10 best ways to make a boyfriend or husband jealous

10 best ways to make a boyfriend or husband jealousIt often happens that the pleasant candy-bouquet period ends, and the man begins to pay less attention to his companion. The flowers presented to them are in your hands less and less, or even you already cannot remember the last time your man gave you flowers. See: How to keep a bouquet of fresh flowers for a long time? You don’t go out together very often, even to the movies. Nevertheless, I really want such a continuation, because it’s not even a matter of going to the cinema, a restaurant or giving gifts. The point is in all the attention that is accompanied by these gifts, in the pleasure that they bring to us. Because thanks to them, we feel loved and desired.

And now, trying to regain lost attention and interest in ourselves, we resort to various methods. One of these ways is jealousy.

Jealousy is a very powerful remedy.… It allows a man to awaken his sense of ownership and to actualize the risk of losing the object of possession. But you need to be careful to evoke a feeling of jealousy in a man, here you can easily overdo it or, on the contrary, undersalt and in no way affect the feelings of your partner. Everywhere, a sense of proportion is important and jealousy should be used with an allowance for the character of a man. The true reasons for male jealousy.

Table of contents:

Method 1. Pay attention to yourself.

10 best ways to make a boyfriend or husband jealousYes, yes, in order to cause jealousy, you need to start by changing something in yourself. And it’s worth starting with your appearance. Change your hairstyle, a simple but powerful way. Remember how many positive emotions a new hairstyle brings. You feel fresh and refreshed.

Start painting differently. Or if you have stopped painting or have never done it, start applying makeup, the simplest is enough, even a little mascara and blush will already change your image. And your man will also notice the changes, at least he will ask the question that something is wrong with you and why it actually happens. And if he asks you why you started to paint, blow a little smoke in your face, in cryptic phrases, without saying anything specific.

Method 2. An unexpected new wardrobe.

You can also change yourself by changing or slightly updating your wardrobe with things that are not familiar to your style. If you dress modestly, add a little eccentricity and cockiness to your wardrobe. Change your usual sneakers to high-heeled shoes, buy an attractive dress. Something, and these two things, like nothing else, will emphasize your femininity.

If, for example, you have long secured that you will never, under any circumstances, wear a pink top, and indeed there will never be a pink top in your wardrobe, buy yourself a pink top. Even if it is not the hottest pink, and even if only with a pink pattern, but this is already a kind of revolution. And your guy should notice such revolutionary moods, and if not, then you can always delicately point out to him your changeability, pointing out unknown reasons, while smiling mysteriously.

Method 3. Communicate more with your friends.

10 best ways to make a boyfriend or husband jealousHe is constantly busy and you do not get out anywhere together, well, this is not a reason to stay at home. Go to the movies with friends or just have a coffee together. Not necessarily and, moreover, even desirable, not only with girls, but also with boys. Then tell us about how well you communicated, how much you talked with Sasha or Petya, how much he told interesting things and, in general, how smart he is. This will at least arouse interest in Sasha and why you talked to him all evening, and of course, awaken the desire to show that I am better than some Sasha.

Method 4. Be constantly busy for him.

If he wants to call you somewhere – refuse, coming up with an indistinct and not entirely logical reason. This will allow him to ask a bunch of “why?” Questions.

If possible, stay late at work, school. Postponing or postponing a meeting with him for an hour for half an hour. And come to a meeting with a mysterious happy face. Also very vague in answering the questions why you were late. It’s good if you work in a male team. This will help your companion’s fantasy work in the right direction.

Method 5. How to cause slight jealousy without consequences in a jealous person?

It so happens that your man is unimaginably jealous. In this case, it is very easy to cause jealousy in him, but all this can lead to undesirable consequences. In this case, you can simply get by with the fact that you cast on yourself an image of mystery.

Try to look dreamy, thoughtful, be a little distracted, but extremely cheerful and content. You can inadvertently start a conversation about fateful meetings and about the anticipation of imminent significant changes in life.

Method 6. Flowers.

10 best ways to make a boyfriend or husband jealous

Flowers are a harmless little trick. You can buy yourself flowers on the way home, if you live together, then a girl who comes home with flowers will clearly arouse interest. Moreover, if you apply this trick more than once, while showing imagination in the number and variety of colors. You can buy exactly your favorite flowers, this is also very important, especially if your companion knows perfectly well that you are very, very fond of freesias, and you hate red roses.

Method 7. A good helper in this matter is the Internet and Internet communication.

Start a correspondence with a friend, and you can correspond on completely simple topics, the main thing is consistency. You can leave the open window with the correspondence in plain sight, so that your companion can see it, or ask to wait while you answer Sasha’s message in response to a request to do something or get distracted.

10 best ways to make a boyfriend or husband jealousMethod 8. You can also get phone calls with a friend.

Going out to talk on the phone to a place where the conversation is supposedly inaudible, but in fact you can hear it well enough. Chat lightly, giggle.

Method 9. Stories and references about other men.

Mention your friend more often, tell me how wonderful he is, and he can do it, and he invited you to a canoe trip, and you never went on such trips, but you really wanted to. But in such mentions, try to be unobtrusive so that they do not lead to undesirable consequences.

Method 10. Flirt.

Flirt in the presence of your beloved with other men. This is the quickest and most effective way to induce jealousy, but you also need to be careful with it. Flirting should not be vulgar, on the contrary, it should be subtle, as if you just want to leave a pleasant impression of yourself and interest in other men.

In any case, the main thing is attention and respect for oneself and one’s own beauty. Be self-sufficient and keep yourself interested.

And what helped to make you jealous? Share with us!

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