5 best online clothing stores for Russian women

Shopping. How much warmth and cordiality lies in this simple word of foreign origin. But online shopping turns this process into real pleasure and relaxation. However, as practice shows, experience is the son of difficult mistakes. Many girls fell on the hook of scammers without realizing it. Therefore, it will be appropriate to find out which proven online stores are chosen by avid women of fashion in Russia. Here is a ranking of the best trading platforms.

WildBerries – the wild hunt for brands

Women, men, children. It doesn’t matter who you are to the WildBerries employees. The online store provides thousands of products for the whole family, and at the same time for every taste. A girl or lady in body can find here a fashionable outfit for all seasons.


In addition to the basic wardrobe, WildBerries offers:

  • things of large sizes;
  • home clothes;
  • stylish shoes;
  • office outfit options;
  • beach ensembles;
  • overalls;
  • wedding kits.


Lovers of unusual styles will find their “I” on the trading floor. The Goths will pick up luxurious robes for spectacular bows, and the athletes will wear stylish workout hoodies. Fans of “Comedy Club” will love funny kigurumi, and creative people – real carnival costumes. Of course, sports overalls are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition, there are many options for jumpsuits for parties or special occasions in the online catalog.


Important! The product is updated several times a day. Designer items go on sale immediately. After 2-3 months, their prices fall by 1.5-2 times. Every day, promotional codes with 50% discounts appear on the trading platform.

LaModa – the element of real fashionistas

A huge selection of mega-fashion clothes from 1,000 brands is the prerogative of the online retailer LaModa.


The assortment of the online store includes hundreds of models:

  • underwear;
  • tights;
  • socks;
  • body.

Stay stylish women of fashion even in outerwear. More than 20 thousand design and color variations are offered in the LaModa catalog.

From famous fashion houses, girls will be able to get trendy and stylish:

  • coat;
  • demi-season jackets;
  • leather products (leather jackets);
  • parks;
  • anoraks and bombers;
  • ski suits;
  • down jackets;
  • trench coats;
  • ponchos and capes;
  • sheepskin coats and fur coats;
  • winter jackets.


Important! LaModa website will be useful for women with curvaceous forms. In the arsenal of the online store, there are over 21 thousand products for such gorgeous ladies.

Among 24 product categories, customers will find things of the desired style and design. For example, in the section “Tops and T-shirts” there are products with a peplum, a free cut, with dropped shoulders, a sports plan and an underwear type. Such a variety of options is present in each proposed collection.

BonPrix – always be irresistible

With the BonPrix online store, every woman will be able to find her own unique style. The unique navigation of the site will help her in this.


On the left side of the main page, there is a list of clothing items, and just below you can find a filter with a unique selection:

  • colors;
  • material;
  • pattern;
  • collections;
  • clothing sizes.

Unlike other online stores, BonPrix helps the fashionista find things to create a basic wardrobe, as well as from eco-friendly materials.

In addition, the company’s employees have developed ready-made images for girls, presented in 6 directions:

  • femininity;
  • ease;
  • trends;
  • basic wardrobe;
  • modern style;
  • elegance.


Important! Also, users are given the opportunity to select a product from the “WOW Price” series.

A separate section of the site contains hundreds of clothing options for outdoor activities and tourism. Only on BonPrix can you find the Bolero and Denim categories. Yet, as elsewhere, there are unique items for pregnant women and dummies. – all brands in one place

The online store was created with one goal in mind – to help fashionistas always stay in trend. New collections of leading fashion brands are the first to appear on this online platform.

Both women and men will be able to find original models for themselves:

  • clothes;
  • bags;
  • shoes;
  • accessories.

Important! Branded items on this site have a very high price tag, so you need to keep an eye on discounts and promotions all the time.


The assortment of products is not much different from other online stores. However, here women of fashion will plunge into the search for stylish cardigans, leather goods, Polo T-shirts and shorts. Thanks to a special filter, users successfully find items from such sought-after brands as Levi’s, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Lacoste.

LaRedoute or All Inclusive

The French online store invites women to be not only fashionistas, but also real housewives.

La Redoute

In addition to many options for fashionable clothes in different stylistic designs, the LaRedoute trading platform offers:

  • furniture;
  • decor;
  • home textiles;
  • stylistic interior decoration.

In addition, the online store’s catalog contains the latest fashion collections from the world’s leading brands. In addition, in the section “Guide to the selection of a bra” women will comprehend all the subtleties of choosing underwear. For sports fans, employees of the company have allocated a separate column where they can choose the right wardrobe for such activities.

La Redoutе1

Important! For busy but trendy girls, there is a unique selection of “Most Popular Categories” at the bottom of the home page. This filter makes it much easier to find the things you need.

Perhaps the proposed five leading online stores are considered the most popular among Russian fashionistas. Which ones do you like the most?

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