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Brown lipstick was all the rage in the 90s. After that, she disappeared from fashion magazines for a long time. However, nowadays, lipstick in brown shades has become popular again. Who is it suitable for and what to combine it with? You will find the answers in this article!

How to find brown lipstick

Who will it go to?

The brown color will suit almost every girl. The only question is choosing the right shade. If you have fair skin and hair, look for nude lipsticks with a taupe undertone. The more contrasting a woman’s appearance, the darker shade she can choose. Of course, dark brown lipstick is not suitable for everyday use: it creates a too noticeable accent in the makeup.

Will not fit brown lipstick only for “snow white”: girls whose appearance is dominated by cold shades. The warm shade of the lip product will make the pallor not aristocratic, but unhealthy.

So that the image does not look too gloomy, it is advisable to choose lipsticks with a slight sheen. Dark matte lipsticks age and make lips look smaller.

Who doesn’t use brown lipstick?

Brown lipstick should be discarded for women who have noticeable wrinkles around their lips. In this case, in makeup it is better to focus not on the lips, but on the eyes.

Also, girls with noticeable freckles should refuse a warm shade of lipstick.

What to combine brown lipstick with

What to combine with?

Brown lipstick always suggests an accent on the lips. Therefore, the rest of the makeup should be very minimalistic: it is better to refuse from the arrows in the eyes and bright shadows. Shadows of natural beige shades are suitable.

Important to rememberthat brown lipstick requires the perfect complexion. If you’ve chosen it for your makeup, be sure to use a primer to mask pores and even out your skin.

In evening make-up, brown lipstick will go well with golden eyeshadow or shaded arrows for a smoky effect.

What can not be combined with brown lipstick?

Brown lipstick and blue or blue eyeshadows are an image that refers to the notorious “dashing nineties”. Therefore, this combination should be avoided (unless you are a professional makeup artist, of course).

Brown tint does not match with cold tones (gray, lilac, blue). This combination will make the makeup inharmonious.

Brown lipstick will create a bright accent and will not go unnoticed. Feel free to experiment, look for your perfect shade, and you will achieve admiring eyes and compliments!

Who is brown lipstick suitable for?

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