What to wear with a long skirt or dress, and who do they go to?

oneFrom time immemorial, dresses and skirts have helped girls look elegant and feminine. In the 21st century, these wardrobe items do not lose their relevance, despite the abundance of very beautiful and fashionable jeans and trousers.

The only disadvantage of long skirts and dresses is that it is not always clear – to whom which models are suitable, and what to wear them with.

We’ll figure out!

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Who should wear a long skirt or dress – can overweight people wear them?

Not every girl can afford to wear a mini-skirt or “little cocktail dress”, since everyone has different shapes, and clothes should hide imperfections, and not highlight them. Come to the rescue maxi-length skirts and dressesthat are able to transform a girl with any figure.

So how to choose a long skirt or dress, depending on your figure?

  • Plump tall girls
    Girls with such a complexion should give preference to long dresses and skirts made of dark fabrics. The material of the skirt should be light and translucent (chiffon is perfect).
    Also, do not forget about the top – it should be fitted. How to wear long skirts and floor-length dresses
  • Plump short girls
    In this case, the skirt or dress should be complemented by high-heeled shoes.
    It is important to remember that light shades expand the figure, and dark ones – vice versa. And what kind of skirts are suitable for overweight women?
  • Slender tall girls
    Girls with such a complexion have no problems with the choice of skirts and dresses to the floor, since absolutely all styles and models of skirts will suit them. Long dresses and skirts for slim and tall girls
  • Slender short girls
    Such girls should prefer ankle-length skirts in combination with flat-soled shoes, or purchase a dress or skirt to the floor, while wearing sandals or high-heeled shoes.

What to combine with a long skirt – stylish ideas for sets with a floor-length skirt

To always look stylish, you need to be able to correctly combine each item with another wardrobe item.

For instance…

  • Chiffon pleated skirt
    This skirt is best combined with classic blouses.
    You can also make the look more elegant by diluting it with classic heels and a black jacket. Long pleated skirt
  • Skirts with asymmetrical hem
    These skirts are ideal for full or short girls. Long skirt with asymmetrical hem
    They should be supplemented with shoes with heels and plain T-shirts or blouses.
  • Pleated skirts
    Such floor-length skirts will simply look great when combined with silk turtlenecks or classic blouses. Floor-length pleated skirts
  • Ankle-length skirts
    We wear this type of skirt with a tight top. It can be a T-shirt or a light cardigan on top if it’s cool outside. Ankle-length long skirts
    If growth allows, we complement the image with high-heeled shoes.
  • Slim skirts with a slit
    These skirts are just perfect to combine with cropped tops, jackets and even silk blouses. Slim skirts with a slit
    A long tight skirt should be in every girl’s wardrobe!
  • Fluffy tutu skirt
    This model of a floor-length skirt looks best when combined with a tight-fitting top. Fluffy tutu skirt It can be blouses, T-shirts, plain classic T-shirts.
  • Denim skirt
    We select leather goods for this model. Fluffy tutu skirt
    If you decide to create a stylish look based on a denim skirt, then there is no better option than a biker jacket (leather jacket), a plain white T-shirt and leather boots. Don’t forget to choose gloves for fall and winter.

With what to wear a long dress in evening and casual options?

The most important rule to follow when combining dresses with other clothes is that the longer the hem of the dress, the shorter the clothes should be and the higher the heel should be.

So, what other tricks are there in creating evening and casual looks?

  • Short classic jacket
    A cropped jacket is perfect for creating a stylish evening look, as well as for creating a casual look.
  • Leather Jacket
    If you have a cropped fitted leather jacket, you can be sure that it will work with almost all long dresses.
  • Fur vest
    Long sleeve jersey dresses go well with fur vests. If you can boast of being tall, then an elongated vest would be an excellent option.
  • Long classic jacket – like a men’s jacket
    This option is perfect for both a social meeting and for going to work. The most important thing is the color combination of the dress and jacket.
    If the dress is black, then the jacket should be light shades, and vice versa.
  • Cardigan
    It should be noted that length is very important when choosing a cardigan.
    An elongated cardigan is suitable only for special occasions, but a shortened cardigan will come in handy for an everyday look.

How to wear long skirts and floor-length dresses

And with what do you wear a long dress or a floor-length skirt? Share your style recipes!

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