The professor proved that fish and birds are better at distinguishing colors

Scientists at the University of Sussex have found that fish can distinguish colors much more easily than humans.

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Neuroscience professor proves fish, birds and reptiles are better at distinguishing colors than humans
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Professor of neurobiology Tom Baden conducted an experiment on the example of zebrafish, thanks to which it became clear due to what features they have the ability to distinguish colors. So, zebrafish have four types of photoreceptor cones with ultraviolet radiation, as well as red, blue and green colors.

According to research, it has become known that red cones in fish respond to brightness (dark and light), and green ones to color information. As you know, in nature, information about color and brightness in color vision are closely related to each other, and a sufficient number of neurons are needed to separate them.

In humans, these neurons are located in the brain and eyes in ways that have not yet been studied. However, in fish, everything is completely different – their neurons are concentrated in the very first receptors.

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According to research experiments, non-mammalian vertebrates such as zebrafish, birds, reptiles and amphibians have the ability to recognize color much faster and more easily directly on the first photoreceptor.

In addition to non-mammalian vertebrates, insects such as flies also have this ability to quickly distinguish colors. They also have four photoreceptors, thanks to which they can distinguish color, like fish.

Photo by Pixabay

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