Chizu Saeki Massage – Japanese Revolution in Facial Skin Care

Chizu Saeki Massage - Japanese Revolution in Facial Skin CareSooner or later, a woman begins to notice expression and age wrinkles on her face. Some are willing to spend a fortune fighting them. But this is not at all necessary, since there are many self-massage techniques, the effectiveness of which has been proven.

This is a rejuvenating massage from Chizu Saeki.

The content of the article:

  1. Chizu Saeki – author of the Japanese grooming revolution
  2. Top 10 beauty principles from Chizu Saeki
  3. Rejuvenating massage Chizu Saeki – 8 receptions

Chizu Saeki Massage - Japanese Revolution in Facial Skin Care

Chizu Saeki – author of the Japanese personal care revolution

Chizu Saeki is a cosmetology guru. She became famous all over the world for simple and incredibly effective methods of facial care. This woman has 45 years of experience behind her. At 73, she has smooth and supple skin. This woman owns her own beauty school, and also regularly conducts seminars and trainings, in which the best masters in the field of cosmetology participate. Over the course of her work, she has written about 30 books on the topic of facial care.

Chizu Saeki

Russia and European countries learned about Chizu Saeki thanks to the skin care method she developed. This guide is aimed at rejuvenating and restoring elasticity.

The Japanese Skin Care Revolution became the most popular book ever written by Chizu Saeki. It is popular both in Japan and in Russia, America and Europe.

Chizu Saeki - Japanese Personal Care Revolution

The author believes that cosmetics play a minor role in skin care. She assures that there is no point in spending money on expensive creams and other cosmetics. All you need to keep your face in perfect condition is your own hands and a little time.

Regular procedures performed according to the Chizu Saeki method can replace hundreds of visits to beauty salons.

Top 10 beauty principles from Chizu Saeki

Chizu Saeki believes that even the most expensive cosmetic product will not make a woman’s skin perfect, unless she herself takes matters into her own hands in the truest sense of the word.

The beauty guru has identified 10 basic principles of beauty, adhering to which, a woman can look several years younger at any age:

  1. Examine your face. Look at every inch of your face every day, checking it for asymmetry.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others.… Stop admiring the girls on Instagram, instead, go to the mirror more often and admire yourself. Here’s what Chizu Saeki says about the matter: “Don’t worry about every speck or crease on your face. They make you unique and polish. They show the character of your face that creates your own charisma. “
  3. Keep cosmetics to a minimum… Leave only the essentials: micellar water, a delicate scrub, a toner for your skin type, a cream for the face and under the eyes. For the summer, you will also need a product that protects your skin from the sun.
  4. Forget about regular visits to beauty salonsand take matters into your own hands. You will understand how overrated is going to the beautician when you yourself learn to take care of your face.
  5. Apply no more than 1-2 cosmetics at the same time… Otherwise, the skin may lose its ability to cleanse itself.
  6. Rest your skin regularly… Avoid all types of makeup at least once a week.
  7. Eat right and drink the daily amount of water. Junk food has a direct impact on the condition of the skin, as well as insufficient water intake.
  8. Don’t ignore your neck skin. This area is much more vulnerable than the face, and wrinkles appear here in the first place. Use collagen and elastin products for your neck skin.
  9. Make lotion-based masks… It sounds complicated, but all you need is a cotton cloth, mineral water, and lotion.
  10. Don’t forget about massage… Care cosmetics will only make sense if they are used in combination with facial massages.

Follow these beauty tips, and in a few days you will be able to notice how the condition of your face and neck skin is improving.

Video: Chizu Saeki, Lotion Mask (Russian translation)

Rejuvenating massage Chizu Saeki – 8 techniques and the result after the first session

Chizu Saeki developed 8 rejuvenating facial massage techniques… You don’t need any equipment or expensive cosmetics for them. It has been proven that after the first session, you can see how the former smoothness and elasticity return.

Jet massage technique

All you need to do this is a plastic bottle with a small hole in the lid.

Fill the bottle with water with a temperature of no higher than 37 degrees and screw it tightly.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Cleanse your skin with micellar water.
  2. It is necessary to start the massage from the forehead line. This will relax the muscles that are always in hypertonicity. Press on the bottle and massage the forehead with a jet from bottom to top.
  3. Next, massage the area around the eyes with a jet in a circular motion. Do no more than 5 reps around each eye.
  4. Further, the stream is directed to the cheek area, here you need to draw 3 lines on each cheek from bottom to top. Then we repeat the same in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds.
  5. Make 3 circular movements around the lips.
  6. Then draw 3 lines on the nose from top to bottom.
  7. Trace your face with a stream of water along the contour.
  8. Start over and repeat until the bottle runs out of water.

