Why keep diaries – 5 reasons to start keeping a personal diary

Why keep a diary? Keeping a journal helps you understand yourself, your desires and feelings. When a huge volume of disordered thoughts accumulates, it is better to “splash” them on paper. In the process of keeping a diary, remembering and describing this or that situation, you begin to analyze your actions, you wonder if you did the right thing under the given circumstances, and you draw conclusions.

If these thoughts are about work, then most women write them down in brief – theses and record them in a diary.

What is a personal diary for?

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For a woman who finds it difficult to keep all her worries to herself, she just needs to keep a personal diary where you can describe absolutely everything: your thoughts about colleagues, how you feel about the persistent boyfriend who has recently appeared, what does not suit you in your husband, thoughts about children and much more …

Yes, of course, all this can be told to a close friend, but it’s not a fact that the information she receives will remain only between you. A personal diary will endure everything and will not “tell” anything to anyone, if, of course, it will be inaccessible to others. Therefore, it is better to keep it in electronic form, and, of course, set passwords.

Usually girls start a personal diary even in puberty, when they have their first relationship with the opposite sex. There they describe experiences about first love, as well as relationships with parents and peers. A personal diary can be entrusted with the most intimate thoughts and desires, because it will never make the secrets of its author public.

In general, what is a diary for? What does he give? At the moment of an emotional outburst, you transfer your emotions into a diary (paper or electronic). Then, over time, after reading the lines from the diary, you remember those emotions and feelings, and you see the situation from a completely different angle.

The diary takes us back to the past, makes us think about the present and avoids mistakes in the future.

Women who keep a diary pursue a variety of goals. Someone seeks to hedge against senile sclerosis, for someone it is a craving for self-expression, and someone in the future will want to share their thoughts with descendants.

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For example, a pregnant woman keeps a diary and writes down her experiences, feelings and feelings, and then, when her daughter is in a position, she will share her notes with her.

To see the changes in your thoughts day by day, you need a chronology for a diary. Therefore, it is better to put the day, month, year and time for each entry.

What is the use of keeping a personal journal?

  1. The benefits of journaling are clear. By describing events, remembering details, you develop your memory. By writing down the events that happen every day, and then, analyzing them, you develop the habit of remembering the details of episodes that you did not pay any attention to before;
  2. The ability to structure your thoughts appears. And also to choose the right words for certain emotions and feelings that arise when reproducing the described situation;
  3. In the diary, you can describe your desires, goals, and also outline the ways to achieve them;
  4. Reading the events described in the diary will help you understand yourself, your internal conflicts. This is a kind of psychotherapy;
  5. By writing down your victories from any spheres of life (business, personal) in a diary, you can later draw energy by rereading the lines. You will remember what you are capable of and the thought flashes in your head: “Yes, I – wow! I can’t do that. ”
  6. In the future, it will revive the emotions and memories of long-forgotten events. Imagine how in 10 – 20 years you will open your diary, and how pleasant it will be to plunge into the past and remember the pleasant moments of your life.

Briefly on the question – why keep a diary? – you can answer like this: to become better, wiser and make fewer mistakes in the future.

Social Psychologist Commentary: Keeping a Diary Is Good for Mental Health

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Every person has emotional, psychological, or, as it is often called, mental health. It is influenced by many factors: self-esteem, environment, experienced emotions, motivation, etc.

Psychologists have noticed that people who keep a personal journal are mentally stronger. Due to the fact that they splash out the strongest experiences on paper, their consciousness is cleared. They do not accumulate unnecessary thoughts and feelings that interfere with life. Yes, strong experiences, positive or negative, get in our way. They make us disorganized, distracted, and obsessed with one thing.

People who know how to pour out their souls on paper are very happy. They do not accumulate emotional surplus. Accordingly, when they use the diary, it becomes psychologically easier for them.

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