10 ginger beasts in the movies

In the Middle Ages, red hair was considered a sign of a witch, today red-haired girls are credited with an indomitable temperament and assertive character. It is difficult to say how these signs work in reality, but on the screen we often see fiery beauties endowed with fortitude, intelligence and obstinacy.

1. Dana Scully (The X-Files)

The heroine of one of the most popular TV series of the 90s, FBI agent Dana Scully showed a new example of a woman on the screen and set the fashion for intelligent and independent heroines. The girl’s image fully reflected her character: strict dark jackets, a minimum of jewelry and a conservative square are the best solution for the one who is looking not for romance and dates, but for truth and monsters.

Dana Scully

2. Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska (“Magnificent century”)

The girl, who went from a slave to the wife of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, left not only a bright mark in history, but also became the favorite of many modern women after the release of The Magnificent Century. The wise and cunning Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska with her piercing eyes and shock of red hair reminded us how to seduce men with femininity and the illusion of obedience.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska

3. Sansa Stark (“Game of Thrones”)

The daughter of the northern lord, the red-haired Sansa Stark, found herself embroiled in the struggle for the throne, being still quite a child and experienced a lot during the series: the death of loved ones, several civil wars, two marriages against her will, humiliation, bullying. However, the trials that fell to her lot only tempered the character of the girl, and as a result we saw a strong and decisive heroine, who became an independent ruler.

Sansa Stark

4. Tauriel (“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”)

The warlike and brave elf Tauriel is not at all like the fairy-tale heroines we are used to – she won the hearts of the audience not with beautiful outfits and dances, but with her cool temper and the ability to amazingly handle a bow and dagger. And her desperate battle with a huge troll became one of the most spectacular and memorable moments of the franchise.


5. Measure (“Aquaman” and “Justice League”)

The stunning Measure performed by the beautiful Amber Heard became the main decoration of the blockbuster “Aquaman” and pushed many other superheroines of the DC MCU. By the way, again we will be able to see the beauty of Meru in 2022 in the continuation of the picture about Aquaman.


6. Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow (Marvel Universe)

The red-haired beauty with the grace of a cat, the intelligence of a spy and the fighting skills of a professional soldier has become the sexiest girl in the MCU and made the hearts of many men and teenagers beat faster. Scarlett Johansson, who played the Russian superheroine, fits perfectly into this role and, by the way, the red color suits her no less than the blond.


7. Leelu (“The Fifth Element”)

In 1997, Luc Besson presented the world with the famous “Fifth Element”, and at the same time the charming Leela performed by the young Milla Jovovich. The fragile red-haired alien in a white T-shirt has become the new sex symbol of the 90s and a favorite of modern cosplayers.


8. Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man franchise)

During the Spider-Man franchise, the main character changed several girlfriends, but most of all the audience remembered the romantic and dreamy Mary Jane, whose role was played by Kirsten Dunst. And for her famous kiss in the rain with Peter Parker, the picture won the MTV Movie Awards.


9. Vivian (“Pretty Woman”)

The almost fabulous love story of a “night butterfly” and a millionaire has become almost a classic, and in fact many were once skeptical about this film and refused to take part in the filming. Not everyone knows, but instead of the well-known red-haired Julia Roberts with violent curls, we could see blondes Daryl Hannah or Michelle Pfeiffer on the screen.


Rose (“Titanic”)

The main character of the legendary “Titanic” is the beautiful aristocrat Rose, who stepped on board the ocean liner. The girl has become for us a symbol of female freedom, inflexibility and fortitude: she manages to escape from the care of a conservative mother and an oppressive groom, find her love and survive in a terrible disaster. Low bows to James Cameron for the amazing heroine and a real masterpiece in the world of cinema!

the Rose

Which of the red-haired heroines do you like the most?

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