which of these girls seems to you the most successful

Today before you is not the easiest test for perception, but you will surely cope with it. You need to look at 4 girly silhouettes and determine for yourself which girl you think is the most successful and self-confident.

“What’s so hard about that?” – you ask. The point is that all the silhouettes seem to be rather relaxed and serene. So, listen to your inner voice and choose only one shape.

Your choice will tell you something about your personality, which you may well be somewhat surprised at. By the way, the girls’ figures are just body language and it will help you define your personality traits.

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Test: Which of these girls seems to you to be the most successful and self-confident?

Girl 1

In your opinion, is the first girl the most successful? This means that you are an extremely self-confident person who is not afraid of changes, problems, difficulties and does not close your eyes to any life situations. You take every challenge with optimism, enthusiasm and a desire to win. You are ambitious and you work hard to earn recognition and respect, and therefore you will not let anyone step over you.

Girl 2

Your heart constantly controls your brain, and only you can decide whether it is good or bad. You prefer to walk the path that your heart tells you, and completely ignore your brain and sober mind. Surprisingly, while you challenge common sense and logic, in most cases you are right. You are very observant and intuitive – and it is extremely difficult to deceive you.

Girl 3

Your life motto is “the devil is in the details.” You are overly practical, rational and love to dissect and analyze everything to the smallest detail before making a decision or taking anything. It often takes an indecent amount of time to make a decision, but in the end you never regret it, because you are sure of the result.

Girl 4

You are not particularly ambitious and very modest, but you are perfectly aware of your own capabilities and what you, in fact, are able to achieve. You do not shy away from the hardest and most painstaking work to achieve your goals. In addition, you know that you personally have no one to compete with but yourself, so you strive to constantly improve. You are not averse to taking on challenges from life, but at the same time you have no desire to leave your usual comfort zone.

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