Woman beauty calendar after 30 years – home. care and procedures by a beautician

Self-care women after 30 yearsWe have already formed the basic habits in personal care, and now we are in a hurry towards the secrets for mature skin with a flying gait.

It is after 30 years that the status of young skin changes, therefore our beauty calendar will be replenished with additional care manipulations and new knowledge.

The content of the article:

  1. How will the skin change after 30?
  2. Home care
  3. Salon care
  4. How to live after 30?
  5. Topical cosmetics in 30+

How will the skin change after 30?

Having celebrated the thirtieth anniversary, I just want to think about the vital and … run to the cosmetics store to buy youth in jars.

Do not hurry!

Facial skin after 30 years of age may acquire visual signs of photoaging, since it is no longer renewed so quickly. In addition, there is a problem of dryness, due to a decrease in the synthesis of epidermal lipids and a violation of microcirculation.

However, it is still too early to talk about its wilting. Skin turgor may be slightly reduced, but for now this process can be controlled.

The appearance of wrinkles is a consequence of a lack of connective tissue proteins. Therefore, now our task is to keep the level normal. collagen and elastin

Good news!

The condition of the skin depends on the hormonal background, and at this age, the production of hormones is still normal. Consequently, almost all cosmetic procedures at the age of 30 are perfectly perceived by our skin. This guarantees a beautiful appearance with proper home and salon care.

Video: Facial skin care after 30 years – the opinion of a cosmetologist

Home care: beauty life hacks

Only especially suspicious young ladies usually run urgently to inject botox. Facial tension and clamps can be confused with age-related changes. Some, according to their passports, are young, women really have a depressing appearance: a furrow between the eyebrows, compressed lips and a jaw, a neck recessed into the shoulders …

In general, the face is still fresh, although no one has canceled preventive measures. Therefore, we add face fitness or face gymnastics to our personal calendar. This is a very young, but gaining momentum in its popularity, direction in personal care. We do exercises for the face, and the whole body responds – sheer benefit!

And there are many bonuses:

  • Goodbye headaches!
  • Vision and hearing, memory and reaction speed are improved.
  • Sleep is getting better and, over time, the hormonal background.
  • Improves tone, performance, mood.
  • Lightness in thoughts appears and femininity is revealed.

It is better to start under the guidance of a specialist (there are even training courses); over time, we translate such classes into independent home care. It can be combined with self-massage, which we mentioned earlier.

You can deal with this secret weapon in detail in beauty travel… With a group of like-minded people, the coach will take you to an exotic place, where you will fully learn how to take care of yourself, master the techniques of self-massage and facial exercises.

Fitness coaches arrange similar tours, especially the proposed programs for mothers with children: while mothers are in class, babies are under the supervision of a specialist. You will bring home rested yourself and a set of secret techniques that suit you personally.

It is effective to combine a facial massage with a home exfoliation procedure: during the exfoliation, we will massage the face a little for double benefit.

Then we apply a serum that responds to the request of the skin and a mask.

Facial skin care after 30 years

Masks are good alginate and fabric

It is better not to combine their use at home with chores and troubles. Nice music, relaxation – and lie down for 20 minutes.

Try oxygen masks from Algologie.

Let us briefly and truthfully dwell on alginate masks. Their great variety is just a marketing ploy. The main task of the alginate is to “push”, that is, to deliver the useful components of whey or other concentrate to the maximum. It is important for us what is under it, and not in it itself.

Alginate can be a matter of taste (for example, chocolate – mmmmm, additional pleasure from the smell), but the active substance under the mask must be selected specifically for the problem being solved.

You can include the procedure in home care, but the salon option is more comfortable due to the peculiarities of application.

Often, women are limited to only basic care, citing lack of time, and not admitting that sometimes they are just lazy.

Facial care after 30 years should be more thorough. Here gel masks, cream masks and soufflé masks will come to the rescue. These products allow you not to slow down the rhythm of life, since they are applied in a thin layer and are invisible to others (for example, HydraBeauty from Chanel or SOS product from La Roche-Posay Hydraphase). You are in a traffic jam – the product works. Super, huh ?!

“We lead” the person to the beautician

Salon care is based on a complex effect on the skin in tandem with the muscles of the face and neck, as well as on the blood and lymph vessels.

Manual or hardware massage, microcurrents, masks and serums improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues.

If the situation is not critical, refrain from chemical peels, resurfacing and injections.

A good reputation has earned a fairly versatile carboxytherapy procedure… It is performed by injection – or non-invasively – for the prevention of aging and wilting, getting rid of grayness and dullness on the face, acne and their marks, puffiness. For a wow effect, a 5-week course is enough. It is used as an independent procedure, or after a massage, hardware exposure.

Application after peeling gives a feeling of discomfort, therefore a combination of these procedures is not the best solution.

Up to 35 years of age, the second, non-injection option of carboxytherapy is preferable. As a result, we will get an anti-inflammatory effect and a lifting effect.

Woman beauty calendar 30+

I’m 30! How to live?

Self-care at 33 is important not only externally, but also internally.

Disruptions in the hormonal system can be the result of an unimportant condition of the stomach, as a result – redness of the face and acne. Those same rashes, combined with uneven skin and a dull complexion, will get a sweet tooth as a result of an imbalance in sugar.

Therefore, within rejuvenating detox, we prohibit bringing junk food into the kitchen, and make friends with sulfur-containing products – sources of collagen responsible for external youth (cheese, eggs, milk, fish, beef, peas, cabbage).

Another step towards energy and long-lasting youth is getting rid of the toxic environment. Are there people around who make us frown and stressed? They are the most common sources of unwanted wrinkles. Let’s eliminate this factor!

Sleeping before 10 p.m. will delay thoughts of anti-aging care.

Our associates in prolonging youth – and morning rituals. Waking up early, meditation and an hour on your own will make your day!

How to take care of yourself for a woman 30-34 years old

Beauty-shopping – what kind of care cosmetics to buy in 30+

In addition to basic and additional care products – cleansers, toners, peels, moisturizers and masks – you should definitely and constantly include in your personal care serums, ampoule concentrates and creams with anti-aging ingredients (peptides, AHA acids, vitamin C and retinol).

If the product contains horse chestnut, arnica extract, niacinamide or ginkgo biloba, then the product will strengthen the vascular wall and improve microcirculation.

We have already discussed the feasibility of using professional cosmeticswhere the best minds have taken care of the difficulties of our skin.

Wrinkles after 30 years - procedures and remedies for the first wrinkles

If the task is to solve several different problems, we select the means of complex action. So, the content of vitamin A in a cosmetic product will remove the issue of sebum regulation and give an anti-age effect. Peptide cosmetics smooth out wrinkles – and at the same time eliminate dryness, tightness and flaking.

It is the peptides that underlie the products of the American brand Hydropeptide. This cosmetics independently “decides” with what effort it is necessary to work in order to minimize the problem.

She can do: mimic and deep wrinkles, laxity and loss of elasticity, circles under the eyes, age spots, dull complexion, redness, acne, hormonal signs of aging.

Cosmetics after 30 years - what to buy

Finally, a tip from colady: surround yourself with beautiful, well-groomed people. Resist the temptation to give up quitting, referring to age and “shop”.

Beauty is a gain, let’s make money together!

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