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27 years ago, Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson shocked the world by announcing their wedding on May 26, 1994. Lisa Marie shared this news in a brief press release:

“My name is now Mrs. Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson. We got married to Michael Jackson a few weeks ago. It was a private ceremony outside of the States. I love Michael very much, and as a wife I will support him. We both want to build a family. “

Michael Jackson
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Although many people were shocked by their union, Lisa Marie always insisted that they truly loved each other. What was their marriage less than two years long?

They met in childhood

Lisa Marie, the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, met Michael in 1975 at a Jackson 5 concert when she was only 7 years old. Michael was 10 years older and they had little in common at the time.

Lisa Marie with her father
Little Lisa Marie with her father
Photo @lisampresley

A former employee of the singer told the publication Peoplethat, despite the age difference, they communicated over the years:

“Lisa Marie has known Michael for most of her life. Elvis brought her in to meet the Jackson brothers when she was a child, and he and Michael have been in touch ever since. “

The couple began to communicate more closely in 1993.

In 1993, Lisa Marie was still living with her first husband Danny Keough, and they recently had a second child. The marriage was unstable, because it is unlikely that Lisa Marie wanted to rush things in terms of relations with Michael, who already at that time was accused of child molestation, and he was going through one of the most difficult periods in his life.

However, something happened between them, and they began to actively communicate. What exactly brought them together? Subsequently, Lisa Marie told Oprah Winfrey that they had true love and understanding. When Oprah asked Lisa Marie if she believed that Michael loved her very much, she replied:

“Yes, as much as he is able to love.”

In 1994, Lisa Marie filed for divorce. 18 days after the completion of this process, he and Michael went to the Dominican Republic and got married.

Lisa Marie didn’t need the singer’s money

Many friends and members of the Jackson clan spoke of his fears that women would only be interested in him because of his money. With Lisa Marie he had nothing to worry about. She inherited a huge fortune from her father, which meant that she and Michael could just be together.

An insider who called himself a longtime friend of the singer told the press:

“Michael always said that he never knew if a girl liked him as a person or if she was attracted to his money. Lisa Marie certainly didn’t need money. “

Michael Jackson
At the opening of one of the concerts of the tour (1993)
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Child molestation allegations and addiction problems

In 1993, Jordan Chandler accused the pop idol of violence and initiated an official investigation. The boy appeared with the singer in a Pepsi commercial back in 1986, and then seven years later, he announced his alleged indecent behavior.

The accusations crippled Michael Jackson. Pepsi immediately refused to renew his contract. He canceled his international tour and went to rehab at the urging of longtime loyal friend Elizabeth Taylor to cure his addiction to painkillers.

Soon Lisa Marie found out about his problems with medications. She confessed to Oprah Winfrey that after the singer fell on stage in 1995, her intuition told her that it was some drugs. On top of that, the spouses were constantly haunted by rumors of their marriage, many of which came from people who worked and lived in their home.

Lisa Marie Presley
Lisa Marie Presley. Photo @lisampresley

Domestic workers’ revelations

Sandy Doms, ranch worker Neverland, later said she was skeptical about their marriage:

“It didn’t look like a normal relationship or even friendship. Michael would take underwear and throw it on the floor, and then sprinkle it with perfume to make it look like Lisa Marie was in the bedroom. But as far as I know, she was never there. She either lived in the Pink Room or slept in guest beds. “

Adrienne McManus, a former maid, also claimed that the relationship between them seemed fake:

“It all seemed so fake and fake. Of course, Jackson’s bedroom had his underwear, shirts and trousers, but there was never anything feminine. I thought he was trying to make me believe that there was something between them. I knew they were communicating, but they were unlikely to be sexually close. I’ve always had doubts. “

The couple divorced in January 1996

Later, Lisa Marie Presley admitted that their marriage, apparently, was doomed from the very beginning. They fought over children, Michael wanted them, and she hesitated. Lisa Marie explained it this way:

“I looked to the future and thought that sooner or later I would have to fight with him for custody of the children, and I didn’t want that.”

In the end, the singer had to choose between Lisa Marie and his lifestyle, and he made that choice. Lisa Marie summed up their marriage:

“Before him was a choice: me, drugs or vampires. And he abandoned me. “

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