Thanks to the jet massage, the lymphatic system and blood flow are activated.

It is desirable to carry out such a procedure. at least 3 times a week… After the first session, you can feel the refreshing and tonic effect.

Experts in the field of cosmetology advise adding various decoctions of herbs… For example, a linden tincture is well suited for skin with age wrinkles, an infusion of yarrow, plantain and sage is suitable for oily and combination skin, and a mixture of willow tea and pansies for dry skin.

However, if you are allergic to a particular herb, it is worth staying with the basic option – plain warm water.

Cleansing massage

For this procedure, you will need a delicate scrub or face cleansing cream, it all depends on your skin type.

You need to act as follows:

  1. Spread the scrub evenly over the face.
  2. Using your fingertips, begin to gently massage the chin area, smoothly moving to the ears.
  3. Then begin to massage the area of ​​the nose and cheeks, gradually moving towards the ears.
  4. With your index finger, slide your index finger from bottom to top several times, and from the bridge of the nose, move to the forehead.
  5. With your palms, make several stretching movements from the middle of the forehead to the temples.
  6. Sink back down to the tip of your nose and gently cleanse your wing and under your nostrils.
  7. Next, massage the area around the lips, then move from the corners to the area of ​​the ears.

The massage movements must be repeated in order several more times, but without applying a new portion of the scrub.

Stretching technique

This technique can be used every day after a hard day to relax the skin on the face.

  1. Using both hands, stretch the skin from the cheeks to the temples and then upward from the temples to the roots of the hair. Chizu Saeki Massage
  2. After that, on one side of the face, place one palm in the temple area, and the other under the eye on the outside. Chizu Saeki Massage
  3. With the hand that is under the eye, pull the skin towards the nose, and with the one at the temple, pull the skin up to the roots of the hair. Repeat the same with the other half of the face. Chizu Saeki Massage

Pressure and stretching technique

  1. Massage the area around your lips using a circular pressure. Chizu Saeki Massage
  2. Next, place your thumbs behind the earlobes and perform several pressing movements. Chizu Saeki Massage
  3. Move to the hollow under the eyebrows – and massage it with the same movements. Chizu Saeki Massage

Lymph nodes are located in all the zones described, so the massage is aimed at improving lymph flow.

Compression and pull-up technique

  1. Grip the nasolabial folds with your index and thumb and squeeze them. Chizu Saeki Massage
  2. The same must be repeated with the forehead, moving with smooth squeezes from its middle to the temples. Chizu Saeki Massage
  3. Then place one hand motionlessly on the temple, and with the other smooth out the folds on the forehead, moving in the direction opposite to the hand holding the temple. Chizu Saeki MassageChizu Saeki Massage

Technique “Royal”

Stretching massage is contraindicated for some skin types. In such cases, this technique comes to replace them.

  • To begin with, imagine that your skin is a piano, and the movements should be appropriate. Use your fingertips to massage the corners of your lips and cheeks, then gently tap them around your eyes. Chizu Saeki MassageChizu Saeki Massage

Regular performance of the “Royal” technique will allow you to emphasize the contour of the face and smooth out mimic folds.

Vibration technique

  1. Place your palms completely under the lobes. Move your palms first towards the back of the head, and then towards the chin. The range of motion should be such that the palms remain behind the ears. Chizu Saeki Massage
  2. Then place your palms on your temples and repeat the same movements, moving to the outer corners of the eyes and rising to the roots of the hair. Chizu Saeki Massage

Pressure technique

  1. Place one palm on the forehead, and the other on the cheeks and temples, and then slowly stretch the skin in different directions. Chizu Saeki Massage
  2. Repeat on the other half of your face.
Chizu Saeki Massage
After the massage, warm your face with your palms

Performing this procedure regularly will improve blood circulation and make your skin look rosy.

When a beauty guru was asked what is most important in facial care, she said:

“Your wish and your hands.”

You can see that there is nothing supernatural in the author’s techniques of the Japanese cosmetologist. From strength, procedures will take away from you 20 minutes a day, and the result will not be long in coming.

Pay attention to your face – and do not forget that the care should be comprehensive.

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