What signs in the palm of your hand mean success and wealth

We live in a material world where there are no people who are not interested in financial well-being. I must say right away that there is no single sign on the hand that could be called the “Sign of money”. The signs below will indicate that you have a predisposition to a life filled with material goodness.

Mercury and money

Mercury directly affects talent in commerce, business, and monetary discernment.

Using the little finger as an example, you can find out whether it is worth trying your hand at commerce. To do this, you need to straighten your fingers and press them together. If the tip of the little finger is higher than the beginning of the nail phalanx of the ring finger, then you can safely try your hand at commerce. If it falls short, it is better not to take risks, as you will work at a loss for yourself.

Next, we will consider the signs on the hill of Mercury, which reveal a person’s chances of acquiring wealth and enrichment.

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A circle

The presence of a circle on the hill of Mercury is a positive sign. This is always an indicator of great luck and goodwill. The circle is commonly associated with signs of completion.


The square on the hill of Mercury will protect a person from material shocks. Protect against large financial and property losses.

A fish

The sign of the fish on the hill of Mercury is a great sign of good luck. This means that a person is lucky in life. This sign is popular with famous people. The person has good commercial ability, sociability and propensity to move.


The island on the hill of Mercury makes a person too fickle to achieve success in business or science. The island is generally associated with disasters.


A star in the center of the hill of Mercury signifies brilliant success in science, business or in the field of eloquence. Located on the side of the hill, it testifies to belonging to people in a prominent social position.


The cross on the hill of Mercury indicates a tendency to cheat, hypocrisy, and can also be a sign of a predisposition to theft.


A mole both on the hill of Mercury and on other hills is deciphered as the negative influence of the hill on a person. In this case, a mole is a symbol of a swindler and a swindler.


The lattice on the hill of Mercury is a positive sign. If the lines are straight and intersect both along and across, then this promises good luck, especially when traveling.

If the lines are cut and uneven, it can mean that other people will be jealous. If the trellis extends to Apollo’s Hill, there will be some minor hardships, especially for the family.


The Fork on the Hill of Mercury indicates unexpected and rapid professional, social and material growth.


The sign of the trident on the hill of Mercury informs about good discernment, observation and financial acumen.


The triangle reveals the positive qualities of the hill of Mercury – the ease of mastering languages ​​and sciences, including hermetic ones. Success in business, trade.


The vertical lines on the Hill of Mercury indicate that a person has a genuine talent for soothing people. These lines are often associated with alternative medicine.


As a result of the above, we can determine: should you start your own business? If you have the makings of a businessman?

And the manager can evaluate the subordinate in terms of ease of communication, commerce, fraud and theft.

Remember that by getting hung up on the values ​​of the material world, you become their slaves.

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