Who is laser hair removal suitable for – pros, cons, features

Unwanted hairs on the face and body have long ceased to be a problem in the era of advanced cosmetology. Lasers have come to the rescue in the fight against this problem, and the laser hair removal procedure has become one of the most popular in cosmetology clinics.

COLADY will tell you all about the laser hair removal procedure.

The essence of the laser hair removal method

Laser hair removal is the removal of hair along with the follicle using a laser.

Laser hair removal
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The essence of the method is that laser radiation is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair. The hair heats up and breaks down, and laser radiation is reflected from the light areas of the skin, and the skin is not damaged.

Also, not only the hair follicle is destroyed, but also the nourishing vessels of the hair (hemoglobin in the vessels is also subject to the absorption of laser energy), therefore, the treated hair will no longer grow.

But for the laser to work, you need to “catch” the hair in the growth phase, that is, when the hair is dark and the follicle collapses. Unfortunately, on the body, in the phase of active growth, there is 15-20% of hair, which explains the need for a course of procedures. Since after removing actively growing hairs, dormant bulbs wake up.

Duration of laser hair removal course

The duration of the laser hair removal course depends on many factors and each person is individual. On average, we focus on 4-6 epilation sessions.

It happens that the course fits into 3 sessions, but someone needs 10-12 sessions. The frequency between visits to the beautician for epilation depends on the area of ​​treatment.

For example, the treatment of unwanted facial hair begins once a month and gradually increases the intervals between visits to 2 months.

On the body, the intervals between epilation sessions are not carried out more often than 1 time in 2 months. It is possible to gradually increase the interval, depending on the growth rate and the appearance of new hairs.

What hair can be removed with laser hair removal

With the help of laser hair removal, you can remove hairs in any area and in almost any color, except for gray and light vellus. There is no pigment in them, therefore, the laser does not act on them.

The stronger the contrast in the color of hair and skin (dark hair on light skin), the faster and more noticeable the result will be from the course of laser hair removal.

the effect

After laser treatment, the hairs remain in the skin, and within 2-3 weeks are “pushed” outward, this is a period of “imaginary growth”, after which we get smooth skin without hair.

Laser hair removal: effect, general indications, contraindications, pros and cons of the procedure
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This fact should be taken into account by those who are planning to do the procedure before going on vacation or on vacation. Ideally, 3 weeks before the start of your vacation, epilate and enjoy clear skin on the trip.

Contraindications to laser hair removal

Like any procedure, laser hair removal has contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • photodermatosis;
  • the presence of inflammatory skin diseases, wounds, scratches;
  • exacerbation of chronic skin diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • herpes;
  • ARVI;
  • taking photosensitizing drugs (systemic retinoids, tetracyclines antibiotics);
  • blood diseases;
  • varicose veins (for hair removal of the legs);
  • multiple moles and other skin neoplasms, as well as tattoos in the epilation area;
  • fresh tan

Various laser devices can be used to carry out the laser hair removal procedure; diode laser hair removal is considered one of the most effective and safe.

Pros of the procedure

Advantages of diode laser hair removal:

  • precise concentration of energy absorption by hair melanin;
  • the risk of skin burns is practically excluded;
  • light hairs can be treated effectively.

In addition, you can sunbathe the next day after hair removal (minimum restrictions after the procedure).

Does it hurt or not?

Laser hair removal: effect, general indications, contraindications, pros and cons of the procedure
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As a doctor who works with different laser systems, I can say that the pain threshold is individual. You also need to take into account the density of hair growth in the treatment area: the more hair, the stronger the sensation. The darker the hair, the more sensitive it is.

But! But the result is gorgeous, with this option.

Also, for the comfort of the patient, modern devices have a skin cooling system, which perfectly helps to reduce sensitivity during epilation.

Or moments such as epilation “Inmotion” – in motion, when the doctor slides on the gel, thereby excluding tissue heating and pain.

There are also devices with very large attachments that allow you to process a large area of ​​skin in one flash, for example, 3 flashes and the armpit is ready.

Different devices, different capabilities and manufacturers of quality laser equipment regularly develop innovations for excellent results and patient comfort.

Features of laser hair removal in the bikini area

Deep bikini laser hair removal has certain features. In particular, the doctor will refuse to carry out the procedure during menstruation, since it is not hygienic and the pain threshold is increased in the first days of menstruation.

Before epilation with a diode laser, it is imperative to shave off the hair well so that the skin is smooth and the flow of laser energy is directed to the follicle and supply vessels.

Also, for maximum comfort, I recommend local (application) anesthesia with an anesthetic cream with lidocaine (in the absence of contraindications) 1-1.5 hours before epilation.

Another important nuance is the color of the skin, in the deep bikini area the skin is more pigmented (darker) than the rest of the skin, therefore, more procedures will be required to obtain clear skin.

Hair after several sessions of epilation grows thinner and softer, stops growing.

By the way, one of the indications for laser hair removal is hair ingrowth.

General indications for the procedure

Classic indications for laser hair removal:

  • hypertrichosis (overgrowth);
  • hirsutism (male-pattern hair growth in women);
  • unwanted hair growth in any area of ​​the body.

Nowadays, cosmetology can really work wonders, and lasers have proven this long ago. Therefore, the laser hair removal procedure is basic for people who want to improve the quality of life, forget about unwanted hair on their body.

It is enough to undergo a course of epilation and part with hair, and to maintain the result for many years, one procedure per year is enough.

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