Zed Monopoly Net Worth

Zed Monopoly Net Worth

Zed Monopoly is a YouTube star

Zed Monopoly is a young Irish entrepreneur and YouTube star who is generating a lot of buzz. He quit his 9-5 job and turned his savings into over six figures within nine months of trading the stock market. At just 24 years of age, he was depressed with the daily grind and decided to make a change. His honesty and wit has led to an impressive rise in popularity and he is a well-liked personality online.

He is a day trader

Zed Monopoly is a day trader who turned his savings into six figures in just nine months. After graduating from college and working at Google, he quit his job to pursue his passion for trading. He teaches simple, yet effective trading techniques and motivates others with his “red pill” videos.

He is an Irish entrepreneur

Zed Monopoly is a famous Irish entrepreneur who has gained immense popularity among young people. He is a YouTuber and stock market investor who left his nine-to-five job and decided to invest in the stock market. His success story has inspired many young people to follow their dreams. In just nine months, he was able to earn six figures. He teaches people how to earn from the stock market by showing simple strategies. He shares his knowledge with his fans by creating inspirational videos called “red pill” videos.

He is a YouTuber

Zed Monopoly is a YouTube star who has more than 110,000 subscribers. If you’re wondering how Zed Monopoly got to be where he is today, you’re not alone. Zed is the perfect example of someone who is pursuing their passion and earning a living from it. He started out as a 9-5 employee but wanted to do more. He started a YouTube channel to share his experiences and help people in their daily lives.

He is a Stock Market Investor

Zed Monopoly is an investor who makes good money by trading on the stock market. He earned a net worth of $400000. He earns an additional income through affiliate marketing and YouTube ad revenue. It is possible to make a decent amount of money by creating a stock trading channel on YouTube, because the platform is very advertiser-friendly. Zed also sells an online course, which includes access to his discord chatroom. The course costs EUR295, and it can only be purchased through emailing him directly.

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