Women’s plaid coats – what to wear and where to walk

Fashionable women's plaid coats - with what and where to wearA skillfully selected coat in a cage will become the basis of a stylish and original look in the cold season. This model is universal, and is great for women with any type of figure, regardless of age.

The content of the article:

  1. Which cage do you prefer?
  2. Choosing a silhouette and coat length
  3. Fashionable styles
  4. With what and how to wear?

This season, designers have offered interesting options, so you can choose a stylish plaid coat for everyday walks and for going to the office.

But, since the pattern often creates optical illusions, it is worth choosing a model very carefully so as not to overdo it and not spoil the image.

In more detail about the fabric from which the coats are sewn in a cage, we will talk about the most popular checkered patterns in the article. Also for you – reviews from shows and tips on how to choose a fashionable model.

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What is a cell

Plaid outfits, including coats, always look original and expressive. Even if the model has a simple cut, such a print in itself serves as its stylish decoration.

But in order for the model to emphasize its merits and make it possible to create a successful bow, it is important to choose the right type of pattern.

The most popular are the following types of cells:

  • Tartan, or Scottish. A combination of narrow and wide stripes in natural shades of red, black, blue, green, beige and other colors. Used for sewing everyday models.
Fashionable plaid coats
  • Madras. A pattern that closely resembles a tartan, but is executed in bright colors. This fabric is perfect for the original outfits of young girls.
Madras check coat
  • Burberry, or Nova. An original design in four colors, namely beige, black, white and red. Often used for sewing classic-style outfits.
Burberry, or Nova
  • Glenchek, or “Prince of Wales”… It is distinguished by the intersection of light and dark stripes on a gray background. Fabric with a Winsor cage pattern is used to make clothes in a classic or original style, often combined with plain fabrics or leather.
Glenchek, or
  • Pepita. Two-tone fabric in a small cage with curls up to 10 mm in diameter. Most often, it is found in white and black – or black and brown. Suitable for both models with a strict design and options with an unusual cut.
  • Goose foot – a two-color pattern with a dense pattern of squares with diagonally elongated corners. Used for sewing classic outfits.
Goose foot
  • Argyll. Checkerboard pattern with diamond pattern. Such a pattern is more used in knitwear products, but designers do not miss the opportunity to create interesting options for fashionable coats with such a pattern.

In addition to these, there are other checkered patterns that differ in size and color, so there is plenty to choose from.

How to choose the right one?

The choice of a coat in a cage largely depends on the figure, because there is a risk that an ineptly chosen pattern or style will not only not hide the flaws, but will also emphasize them.

To feel confident, it is necessary to take into account their practicality and ergonomics when choosing trendy and current models. The coat must be comfortable to wear, and combined with other items in the image. It is equally important that the model makes the silhouette attractive. Fashionable women's plaid coats - with what and where to wear

Curvy girls should take a closer look at options with a dense small cell of neutral shades. Large patterns and bright colors are not the best choice, as they attract a lot of attention and visually make the silhouette more voluminous.

Combined models are an exception. These have inserts of plain or checkered fabric in problem areas, which allows you to divert attention or stretch the silhouette. With their help, girls with shapes visually look more graceful.

Also, women with a curvaceous figure should pay attention to options with a fitted cut and a medium-sized pattern. Long products with a belt at the waist will look good.

Important! The coat had to be tailored to fit. If the outerwear does not fit well, then even the most fashionable cut and original pattern will not correct the situation.

Choosing the length of the coat

When choosing, it is worth considering the length of the model. As an everyday option, there are products of a straight midi cut, or floor length, with a thick small pattern of soft shades.

Thin girls of tall stature should be very careful in choosing such items, and not wear them with straight, dangling, monochromatic scarves.

On the contrary, young ladies with a magnificent figure will look more advantageous in such.

Short plaid models hide flaws in the waist area well. They are also often chosen by tall girls to appear a little lower. These coats will serve as an excellent option for every day.

Short plaid coat

Pay attention to the fabric

Woolen fabrics are the most common material for sewing warm plaid coats. In order to make the products more durable, manufacturers choose woolen fabrics, which include synthetic fibers.

Models for spring and autumn are sewn from thin materials, for winter they use denser ones, with a large percentage of wool.

Fashionable styles


A tailored coat goes well with classic outfits and heels.

English style plaid coat

From a plaid

Checkered poncho coats look especially unusual and original, which are very reminiscent of plaid products.

English style plaid coat


Maybe with a secret lock or buttons. Wear with classic suits or formal, elegant outfits.

Single-breasted plaid coat


A functional piece that looks good with modern day outfits. Young girls prefer to combine such a model with skinny jeans and blouses, as well as skirts and dresses, sneakers or sneakers.

Double-breasted plaid coat


A universal model for women of different build and height. Designers offer this season to choose such with an original decor in the form of fur trim.

Straight plaid coat


Spectacular appearance and practicality are the main differences of the model. Visually, the product resembles a fabric jacket.

Plaid hooded coat

On the smell

Not a bad option for those who do not want to show off curvy hips.

Wraparound check coat


Loved by many, the model does not lose its relevance now. Therefore, if you need to choose a comfortable and cozy coat with such a pattern, girls prefer a loose fit. The main thing is to remember that the model should not be large in size, but just look slightly voluminous.

Oversized check coat
Oversized check coat


An excellent choice for everyone who prefers a classic style and a comfortable fit. This version of outerwear will allow you to hide flaws in problem areas of the hips and waist.

Checkered Cape Coat


Different types of materials are used for sewing, as well as printed and plain fabrics. Models made of textiles with patterns of different types look very unusual.

Checkered coat combined

What are plaid coats worn with?

Since a thing with such an expressive print already looks original in itself, it should not be combined with other bright outfits. It is better to choose clothes and accessories in neutral solid colors without unnecessary decor.

If the pattern consists of two contrasting shades, then in combination, items of clothing made in a dark color look good.

Stylish looks

To create a spectacular and stylish look, young and confident girls can safely use plaid coat… For him you can choose a mini skirt and a thin blouse, or a fitted short dress in brown or black. This ensemble looks great with knee high socks and lace-up boots or high boots. The bow is complemented by a voluminous scarf and leather gloves.

Plaid coat

Monochrome models Ideal for everyday wear, so they choose jeans or comfortable knitted dresses with shoes with low soles or platforms.

For strict office bow more often they choose options for restrained shades without bright inclusions.

Strict bow with a checkered coat

Difficulties in choosing a suitable model of a checkered coat and additions to it should not arise. It should be borne in mind that the color pattern does not need to be supplemented with bright accessories, but they will look harmoniously complete with monochrome models.

Plaid coat in monochrome with bright embroidery

It is also important to pay attention to the cut. The more original and expressive the pattern, the simpler the cut. And vice versa – muted colors and small patterns will look more interesting in products with an original cut.

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