cohabitation, to understand whether you are comfortable in the same territory, how much freedom you are ready to give to each other. The appearance of children is a separate stage. And those who manage to pass them all love each other in a relative manner. If you have an adequate mature partner who understands this, you will become best friends, begin to live together and raise children. “

A woman’s sense of humor is welcomed at the level of harsh sarcasm – this can be easily obtained from the chosen one. Leo’s wit is not divided into black and white – light irony can instantly turn into black humor.
You cannot flirt and flirt with other men – this can only be compared with death. Even a simple glance towards another man can be equated with a deadly number. Leo’s jealousy knows no bounds, so don’t risk it.

What might interest a Leo man?

Conquering a representative of this zodiac sign is difficult, but real. To do this, you just need to show your best qualities and ingenuity. The main thing is to do it all with love, which will be appreciated. There must be sincerity in all words and actions. Flattery is pleasant to Leo, but sooner or later he will be able to recognize the lie. This will be the beginning of the break.

Leo loves non-standard solutions, so you can safely experiment. The main thing here is to attract attention and then warm up with appropriate attacks. The unexpected manifestation of emotions should be replaced with coldness and modesty. Such a play of feelings will not pass by this men.

Leo horoscope

Russian film and theater actor Nikita Zverev treats love a little differently: “I am very amorous, like all representatives of the Leo sign. I remember at the age of five I fell in love with a woman who was twenty-eight years old. I was waiting for her, was jealous, kissed her hands. And did not notice the difference in age. But I also love freedom, enjoy the silence. It is impossible to force me to do what I do not want. I am not amenable to training. “

You cannot give advice and teach him – these are absolutely unacceptable things. He must make his own decision. Here you can only subtly hint what will push you to the desired thought. There is only one leader in a relationship – and that’s him.
The path to a man’s heart goes through many obstacles, but the reward will overshadow all efforts. Leo’s love and care will eclipse all bad weather on this road. You just need to make it clear that he will not find a better option.

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