10 best-selling books that women love

During a vacation or a short weekend getaway, everyone wants to get away, as far as possible, from the bustle of the city, taking with them an excellent mood, their loved ones and friends. And so that the time on the road passes imperceptibly, we advise you to take with you some more interesting books. Moreover, this year there was a huge amount of wonderful literature that would be worth reading.

The COLADY editorial staff presents you the 10 best books of recent years according to the readers of our magazine.

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10 popular bestselling books for women

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1. Dan Brown “Inferno”

In 2013, a new work was published by the author of such bestsellers as “The Davinci Code”, “Angels and Demons”, Dan Brown. The book titled “Inferno” immediately gained immense popularity among readers. The author justified the expectations of his fans, and in his new work again describes codes, symbols and secrets, revealing the meaning of which the main character changes the fate of all mankind.

The protagonist of the trilogy, Professor Langdon, this time made a fascinating journey across the Apennine Peninsula, where he plunged into the mysterious world of Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”, having thoroughly studied the first chapter of this work called “Hell”.

Inferno is a wonderful book that all women love.

2. Boris Akunin “Black City”

The first edition of Boris Akunin’s book “Black City” was sold out at the printing house, so it did not hit the shelves of bookstores. There are quite a few reasons for this incredible success, the main of which are: the book was published after a three-year hiatus, this is the last work about the beloved hero Erast Fandorin. In addition to this, this author’s books are the perfect combination of adventure and detective genres.
This time the author sent the main character to the city that is bathed in millions and oil – Baku.

3. Lyudmila Ulitskaya “Sacred Garbage”

Sacred rubbish is short stories, essays and notes that Lyudmila Ulitskaya has accumulated over 20 years of creative activity. It is from such small stories and thoughts that a fascinating true story has grown, filled with experience, losses, gains and riddles. This book is autobiographical, it contains the history of the family of Lyudmila Ulitskaya, her childhood and youth, reflections on important life topics. The writer herself calls this work the latter.

Top 10 Bestselling Books of the Last 10 Years That Women Love
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4. Rachel Meade “Indigo Spells”

Popular among young people, writer Rachel Mead presented her new book “Spells of Indigo”. Lovers of mysticism will surely like it, as it is part of the “Blood Ties” cycle.
The events that radically changed the life of the main character, Cindy, were forever left behind. The girl tries to understand the desires of her heart and separate them from the instructions of the alchemists. But it was at this moment that a new hero bursts into her life – Marcus Finch, who turns the girl against the people who raised her, so Cindy is forced to use magic to fight evil.

5. Miguel Sijuko “Enlightened”

In 2008, writer Miguel Sijuko won The Man Asian Literary Prize for his novel Ilustrado. Finally, this year, residents of our country will be able to familiarize themselves with this literary work, since the Russian translation of the book has been released.

The protagonist of the novel “The Enlightened Ones” is a student of the famous Filipino poet and writer Crispin Salvador, who lived in New York. After the teacher’s body is fished out of the Hudson, the young man begins his own investigation into the death of El Salvador, a constant participant in love, professional and political scandals. He learned that the writer’s latest novel was supposed to expose influential politicians, officials and oligarchs who were mired in corruption. The manuscript disappeared, and the young man tried to restore its plot.

6. Wendy Higgins “Sweet Danger”

Fans of romance novels will definitely love the new book by virtuoso Wendy Higgins, “Sweet Danger”. In this book, the writer tells about the hard life of Anna Witt, who is a descendant of the incredible union of the brightest angel and the rebellious demon. The girl does not want to be like her father, and tries her best to deny what he was able to lay in her essence.

But trying to get away from the pursuit of small, but very dangerous demons, the girl herself, without noticing it, begins to use her dark half. Nobody wants to have a bad reputation. But where to get away from your essence?

Sweet Danger is a wonderful book that many women love.


7. Iris Murdoch “Angel Time”

The English writer Iris Murdoch, recognized as the best novelist of the 20th century, has released her new work entitled “The Time of Angels”. This novel cleverly and exquisitely parodies the classic clich├ęs of post-Victorian family prose.
The events take place in an old English mansion. In the book, you will be able to observe the difficult life of the priest’s family, in which the real heat of passions is taking place: love drama, betrayal and hatred.

8. Jean-Christophe Granger “Kaiken”

French writer Jean-Christophe Granger is famous for his action-packed detectives. This year, his 10th novel was published, entitled “Kaiken”. A frightening, convoluted story awaits the reader in which the murder is only part of the puzzle. The book was first published in Russian.
Events are developing in Japan and France. The main characters Olivier Passant and Patrick Guillard have a lot in common. They both lost their parents early and grew up in this orphanage. However, now one of them is a policeman, and the second main suspect in a brutal murder case. How will events unfold, will the main character be able to save his family? You can find out about all this by reading the book.

9. William Paul Young “Crossroads”

The new book by William Paul Young “Crossroads”, according to the author, was written in just 11 days. William considers her to be much better than his first novel, The Huts, because here he talks about his own spiritual experience and relationships between people. Every time a person finds himself at a crossroads in life, he makes a decision that affects not only his fate, but also the fate of those around him. You cannot live life anew, but if you go astray, you can always go back and take the right path. This is exactly what the author talks about in his new novel.

Top 10 Bestselling Books of the Last 10 Years That Women Love
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10. Peter Mail “The Marseilles Adventure”

Peter Mail has released a new book about the adventures of the beloved hero Sam Lavith. The protagonist is an artistic adventurer who is superb in food and wine, can make faces in public, and can impersonate anyone. In this book, Sam again tries to fool everyone by helping the famous millionaire get possession of the picturesque bay. The only thing to keep in mind in any game is the presence of risks that can turn into death. However, those who do not take risks do not drink champagne.

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