Will Smith’s eldest son finds his best friend in his father

Parental divorce always causes suffering for children. The child loves mom and dad and the little heart breaks in half.

When the best friend is the father

When Will Smith separated from his first wife, Sheri Zampino, and almost immediately married longtime girlfriend Jada Pinkett, he stopped paying attention to his son Trey. But when Smith realized his mistake, he immediately tried to correct it. Today father and son are incredibly close and friendly.

Will Smith with his son Trey
Will Smith with his son Trey

Smith even once shared an emotional video from his hotel room in Abu Dhabi, where he spent time with his older child:

“I’m in Abu Dhabi in Formula 1. I brought my son Trey here. We are having a full blast. I usually take my kids separately so that everyone has their own time with dad. Trey shook me. He told me: “I just realized that you are not just my father. I’m sure you are my best friend. “

Abandoned child

The actor bitterly recalls their unstable relationship in the past due to the divorce from Trey’s mother:

“We didn’t always get along with Trey. After parting with his mother, we built our communication for years. According to his son, he felt betrayed and abandoned. It’s so great that we managed to fix everything. “

Will Smith with his son Trey 2

Trey, 27, often spends time with Will and his family. Talking about the improved relationship with his first child, Smith admits:

“We have it all over again. Divorce and my new family – all these events affected Trey, and the consequences we still treat and overcome. However, in recent years, we have had the wisdom and emotional intelligence to deal with these challenges with dignity. Now we have a very strong friendship, although there was a time when everything went awry. I’ve done wrong most of Trey’s life, but I’m determined to devote the rest of my life to making up for it. “

In addition to establishing a good relationship with his son, the actor managed to get along with his first wife. They even touchingly congratulate each other on Instagram on any dates and holidays. Jada Pinkett Smith is also very friendly towards Sheri Zampino.

Will Smith with son Trey 3

Most recently, the two wives, former and current, met on Jada’s Red Table Talk to discuss their relationship with Smith. Jada assured Sheri in every possible way that her romance with the actor began only after the official divorce, and she in no way ruined his first marriage.

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