what would you do first?

Bologny’s editors have prepared a very interesting test for you, after passing which you will learn something interesting about yourself. All you need to do is choose the action that you take first.

We are used to classifying our actions as “right” and “wrong”. But what if I told you that sometimes your first action can define you as a person in many ways.

Do not be prejudiced against this test. Remember that there are no “wrong” answers. Bologny’s editorial team invites you to find out something interesting about yourself by choosing one of 4 actions.

Important! To get an accurate result, you need to immerse yourself as much as possible in the situation presented in the picture below. Answer the question honestly: what will you do first?

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You turn off the kettle

Test 1
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If the first thing you look at is a boiling kettle, then you are a hot-tempered, explosive nature. People around you consider you an impulsive, unpredictable person. But that’s not bad!

Expression is your highlight. You know how to impress people, to be remembered by them. A very purposeful and disruptive personality. Don’t be defeated. Nothing can break your fighting spirit and that’s great!

You are a consistent person who loves to plan everything in advance. Any surprises of fate make you angry.

Will you answer the phone call

Test 2
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Expressiveness and eccentricity – this is clearly not about you. You are a diplomatic person who values ​​your own comfort highly. Do not like it when plans change abruptly. Prefer to live on schedule.

They are quite conservative and demanding. Difficulty interacting with people you don’t like. Don’t like to force yourself to do anything.

You are a business person, success-oriented, pragmatic and purposeful. Your main strong point is multitasking. They are able to delete many cases in the shortest possible time. You are curious and quick-witted.

You will calm the crying baby

Test 3
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If the first thing you do is take the crying baby in your arms, then you are a balanced and reliable person. The people around you do not like your soul, and some of them even abuse your kindness.

You are a friendly person who often acts to the detriment of your own interests. Your top priority is the comfort of your loved ones. You appreciate the bond that binds you to them. Never betray or deceive.

Loneliness scares you. To be happy, you need to have someone who loves you nearby.

You stop the dog gnawing on the sofa

Test 4
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If your first action is directed at a naughty animal, then you are an enterprising and impulsive person. Above all, value your own comfort. Love order.

You can flare up, even because of an insignificant reason, splash out negative on the people around you. After that, you always regret and ask for forgiveness.

It is easy for you to find a common language with those people who have won your trust. But those who do not sympathize with you, openly avoid.

You pay a lot of attention to material values. It is important for you that people respect you, and some even envy you. Appreciate your high social status.

Did the test result suit you? Please leave a comment.

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