What to do with a minor burn

Each of us has had to be burned at least once in our life. Whether it’s hot coffee, kettle steam or a hot iron. The suffering of scalded skin is severe. It is especially difficult for children to endure them. And how often it happens that the necessary medicines are not at hand.

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But it’s not a problem! Minor burns can also be treated with home remedies.

Home remedies for mild skin burns

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Signs of minor burns that can be treated at home – when is it still necessary to see a doctor?

There are four degrees of severity of burns:

  • First, easiest – characterized by slight redness. An example would be sunburn of the skin.
  • Second degree affects the deeper layer of the skin – the dermis. But full recovery from such a burn is still possible. These burns are characterized by the appearance of blisters.
    Home remedies for mild skin burns
  • Third degree burn affects the hypodermis – the zone of growth and restoration of the skin. After such a burn, scars may remain. But with proper treatment, they also heal over time.
  • Fourth degree burn affects not only the skin, but also the tissues underlying it. Including adipose tissue and muscle. In this case, carbonization occurs. This type of burn can be fatal if most of the body is affected.

For your information: 70% of the total body area is a critical value, above which a burn is considered fatal.

There is a simplified system for measuring the area of ​​the burn.

It is known that the size of a human palm is 1% of his entire body area… So, by applying the palm, you can measure the area of ​​the skin lesion.

And then there’s the 9% rule. It states that on:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Breasts
  • Belly
  • To every hand
  • Every hip
  • Shin and foot skin – 9% of the total body area
  • On the genitals – one%

For extensive burns, it is more convenient to use the rule of the palm, and for small ones – the rule of nines.

Folk remedies can be used to treat minor burns. For example – scalding with boiling water or steam, since they rarely reach 2 degrees of severity.

The main signs of minor burns are:

  • Redness
  • Puffiness
  • Sharp pain at the site of the burn
  • Whitening at the epicenter of the burn
  • Blistering

If you notice charring or damage to the lower layers of the skin, see your doctor immediately!

12 best home remedies for minor burns for first aid

The burn is characterized by destructive action of high temperature… For example, the skin is affected by fire, which heats up human tissue to a level above the permissible level, after which this tissue begins to “break”.

To avoid a lot of damage, it is necessary to stop the heat penetrating into the human body… That is, if the upper layer of the skin is damaged, then it is necessary that the heat does not hit the following layers. Cold water or cold compresses applied to the affected area before the blisters develop are ideal for this.

  • Cool water blocks heat and it is possible that even the effects of a burn after rapid cooling will not be noticeable. No scars or blisters will appear.
    Home remedies for mild skin burns
    Maybe it will only pinch the top layer of the skin just a little.
  • Ice, frozen food from the freezer… They work in the same way as cold water. The only caveat is not to apply the frozen bag directly to the skin. You need to wrap it with a cloth or thin towel.
    Home remedies for mild skin burns
    Otherwise, it is possible to earn frostbite, which will only increase the pain syndrome.

The second problem with burns is dehydration.… Damaged tissue loses its moisture. The broken membranes of skin cells do not hold the cytoplasm, and therefore blisters are obtained.

Therefore, the next prerequisite for treating a burn is moisturizing the damaged surface… But this should be done after the acute pain has subsided and the risk of damaging the underlying tissues has decreased.

  • Milk is ideal for moisturizing. It soothes the skin while gently nourishing it. This cosmetic product was adopted by the ancient Egyptians, led by their beautiful queen Cleopatra.
  • Yogurt also has moisturizing properties. In addition, it contains live lactobacilli, which regenerate the skin well.
  • Sour cream is another fermented milk product that will support damaged skin. Our grandmothers also advised to smear with sour cream after sunburn so as not to peel off. 20% of the fat content of this product or even 15% will protect your skin from painful sensations.
  • Potatoes or potato starch… Many people know that if, after a burn, a potato slice is applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin, then the burned area may not hurt. This is due to the magical property of starch and potato juice, which saturates the skin with moisture. You can also apply a compress of grated potato pulp wrapped in a piece of gauze. The cooling and tonic effect of this folk remedy has a beneficial effect on the site of skin lesions.

Along with cooling and moisturizing, it will also be helpful in treating burns. antiseptic properties of some products.

  • Honey is the most valuable anti-inflammatory and natural antimicrobial agent. To obtain a healing effect, you need to apply a compress of honey or smear a thin layer on the surface of the burn. The damaged skin may pinch a little, but this discomfort will soon heal and the wound will begin to heal.
  • Aloe juice. Almost every home has this plant. To reduce pain and speed up healing, you need to either squeeze the juice onto gauze and apply it to the affected area of ​​the skin, or apply half of an aloe leaf, having previously cut it in half.
  • Black tea contains many tannins, which have a tonic and antiseptic effect on damaged skin. You can apply either a wet tea bag or a cloth soaked in tea to the affected area.
  • Many vegetable oils have strong wound-healing properties. For instance – wheat germ oil, as a well-known folk remedy for stretch marks, burns, wounds and abrasions. It also helps with the first wrinkles. It is worth regularly smearing damaged skin with a thin layer of this oil and after a while the burn will quickly stop bothering you.
  • Almond oil has the same regenerating properties. But it has a lighter texture and therefore it is absorbed faster. Most of the restorative properties come from vitamin E, which is found in all these vegetable oils. This vitamin effectively regenerates the skin, moreover, makes it softer, velvety and tender.
  • Vitamin E sea ​​buckthorn oil also has… If you lubricate the wounded areas of the skin with a thin layer or make lotions with sea buckthorn oil, then the burned area of ​​the skin will recover much faster.
  • Another effective remedy is carrot juice.because it is also rich in vitamins. Mainly – vitamin A, which also has regenerative properties, and therefore lotions of carrot juice help in recovery. If immediately after the burn, immerse the damaged area in carrot juice or make a lotion with it, then the pain will subside.

Minor burns can be effective not only pharmacy medicines, but also home remedies… Know what and how to use it correctly so as not to resort to the use of medications for minor skin burns.

Be healthy!

The website provides reference information. If you experience alarming symptoms with burns, damage to a large area of ​​the skin and a significant deterioration in general well-being, consult a doctor!

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