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Historically, it is believed that building a personal brand is creating an image for the audience’s request. Where does it come from?

For example, from brands well-known to all show business, when producers create projects from girls with given parameters. Or from marketing books, where it is written in black and white: “Study your audience and speak with it in the language of its needs.” Or from studying top blogs with maximum reach (yes, there are recurring characteristics: a beauty who does everything, takes care of herself, travels and bathes in everyone’s attention. Such a glamorous lifestyle with variations on the theme).

Maria Azarenok

Until recently, we watched as newbie and already experienced female brand bloggers tried to match their idea of ​​what the audience expects from them and in every possible way “seemed”.

Remember the story about “100 roses for 1000 rubles for a photo with delivery”? So, this is from this fairy tale.

What’s the bottom line? Cloning and burnout, because the strategy “to appear, not to be” forces you to be limited to the audience, and therefore does not allow the present to be revealed. You can stand on tiptoes, but can you live on them?

It was like that yesterday. The opposite trend is evident today. Go not from the audience, but from yourself.

First, answer the questions in the series: Who am I? What am I creating? How do I want to influence this world? What values ​​drive me? How do I do what I do? What facets do I show and which of them am I ready to show into this world? And only then – who cares, is it interesting at all or how to show it tasty for the audience, but congruent for me personally?

The focus shifts from external assessment (what they think of me) to internal balance (what state I really am). And if the heroine’s state is not a holiday and not wow-wow, if there are mistakes or there is a gray streak, and she honestly shares about it, then we, as observers or readers, become even more involved in this person, because we also do not have wow-wow

It turns out that today we observe real life through people-brands (and this, by the way, explains the phenomenon of the popularity of stories – 15 seconds of non-staged reality). We want to observe the real life of leaders in those areas that are of interest to us. We want to look into the keyhole of success and see real life.

And by observing, we get involved, trust and … buy (stocks, goods, ideas, services).

Today, self-knowledge, reflection (in the good sense of the word), exploration of oneself and the world, interaction at different levels – all this is transferred to the public space of the blog (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and triggers a chain reaction among readers.

Such a brand starts with itself, unfolds in an environmentally friendly way and attracts an audience of a fundamentally different quality. We see a trend to be a real woman, to be yourself, to express yourself differently. Sometimes no make up, sometimes “late-lost”, sometimes “stopped the horse at a gallop,” sometimes just mi-mi on your favorite shoulder. Previously, such women did not go to the public digital space.

And there are thousands of such examples.

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Beautiful, bright, different, real women entrepreneurs without regard to parameters, niches, interests, workload, number of hobbies, children, girlfriends and visited countries, manifest themselves congruently in offline and online space and the world reciprocates them. They find their audience and increase their business performance through an activated personal brand.

Woman entrepreneur Maria Azarenok

The audience is bored with “ideal” images of an ideal life, we no longer believe in ads where everyone is smiling and happy – it is important for us to see the reverse side of success, real, not photoshopped faces and figures… “Realness” is in trend and rules public opinion and trends, gives space for the implementation of entrepreneurs.

Maria Azarenok – personal branding and networking expert, author of training programs for entrepreneurs

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