The most beautiful girls from TIK-TOK

TIK-TOK is a platform for short videos that appeared in 2018 and managed to attract millions of users in a short time of its existence. How to achieve popularity in TIK-TOK and who managed to conquer this network?

Most popular girls in TIK-TOK

It is worth paying attention to the accounts of these girls:

  • Anya Pokrovskaya… Anya managed to collect more than one and a half million subscribers thanks to her short humorous videos.

Anya Pokrovskaya

  • Katya Golysheva… Katya is only 16 years old, but about two million people are watching her work. Katya has a slim figure and is fond of sports, telling subscribers about her workouts and daily routine.

Katya Golysheva

  • Lauren Gray… This girl has become the real queen of TIK-TOK: more than 33 million people have subscribed to her account. Lauren posted videos with her songs, which attracted the attention of record companies.

Lauren Gray

  • Alona… The girl has expressive features and lush curly hair. Perhaps it was her striking appearance that became the reason for such popularity: more than 250 thousand users are watching her.


How to become popular at TIK-TOK?

How to get the attention of subscribers in TIK-TOK? Here are some tips:

  • register your account correctly… If the user likes your video, he will want to go to the profile, which should “catch” and cause the desire to subscribe. Choose the best photo for your avatar and a memorable nickname, write a little about yourself. An empty profile does not attract attention;
  • uniqueness… Find your own style and unique video themes. It is advisable that you understand these topics: then you will create content with pleasure, which subscribers will definitely feel;
  • post videos regularly;
  • use popular ringtones… Choose melodies that everyone knows to accompany the clips. This will increase the chances of an increase in the number of views;
  • high quality video… To make your videos pleasing to the eye, shoot them with high-quality equipment;
  • chat with other users… Leave comments and like, especially for videos of popular bloggers;
  • participate in challenges… Millions of people watch blogging competitions. The better you manage to shoot a video and the more interesting it is, the more new subscribers you will attract;
  • use special effectsprocessing video in special editors.

popular girls TIK-TOK

Ways to make money

By promoting your account, you can earn in TIK-TOK:

  • advertising… Popular bloggers often have advertisements on the channel, and their placement is paid very well. Do not be afraid to independently contact the representatives of the brand you are interested in. Naturally, an offer of cooperation will be considered only if you have at least five to six thousand subscribers. The larger the brand, the more “promoted” bloggers are interested in it;
  • sale of goods… There are people who use social networks to sell their products. It is important to gather subscribers who will be interested in your offer. Therefore, when choosing a topic for a channel, you should think about how it matches with what you want to sell. For example, if you dream of selling homemade sweets, your channel theme should be culinary, not sports-related;
  • gift monetization… Some bloggers receive gifts from subscribers, which they subsequently sell to earn extra money;
  • advertising of other social networks… Often TIK-TOK is used to announce streams on Youtube, which allows attracting more viewers, which means more donations.

TIK-TOK was originally created as a network where videos will be posted in which people pretend to sing, opening their mouths to the music. However, a year later this platform became a springboard for the expression of millions of people around the world.

Attention of subscribers in TIK-TOK

Try to register and prove yourself. What if, thanks to your account, you will be able to replenish your family budget or gain worldwide fame?

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