With what and how to wear leather pants for women in autumn and winter

With what and how to wear leather pants for women in autumn and winter - fashion trendsHow to wear leather pants for women in the coming fall-winter season? In this article, we will talk about the features of leather trousers, the rules for combining with other wardrobe items and models offered by world brands.

The content of the article:

  1. Features of pants, pros and cons
  2. Fashionable leather pants for autumn-winter 2019-2020
  3. Images with leather pants – what to wear with them?

Features of leather pants, pros and cons

Leather trousers are quite a bold and extraordinary thing, which is very difficult to correctly beat without special knowledge or an innate sense of taste.

With what and how to wear leather pants for women in autumn and winter - fashion trends

There is no need to talk about the prevailing cut this season: on fashion catwalks we saw all imaginable and inconceivable styles: straight classic trousers, long and cropped “skinny” trousers, voluminous “bananas” with a high waist, ultra-modern wide culottes and flared trousers in the style of 90 X. Each girl can find a model that suits her.

With what and how to wear women's leather pants this fall and winter - fashion trends

Among the cons of women’s leather pants it is worth noting their age restrictions: the product, as it was, and remains exclusively youth clothing, not suitable for status ladies.

With what and how to wear women's leather pants this fall and winter - fashion trends

  • Another disadvantage: discreet wardrobe items, the absence of bright accessories and daytime makeup are prerequisites for trend lovers.
  • Leather trousers are good in the off-season: they are unsuitable for the summer heat, but useless for the winter cold.
  • During use, the skin quickly loses its shape and is rubbed: deformations become especially noticeable on the knees and buttocks.

With what and how to wear women's leather pants this fall and winter - fashion trends

In contrast to the rough texture, light fabrics, sophisticated jewelry and classic feminine shoes look even more sophisticated. Expensive cashmere sweaters and extra-long coats in a romantic style create an effect of incompatibility.

Light leather goods have an inappropriate feature: visually increase the volume of the body. We do not recommend purchasing a novelty for girls with curvaceous forms.

With what and how to wear women's leather pants this fall and winter - fashion trends

Models of leather pants for women, which became fashionable in the fall-winter 2019-2020

We offer a small overview of the models of leather trousers from the collections of fashion houses for the autumn-winter season.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo offered loose, slightly flared trousers in grassy and woody brown shades.

Salvatore Ferragamo leather trousers

The green shade of leather trousers is in perfect harmony with a poncho jacket made of soft milky material and suede boots with a rectangular toe.

Sally LaPointe

The designer of the American brand Sally LaPointe remembered the times of disco and used gold and silver glossy surfaces on various styles: cropped “pipes”, voluminous “bananas”, loose and slightly flared trousers.

Sally LaPointe Leather Pants

Gold and silver leather products are combined with plain clothes and matte fabrics. In the collection, preference is given to milky, copper, beige, mustard and gray tones.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford presented a rather aggressive collection: spotted leather “skinny” with contrasting patterns imitating the skin of a leopard, zebra or tiger, sharp color contrasts combined with black smoky eyes, wide black bands and large round earrings.

Tom Ford Leather Pants

The designer decided to balance the animal drawings with the help of auxiliary elements in black: jumpers, jackets and high-necked sweaters.


Eclectic boho, which has absorbed national styles, can be found in the Etro collection this season. Black and brown banana trousers with rolled up cuffs are successfully combined with blouses and jackets with national ornaments.

Etro Leather Pants

Shiny leather surfaces balance the muted tones of blouses and jackets, as well as suede or matte leather boots.

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti includes shiny leather banana pants tucked into suede boots. Shiny gold trousers are the centerpiece of the look, balanced by brown boots and a light brown windbreaker. The white blouse is matched to contrast the golden hue.

Alberta Ferretti Leather Pants

Plum leather trousers look great against the background of pastel colors: soft lilac, cornflower blue, milky blue and cream.


The Chanel brand remains true to its unchanging style, to which it adapts all fashionable novelties. Leather culottes are no exception: in the new collection, the shiny surfaces of complex combined shades are ideally combined with silk blouses and tweed jackets.

Chanel Leather Pants

Closed-toe shoes with elongated toes are matched to the trousers.

Marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs included pearlescent pinks and fluorescent yellows in the collection, balancing them with tops of similar muted hues.

Marc Jacobs Leather Pants

Bright and somewhat pretentious images with leather banana trousers were complemented by laconic shoes with low soles in classic black and beige shades.


Balmain used all available trouser styles in the new collection.

Balmain Leather Pants

The highlight of the show was the shade of leather products: shiny silver leather, combined with other items of clothing of similar shades, reminded of the era of futurism and space travel.

Christian dior

Laconic plain trousers from Christian Dior echoed other designer collections this season: glossy black leather and shiny silver surface of the trousers were complemented by black leather shoes, a belt with the brand’s logo and white silk blouses.

Fashionable looks with leather pants in the next season: with what and how to wear leather pants for a woman

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with fashion tips that will help answer the question: how to wear leather pants for women in 2019-2020.

Let us dwell on the main principles by which the image is assembled on the basis of such an accent element as leather pants. Consider successful shades and their combinations, and also talk about how to choose the right model for you.

  1. Tops and outerwear When paired with leather trousers, it should balance the look with discreet basic, pastel or nude shades. Solid blouses of complex cut with an abundance of ruffling are perfectly combined with shiny surfaces and rich shades.
  2. Shiny silvers and golds, animal prints and one-color glossy trousers in harmony with other wardrobe items in a similar color scheme, but in muted tones. Leather pants - what to wear
  3. Black Quilted Leather Loose Trousers in harmony with a cream jumper of large knit, with a pattern that repeats the embossing on the trousers. Leather trousers - fashionable images of autumn-winter
  4. As simple as possible shades, plain tops and outerwear of simple styles will allow women to competently fit a fashionable novelty into their everyday individual wardrobe, without risking looking vulgar and pretentious. Leather pants - stylish looks for womenKhaki parkas, milky and beige trench coats and light brown ponchos will unobtrusively complement your fall wardrobe.
  5. Save sweaters in bright colors and patterns for another occasion., swap them for slim cashmere sweaters in wet asphalt that can be tucked into banana pants or culottes.
  6. Black skinny go well with a short dress and a cardigan of the same color. Short biker jackets and cropped a-line coats remained in the distant 2015. Leather trousers - stylist tips
  7. Skinny + long chunky knit sweater and flesh-colored robe that is relevant this season help you create a fresh autumn look effortlessly.
  8. Laconic elongated sweaters in pastel shades will not look boring if there is a knitted vertical relief on them. Leather trousers
  9. Avoid rough shoes: platforms, square massive heels, stilettos that are too high. During the warm Indian summer, the leather bottom is complemented with classic pumps, sandals-clogs, graceful sandals. In late autumn, wide leather trousers are worn complete with ankle boots, boots and ankle boots, and it is permissible to tuck skinny into high boots. What types of women’s shoes are there?

Leather pants - what shoes to wear

Choosing leather pants, be sure to try on the model you like: Proven textile cuts can look completely different when crafted from leather.

Pants should not restrict movement and squeeze the legs: choose the right size so that the newfangled product does not play a cruel joke with you, exposing problem areas and the “orange peel”.

Leather pants - fashion trends

In conclusion, we will deduce the most important principles by which a woman should choose a wardrobe for leather trousers. Moderation in fittings and accessories, restraint of color and laconic lines should prevail in an image with such a bright accent element as leather pants.

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