Bologny CLUB events in St. Petersburg and Moscow

We offer a selection of the most interesting events in November 2020 from the women’s private club of COLADY magazine. Activities for friendly, active developing girls, beginners and established experts. We get to know each other, develop together, go through transformations together, help each other. Join us! Age is not important – attitude is important!

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Tabletop transformation game “Destination”
When: November 13 at 18.00-21.00

Where: St. Petersburg, YAGODA coffee shop Sredny pr. V.O. 45 (Vasilevsky Island)

Bologny CLUB events in November 2020
Invited by: Psychologist Nelly Gaponova, art therapist, host of creative meetings

Replaces going to a psychologist and brings new facets to your understanding of yourself.
Deep work on many levels in a game format.
The game will show you what in life you should now pay special attention to, what and how you can reveal in the best way.
You can play many times depending on the state, request, desire. Each time, the areas in which special attention is needed will be shown and worked out. For everyone. energy will be given a resource.
We will immerse ourselves in meditation and connect with this state at the level of sensations, launching the process of awakening this energy in you.

Game cost: RUB 2500 For subscribers of the magazine, the cost is 2000 rubles.

Guest trainer: Nelly Gaponova – certified psychologist, art therapist, specialist in working with the subconscious, leading creative women’s meetings and the transformational game “Energy of Destiny”.

There are 4 places left for the game! Recording

The long-awaited breakfast with the amazing astrologer Ildar Kulbaev “How to improve your well-being.”

When: November 14 12.00
Where: St. Petersburg, Brichmula restaurant, Commandant square

We will answer the questions:
– Is that what I’m doing?
– Is it possible to work less and get more?
– What to choose, work for the heart or work for money, where is the balance?
– How to save and spend money correctly

The answers to these and many other questions can be answered by Vedic astrology and the teachings of Vastu Shasta.

Come – it will be very interesting 🙂
At the end of the program, our metaphorical card specialist will lead a small group session (your resource).

Participation fee is 1200 rubles. For subscribers of the magazine, the cost is 500 rubles.
The maximum number of participants is 15 people. VK entry

Master class on drawing up a wish card according to the law of Vedic astrology and Vastu

When: November 30
Where: St. Petersburg, location to be confirmed

This will not be a trivial meeting where you write your wishlist for the hundredth time in the hope that at least something will come true.

You will learn:

  • How to make wishes correctly from the perspective of astrology;
  • How to make the stars hear us;
  • How not to waste good karma;
  • Secret author’s technique for the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

The wish card, created according to all the rules, works flawlessly!

Participation fee is 5000 rubles. For subscribers of the magazine, the cost is 3500 rubles.
The maximum number of participants is 15 people. Pre-registration is required!

Bachelorette party with children outdoors in a closed space – 5 mothers!

When: December, weekdays

There are mothers who dream of spending their holidays with children. Those who are waiting for this intimacy as well as their children. And how you want to go away with chores and other household chores, just to spend the weekend in joy. Girls, this is possible!

A unique opportunity to spend a bachelorette party with children !!! in a closed area in your own cottage! November 20-22. Tour for 3 days and 2 nights. The first Bologny Club trip for mothers with children from 5 to 10 years old.

– Fresh air, amazingly beautiful nature, 300 meters from the lake, closed private territory and a minimum of people (today this is important!?)
– Personal chef. Meals: full board! Vegetarian food, Normal for children, your wishes are taken into account!
– 2 class trainers-organizers for mothers: psychologist, coach and female trainer Natalia Kaptsova; game practitioner and fairy tale therapist Yana Afanasyeva;
– Personal nanny for our children with games and master classes
– Transformation game for moms Leela Chakra
– Bath evening for 4 hours with cleansing procedures and metaphorical cards – a real “bachelorette party”. Unique Session “time for change” with metaphorical cards in the bath!
– Art day with the artist on Sunday. A real master class for mothers and children. The ability to draw your own resource and take it with you! Works magically. )
– Cool joint practices with children from our psychologist, yoga
– Amazing atmosphere of friendliness and joy.

This is not just a vacation – it is a real gift and a valuable contribution to yourself, to your relationship with your child, and therefore to your family.
This is an opportunity to have an interesting and useful rest, have a heart-to-heart talk with new people, receive personal therapy for body and soul, improve your health, strengthen your immune system and just play in a pleasant company.

Cost for mother + child from 5 years old: 17,500 rubles.

Limited number of seats!


1. Combine communication with a child and self-development
2. No need to think about food, dishes, cleaning.
3. Children in nature have a rest, walk and play in an organized manner (do not sit in tablets and cartoons). Air, activity, health).
4. Your men have the opportunity to relax on weekends, work and sort out things that are not always possible to do with the family.
5. It is convenient to get there, no need to fly by plane, go by train, avoid crowded places. (settlement Utkino – 20 minutes from Zelenogorsk)
6. Private closed area – all their own. There is a playground on site!
7. Leisure, creativity and pleasant bonuses from the organizers await everyone?


Sign up for events by phone +7 911 761-00-27, or via social networks

In connection with the quarantine measures, we ask everyone to stay at home with signs of malaise, poor health, and if your loved ones are not healthy. The prepayment is 100% carry over and can be used for any other events of the club. Activities are limited in number. please follow all measures!

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