5 makeup trends from the past that are relevant this season

Makeup TrendsSurely you have heard the expression: “Everything new is well forgotten old.” It applies to makeup too!

From time to time, looking at photographs of the last century, you will notice that you can often see something from what you saw today.

Wide arrows

Think of the pictures from American posters of the 50s. They depict beautiful, rosy-cheeked girls with perfectly white teeth and wavy hair.

And very often, in addition to their image, there were clear and even arrows. They were usually painted with black eyeliner.
What do we have today?

Wide arrows

Arrows of this type are relevant, they are drawn by a lot of girls. More precisely, they were remembered not so long ago, around the middle of the 2000s. They still adorn the eyes, add coquetry and playfulness to the look.

Most likely – even if many people forget about them again – after a while they will again be in fashion.

Natural eyebrows combed up

This element came back to us from the 80s.

The recent trend towards long-term styling of eyebrows, which implies voluminous eyebrows combed up, is somewhat reminiscent of the eyebrows of girls of those times. Suffice it to recall the eyebrows of supermodels. Thick, contrasting, combed up. Naturalness was popular then and is popular now.

Eyebrows combed up

True, at present, girls still prefer to remove excess hair at the ends of their eyebrows. But, in general, we can say that wide and natural eyebrows are now favorites among other women’s preferences.

Colored solid shadows

In the 80s, bright monochromatic shadows were also popular. The entire eyelid was painted over with one shade.

Moreover, these could be the most provocative shades. Blue, green, purple shadows – all of this was applied in abundance to the eyes. No one thought about perfectly smooth shading, because it looked, in any case, festive, if not flashy.

Colored solid shadows

I can not claim that many girls now do the same. Naturally, makeup has “evolved”.

Therefore, at the moment, the most popular are colored smoky ice – that is, also almost monochromatic eye makeup using eye shadows in bright shades.

The only thing – they still try to shade the shadows more actively than the fashionistas of the 80s.

Eyelid fold

Visually enlarging the eyes and giving them greater expressiveness by drawing the folds of the eyelid were thought of back in the 60s. True, then the fold was a graphic line drawn directly in the anatomical fold, or slightly above it.

Impending century makeup

Today, they try to designate this area with shadows, with which you can create a natural shadow: more often a gray-brown or dark beige shade.

May be, the technique is different, but the effect is very similar: the eye actually looks more open.

Eyelash space and eyelashes

I often say that in any eye makeup, the elaboration of the space between the eyelashes is very important. This greatly emphasizes the shape of the eyes, and also gives the lashes density and extra volume.

Elaboration of space between eyelashes

For the first time, this zone began to be worked out in the same 60s. True, at that time, eye makeup was complemented by a multi-layer application of mascara on the eyelashes.

However, many girls do not bypass voluminous eyelashes at the present time, reaching volume not only with the help of mascara, but also using the eyelash extension procedure.

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